Woman is Smitten With Wonderful, Mysterious Virgo Man

Taurus bull vintage bankDear Elsa,

I met a wonderful Virgo man several months ago while I was on vacation. He lives in another state and our meeting was a surprise – a sweet wonderful surprise. There was a fantastic jolt of electricity that passed through me at the time (it was there for him, too, as he called me not long after the initial meeting) and it was present the next time we saw each other.

We have since had the chance to spend time with together and become intimate. He’s a fantastic lover and a kind man. He’s also rather mysterious and I get the feeling he’s either quite shy and private, or hiding something. I’m fine either way (to an extent), but I want to know how best to deal with his occasional disappearances and reluctance to fully open up to me. Part of his reluctance to open includes his exact birthday, but he did reveal he’s a Virgo.

Deep down, the attraction I have for this man is overwhelming and I am very aware of this. Were it not for geography, I’m afraid I’d be rushing into something. But because of the distance, I feel this is the perfect time to hang back, get to know him, and get a chance to understand what makes the typical Virgo tick. Of course, I don’t believe there’s anything typical about my Virgo paramour, but I have to work in generalizations here given the mysterious nature of this man.

What can you tell this Taurean in Wait?

Dear Taurean,

I have to tell you to beware!! You realize this man may be married or otherwise committed. In fact, he probably is.

Let me tell you something about Virgo that you don’t read in astrology books. They have a secret life! This is true pretty much across the board! And I am NOT saying they all cheat. Just that they are not the simple Virgins who never get in trouble as they would have the public believe! Every single one of them is up to something you don’t know about, and this probably fascinates the hell out of a double Taurus like you. But with Neptune in Scorpio opposing all your planets in Taurus, you are ripe to be deceived! And this guy…

Well I think he’s pretty “Virgo” and a skillful one at that. See how clean he is? He hasn’t lied because he has simply omitted… everything! Pretty clever!

So this is the word from Elsa Elsa: if you’re thinking of a future with this guy, odds are sky high, you’re deluding yourself. However, I love your creative writing and your drama and hope you write with another problem, sometime soon. 🙂

Good luck.

What can you tell this Taurean in Wait?



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  1. Hmm. I never thought of Virgos that way but now I see that you’re right. Today is my ex-bf’s birthday and tomorrow will be my ex-husband’s. I hope I don’t run into any more Virgo men. I found them to be pretty controlling in sly ways.

  2. Didn’t see that one coming. My neighbor I’ve been caring for is the quintessential Virgo, except he keeps his ‘secret life’ quite open, and I kind of wish he didn’t. I’m all for knowing the truth but didn’t need to see that. Heh, but I looked!

  3. Maybe that guy is shy to share his personal details to someone he doesnt know, sex is more anonymous than sharing life stories for lots of people. Taurus be careful, but if you are in love, do not give up :), find out yourself.

  4. The evasiveness is a HUGE red flag to me. Wanting your privacy is one thing, but clearly hiding info sounds like a setup to later say, “Well, Honey, I didn’t _lie_ to you…”

    Omission is another kind of lying. I hope I’m totally wrong and the guy turns out to be grand to you, but I’d be VERY careful. He acts married.

  5. I knew someone born September 10th, I read somewhere in a birthday book :blush: that people born on this day are particularly secretive or mysterious or something. Unlike you, Double Taurus woman, I was kind of annoyed because I wanted to hear the juicy bits of his story and don’t like not hearing about this person’s circumstances that much. Or okay, maybe I was a bit intrigued too.

  6. Being a Double Virgo myself (Sun and Moon) I must say, I would never cheat unless some one cheated on me first (and I have been in that situation with a Taurus, not a double Taurus though.)

    From my experience, Virgo males are a bit different, if they lied or omitted anything, the truth will come out sooner or later. I feel much comfort being with a Virgo male, even if at one point we fooled around and then later on he told me he had a girlfriend, it didn’t even hurt me, because at least he was open about his situation after, rather than leaving me in the dark. I wasn’t THAT into him though mostly because he didn’t let me get to know him which is better than knowing someone and them pulling that on you, it really makes the situation worse when someone communicates with you (such as a Gemini I was with) and manipulates you, then cutting the cords of communication, now that is some one who was pretty “sly.”

    I’m sure this guy just wants to take it slow before he jumps into anything, Virgos are VERY slow to any commitment because we always keep our promises. Though when we do commit, it is without a doubt, to the fullest and complete loyalty. So be patient, perhaps he has trust issues with people because he was taken advantage of too many times, for his middle name of “Service” and he rather know you before he reveals anything about himself because of his worrying Virgo self.

  7. Let me tell you something…Virgo men are cheaters and liars!
    My Virgo..who I dated for over 2 years…everything was going good, we were getting closer then BAM..I find him cheating with some young,dumb Bimbo in the same apartment complex..right under my nose! He never broke up with me…just mr elusive decided he needed a young piece of ass. HA! Run from Virgo men…RUN! I never confronted him..because I don’t have time to waste on people like him. He pulled the whole “birthday game” on me too. I finally said I dont care when it is..lol I don’t have time for games..and if I ever meet another Virgo man again..I’m running as fast as I can..the other way! lol

  8. That just has to do with the way someone was brought up, their psychology, etc. Being a cheater isn’t a characteristic of a Zodiac Sign. A lot of people make that mistake of basing someone by their Zodiac. Zodiacs simply have to do with characteristic traits, nothing more, nothing less. Plus there is more to a zodiac sign than just their sun sign. If you don’t know what a Sun sign is then I suggest looking that up, along side Moon and ascendent for starters.

    Just because I had a bad experience with a Gemini, that doesn’t mean I am going to stop dating Gemini’s. In fact I am seeing a Gemini now and am having hindsight on what happened then. I feel ok about it finally, after five years or more…

  9. I’m dating a Virgo Man and he is so attentive. His bday is September 10th. He has a lot of Virgo characteristics, he’s clean, handsome, tidy and a workaholic. If he ever cheated, i would be shocked. He doesn’t act to me that he has a sectet life, unless he is just that smooth. He’s so open with me on communication, it’s almost scary. He has a little jealous side, but nothing bad. I’m a LEO female.

  10. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I found this site. Awesome. I’m in love with a Virgo, born Sept 10th who is 5 years older than me. He’s engaged (just found that out 3 weeks ago) and he’s getting married in Sept this year. He has flirted with me for 2.5 years though 6 months after I met him he did let me know he had a girlfriend as he proceeded to (2 minutes before he told me) had his nice lovely, warm, make me thrilled hand on my waist. I’m very attracted to his mind. We click mind wise and emotionally and I am attracted to him physically now too. I wasn’t initially, but a sharp brain and wits and emotional rapport is huge for me. He looks even better outside and I’m totally hooked and love him. I never dated him, but I adore him. He just
    recently flirted with me again in front of people kind of a few weeks ago. He swapped my dessert at a business lunch meeting. He took it without asking and just said, you don’t want this do you and placed his on my placemat. I wouldn’t look at him that day as I thought he just got married and I was pissed off. She is already using his name and I don’t think they are officially married yet. What is the deal with that? They supposedly bought a place together. She’s a Taurus. It figures, I heard they get along great. I’m a Scorpio with Capricorn rising and lots of Sagittarius in my chart. This is so wierd. He is evasive..this is so true of Virgo guys I met. My old male coworker told me to be careful. He sees red flags, but my girlfriends say he likes me, I haven’t given him a signal back and he’s waiting for one. I think he loves us both, but his fiancee is perfect looking – almost and I read they like perfection, but I don’t think he has the mental connection and emotional connection as easily with her as he does with me and he loves to debate/talk with me. I’ve had to cut off most all of our conversations in the past. A 5 minute conversation turns into 15 or more so easily. This guy has called me down the halls of where I work and across the parking lot to chat. What do you make of this? Do I have any chance at all with this guy. My g-friend said she called off her engagement in July and she was supposed to get married in Sept so they say until he’s married, he’s not married.I broke off my engagement awhile ago too and I thought for sure I was marrying my fiance..so would please let me know what you think. The last time I saw him was across the table over a business lunch – a different time than the pie swap time- and even though he was kind of talking to someone else, we just couldn’t get our eyes off each other and this was in front of people who would certainly notice that we know at work. I can’t help it. I wanted to really look him over as I rarely have the chance to see him much lately. There is some sort of connection there..I just wish I could see what he’s like at home. He has a Leo Moon and I have a Sag Moon, he has a leo Mercury and I have a Sag Mercury, Venus, and Mars, He has Venus in Virgo and Taurus in Mars and I think my Neptune is in Scorpio and another planet in Virgo – I think it’s Uranus for anyone who knows of astrology compatibility. I think I can be great friends with him, but I will always wonder what it’s like to hug him. Maybe some of you are right..they cheat or try to. He seems as upfront as he can though I think he’s been testing me to see if I’d pursue him and if I did, he might have jumped at it, but I had issues with my ex then and I still do ..still resolving. I’m in limbo. This is terrible. I haven’t had a crush like this ever in my life. Only one that came close a long time ago, but not like this…this is intense. I think if he flirts with me again, I’m going to bring it to his attention…like, are you flirting with me, if you love your fiancee and plan to get married, then why are you flirting with me? THanks for advice/input.

  11. I am a Taurus woman and I met a Virgo man 8 years ago. We talked on the phone initially for 1 month before we met. He was so communicative and funny over the phone, but when I asked him if woman found him attractive, he modestly didn’t say much. When we first met I just expected an average looking male in his mid thirties. Well the first time I took one look at him a serge of electricity went thru my heart and still does. He was and is gorgeous . . . perfect in every way. The bad part of him is not that he was secretive but that he is quite honest and up front about wanting to date other women. I appreciated his honesty but it still hurt, since I was smitten with him. He always told me that he appreciated our friendship and always wanted me in his life. (he is not married) I always would push him away because I felt like if I couldn’t have all of him I didn’t want any of him. But then after awhile of not talking to him, I would call him up and we would pick up on a beautiful friendship again and he was always so happy to hear from me. Although, I have not been intimate with this man for 5 years now, the intimacy we had was like no other I have ever had. He was a lover unsurpassed. His full mission was to please me and we made beautiful and intense love for hours on end. It has come to the point were it is just not fair for any man to be with me, since in my heart they would never compare to my lovely Virgo friend. It always took all my might to just feel for him as a friend only and not anything more than that. Anyway, recently I contacted him to tell him that I was having an operation for possible ovarian cancer and at the end of the conversation he told me that he loved me. I was completely surprised by this, since he had never said that in 8 years of knowing him. He visited me in the hospital and has been keeping in close contact with me since the operation. (it was ovarian cancer and they caught it in first stage) Then about 2 weeks after my surgery I got a phone call from him and he just layed his heart out on the table to me. He told me how much he loves me and how he cried over my illness and prayed for me. He said that dating has been hard for him over the years since other women never compare to me. He proceeded to break down all the wonderful things I do and say and that he has never had that connection with anyone else. He also told me that when I entered the room he could never keep his eyes off of me, since I was so beautiful. I can tell you that this is not fluff, because he has always said what he meant. Anyway, of course I also told him how much I loved him over the years and how I always will. But I am still a bit cautious and probably always will be because he is a very attractive man and women are definitely attracted to him. Now I am 37 years old and men always do a double take when they see me and I have been told many times how attractive I am, but the difference is I would never even think of furthering it with anyone, since my heart belongs to my virgo friend. Whereas he could further it with a woman and not really think twice of having sex with her even though I am the only person who dwells in his heart. He can never be fully trusted and I have learned to accept that about him, but I have also learned that it is best to just keep my chastity and have a loving and adoring friendship only with him. It is difficult in ways to love a Virgo man, but if you have the patience, it is so well worth it. I could die tomorrow and feel so blessed to have known him. He is my gift in life.

  12. Do I ever agree with the secret life. I have been with my Virgo man for 10 years now and he’s dated other women who thought they were exclusive however, I was still in the picture (not proudly). My Virgo kept me a secret for all these years saying it was none of anyones business that we were together and I bought it. Knowing that he’s cheated on his past girlfriends I still stayed in the wings hoping that my time to shine would come. Well, now he’s cheating on me and is denying everything yet I have the facts. Virgos believe in “my life-my business and stay out”. Don’t get me wrong I’m just as guilty being that I knew about the past girlfriends but he lied to them and lied to me. Take your life and your love back and run away from them. They see nothing wrong with their double life or the cheating and trust me, they will turn the tables and make you feel like crap.

  13. Wow ! What an eye opener this site was and I am thankful to have come accross it !
    I too, had a passionate encounter with a Virgo male (he was Sag rising/Scorpio moon) when we first met there was instant chemistry (I being a music lover, he was in a band – how we met !)
    In the beginning he told me he had a girlfriend and young child, but they were currently separating (She being a Taurus Fem) He came to my house for dinner and he laid on the sob story about his failed relationship and love for his daughter and how hard his situation was because of this, I just listened. I fell in love with him very quickly, he telling me the whole time how he wasnt intending to get involved with me but somehow could stop what he was feeling. We ended up sharing so many wonderful times, heart felt conversation, passionate sex (Wow !) Until eventually him seeing me was becoming increasingly difficult (he use to stay with me before and after his band would tour, I see how it all worked for him now !!!) So, the truth all started coming out. The real story, was that they were not seperating, lived together still and he had cheated many times, he thought she suspected, but didnt do anything about it. So, I ended it with him, it didnt end badly, I being much older than him and not the kind to cause drama’s. It was so hard to let go as I had fallen deeply for him, so I am glad to have come accross this site and heard similar stories to mine. My sister is also a Virgo and she hides many things from her husband (she doesnt cheat) she hid alot of our family issues from him until they married (smart girl..hehe)

    I have come accross alot of Virgo/Taurus partnerships and I kinda think they are destined to be together !! I truly believe the Virgo would not have to strength/courage to leave the unhappy relationship and the Taurus would be too stubborn to give up on it !!

  14. HA HA This sounds true about Virgo not having the courage to leave the unhappy relationship with Taurus and the Taurus to stubborn to give it up Makes complete sense!

    It is like a magnet with Taurus’s to me, I don’t know what they are attracted to with me (Virgo)
    It is just the way that they stay with you through and through and I always feel like I am all over the place that they keep me grounded somehow…but I still don’t get what they see in us Virgos.

  15. Well, I’ve only ever known two virgo’s. One is my younger brother who’s as slippery as they come. Yes, he’s very supportive in some ways but trying to find anything out about his personal life and habits outside of the home is a no-no. I’ve stopped doing the big sister thing and i just don’t question him…in a nutshell he is damn seacretive!!

    I once had a brief affair with a virgo. It was very short lived, he had a partner and i had a partner- we just did it out of boredom i guess. What struck me was how he was perceived by everyone as being this really wholesome, unassuming quiet guy when he was the one that insigated the relationship!!1 It just goes to show- the commitment of a person has very little to do with thier starsign and probably more to do with upbringing and environmental factors.

  16. the commitment of a person does have little to do with the star sign 100%
    People always ask me is this sign a cheater or a liar and that is so rediculous! I like Taurus because of their characteristics and the fact that their main trait is creativity. The Taurus I was with had amazing characteristics in combination with mine but his upbringing, psychology, how he dealt with it, etc. is why he was the way he was…

    It is true about Virgos leading a secretive life, it’s not on purpose most of the time.. It’s mostly a feeling of no one understanding, judging and critisizing (and we critisize ourselves harsher than any one can so we don’t need someone else to make it rain harder) or if there is no point in sharing certain things with someone because it won’t bring a solution or logic (I never talk to “vent” I talk if I feel the person may hold a solution for me.) But if some one has the magic to free them, then that is one lucky person destined for a dedicated and loyal lover.

  17. i am a taurus woman and a am dating a vergo man, i have been having my doughts with him that is way i came here, what you guys say about virgo guys really scares me and i don’t know what to so, i love with guy with all my heart!

  18. I went for coffee for several months with a Virgo man who never mentioned he had a wife until, thinking he was just shy, I gave him my phone number and said “Why don’t you call me sometime?” Then he had the nerve to ask for a hug and kiss after he told me he was married. He did say if he wasn’t, he’d very much like to go out with me. I’m a Taurus and the attraction was definitely there. I guess I should be glad he told me, but somehow I got the feeling that if I’d said “I knew that”, he would have jumped at the chance to have a little fling – and that creeped me out.

  19. LouLou, I’ve been happily married to a Virgo man for what will be 25 years come the 3rd of December, so they aren’t all to be feared. Mine is a great man, good father, loving & caring husband, faithful employee – smart, balanced, fair. He’s gorgeous, but not flashy, and boy howdy, he is steady as a rock!

    I think as with any sign you have to take each person on THEIR merits, not the average of the community of people in that sign.

    As Reagan used to say, “Trust, but verify.”

  20. A virgo is usually very faithful when in love. But it’s also true that if he finds someone else (whom he find) ‘better’, a virgo wont hesitate to leave the former. Virgo do have secret life or lives, they cant do without it. its more like their true self, that the society do not accept, hidden. without these secrets, a virgo is lost. So don’t judge him/her too severely, they do not mean to hurt.

  21. DreamsAreality, are you a Taurus?
    and I couldn’t agree more with your statement which I previously had to state as well
    as with any sign you have to take each person on THEIR merits, not the average of the community of people in that sign.
    I think that should come on as an introduction or warning label before any one gets into astrology!

  22. im head over heel in love with a taurus man. he so sweet and i feel in love after the first night we got to know each ohter. The only thing he has a girlfriend and a baby on the way but i still have feeelings for him.. I m a virgo so i havent disclosed my feeling for him. But there are alot of unsaid things that we both feel. The sex is amazing,, but i enjoy his company. I have never been this comfortable around any other man in my life. Taurus are the bomb!!!!!!

  23. Hey I’m a quad virgo (sun/moon/venus/mars). As far as the secret life goes – in this society where you are suppose to marry and remain together forever and faithful is just another dsyfunctional rule and regulation of a world where marriage is no longer a practical solution. Marriage forever is a joke and the sooner we realize this the better off we’ll all be. Marriage for forever is like expecting a 7 year old kid to wear the same tennis shoes when she/he is 21. In the future, marriage will not be the norm but optional between two people who want to be married and not shackled together by laws, misguided religious and legal dogma and unrealistic expectations of society. In short, marriage is losing it’s popularity because the long haul just doesn’t work in more than 50% of the time, (AND GROWING). If you want to ruin a marriage all you have to do is get married…Osho.
    We all run into souls from past lives, kindred spirits that we need a emotional connection to, Karma that has not be completed, friends that are tied to our hearts from long ago. It is unfair and hazardous to our spiritual growth to refrain from loving them in this life and completing unfinished business. I believe in total honesty in a relationship but yet when honesty is expessed, people are chastised, punished and then the legal and religious systems unleashes their own brand of justice. The union between two people should only be based on their own preferences and spiritual orientation. When you stop identifiying with your ego, then freedom for your loved one will be the norm and insecurity will be a thing of the past. When it comes to relationships, please throw out the ball and chain and shackles and you will find love in the purest form.

  24. I respectfully disagree, mimi, about marriage being a joke. But I’m happy for you that you know what you want. I believe that compatibility is extremely important in love. I take marriage very seriously and I wouldn’t want to marry someone who didn’t.

    Back to the subject of Virgos. I dated a Virgo once who told me whatever I wanted to hear. He also told his mother whatever she wanted to hear. As we were very young and he lived with his mom, this was a problem. I was convinced in the end that he might not even know which version of the truth he believed. I don’t remember his birth date so I don’t know the rest of his chart. I assume it had some big problems based on his behavior.

    But my husband is a Virgo rising and I have some planets in Virgo as well. I like Virgo energy in general. I just feel compelled to say that since a lot of the comments have been negative to Virgos, and I personally hate it when people bash my sign (Pisces.)

  25. Wow.

    I’d direct my Virgo sun capricorn moon brother over here, but then he’d find me in an instant (Capricorn w. virgo moon)

    I like having my secrets, and I knwo he does too. We’ve both had that conversation at the bar about how we’d neither of us be happy if there was someone who knew evvvverything that was going on. I have a great deal of jupiter/sag/9th house going on though which means if everyone got together they’d know everything. He on the other hand leans more towards the very very secretive and reveling in it.

  26. I have a secret life and this blog is it.

    Just try to call the soldier and tell him what I write here and I guarantee you he will cut you off.

  27. Wow I am dizzy from reading these posts.
    I never really thought about this.

    I am a Virgo dating a Virgo and I know a lot of Virgos. Hmmm..

    The things we do are based on logic and analysis

    We have a way of letting the other know of well logically and a matter of fact if you happen to do something like that it will logically make me have to do something like this etc..

    Unfortunately a Taurus does not always get the message. (dated a taurus) I know when my Virgo Man he does little secret things and cause and affect apply. And he knows cause and affect apply according to our virgo logic. He also knows when I am leading in that direction and cause and affect apply. Other signs just never understood my messages. When talking to the Virgo group they all understood. (even if they were distracted by the star trek episode we were watching)

    No Virgo has any emotion about this.

    Its all very factual and logical.

    And I am sure any virgo will understand what I have written…LOL

    There is always a reason for whatever we do, wherever we go etc and we think about it for a very long time.

    Its not sneaky just really complicated for us to explain too other people..

  28. My husband is a Virgo… and Gemini Rising… and his Moon is in Sag. To top it we have freedom-loving-plenty-rebellious Uranus running strong and rampant throughout our synastry. We are a pretty non-traditional freedom loving couple. We both need our space so even though it’s every day, it’s not all day every day, not by a long shot.

    He IS a great guy, loyal, loving, seriously attentive, a wonderful father, stable, grounded, fun… it also helps that we have the same dark slightly off kilter sense of humor.

    If you know anything you know I desperately tried to run in the other direction. I broke things off with him several times. I have Venus in Scorpio do I know a thing or two about severing an attachment. He didn’t chase me so much as, I don’t know how to explain it. It was like wasting grape juice all over a bone white carpet, you think to yourself, “Oh it’s only been a few minutes. I can get this out if I act quickly.” But it’s too late just that quickly, it’s in there and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I just couldn’t shake him. We haven’t spent more than two days apart since we met. The two days we did spend apart I had to leave the state on short notice, had he known in advance he would have conspired to come with me. He still complains about those two days to this day.

    What I will say is that he does have “secrets” several of them. Furthermore he can be pretty sneaky about everyday nominal things. Many times he hides things from himself or refuses to see things for what they are. He is overly critical of himself and overly understanding/accepting of others. I’m not sure why he thrives on keeping things to himself but I’m actually the same way so I can relate, I guess that’s why we work. Having been cheated on in two very critical relationships, he feels strongly about absolute fidelity in marriage. This has less to do with him being a Virgo and more to do with his past experiences, his environment, his upbringing.
    Nothing is more important to him than his word. He’ll stand by his word out of shear stubbornness. He said he would never cheat, period, and I believe him. This is the guy who one week after meeting me told me I would not be able to get rid of him, and here we are. I have no problem allowing him his secrets. I trust him completely.

    I should add that I trust him completely because he is the sloppiest liar/ommitter on the face of the earth. I’m not kidding he can’t lie worth a d*mn. This is how I feel about almost every Virgo I know, they HAVE to be on the up and up or they get quite and awkward. They’ll also try to avoid you for a few days. It’s so obvious, it’s ridiculous. I can literally feel it, it’s almost like they are producing a sound that pierces the skin.

    With any Virgo, I would say watch for that quite avoidant awkwardness – guilt. Virgo always backtracks to ensure that at the end of the day, they are not at fault for YOUR delusions.
    If a Virgo is pulling the wool over your eyes, remember that you are holding it there.

  29. I have a very good triple virgo friend. One time I was having a party and he got up, announced he had somewhere else to be, said his goodbyes and took off. Everyone said “how mysterious, I wonder where he went.”
    The next day I called him on the phone and said “how was your shit?”
    he said “how’d you know?”
    I said “cause you ate a plate full of food, stood up with an ‘I have to shit’ look on your face and ran out the door.”
    Sometimes when Virgo pretends to have somewhere else to be, its really not that interesting.

  30. the best man i have ever known was a virgo.
    he and his wife are the people who made me believe that it’s actually possible for marriages to work.

  31. Eh, my hubby is a 6th house Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon, and he’s definitely capable of keeping secrets… Seems to enjoy it, in fact, especially when he can pretend to be one thing in public when he’s actually another. I hate those times when he puts me in the position of outing him b/c he’s tried to deceive me. So lame. I love his happy earthy Taurus side and hate this aspect of his Virgo-ness. It makes him brilliant but also high strung and micromanaging, often to no positive effect.

  32. my question about this is… this secret life… does it need to be an ongoing thing? or a secret part of oneself? like the soldier who comes home and focuses on being a father and a farmer and a husband? but who can never leave the war behind?

  33. I was in a relationship with a virgo man in 2009 for six months. His secert life was other women, especially his ex girlfriends. Horrible liar, deceptive, controlling, cunning and selfish.

    I remember, I left him a memory of me that he said he will never forget. He had a rough week at work and I planned a weekend getaway. He said no one has ever done that for him. It made him vunerable or so I thought.

    Anyhow, he cheated and he didn’t need to confess. I had the evidence. I used to break into his phone and see all the messages to other women and a piece of jewelry that wasn’t mine.

    Its 2011, I relocate to the North and he makes this plea to reconcile. I say to myself: “let’s see if he has changed.” It was good for 45 days. He was open about everything. He told me he did cheat. It made me slowly want to trust him. Then bam! His actions start contradicting his words again, he stops texting and calling on a regular basis. He becomes closed and cold..I don’t like when he tries to make me doubt myself. My intution is very accurate. I break up with him for GOOD. I will not devalue myself ever again.

    I tell myself: “I am headed to a prestigious medical school, I am beautiful and independent. What does he have to offer me? The guy is 30 something works for K-Mart for the last 8 years, no eduction, has loads of ambition but no direction, and has a crooked wanker. NOTHING”

    At the end of day: He did me a favor. I have intention of inviting him to my graduation.

  34. Thanks Elsa.

    I am not saying all Virgo men are bad. I hope I can fine the right virgo man in the future. Ying and Yang.

  35. Virgo men are deceitful liars,users,players and virgo women are loud mouth back door hoe.Nothing virrrgin about them. They are sensitive, aoouch, and get butt hurt easily.

  36. Wow this was brutal to hear all these posts talking about virgo men’s secret lives. I’ve been trying to see if i should pursue this virgo man I have a crush on, but he’s very mysterious and I can’t bear the fact of him possibly having a secret life because I’m a very honest person and I don’t like secrets at all if I am in a relationship because I’ve been through that with my past lovers. Some of these women on here are so weak when they know the truth and still wait patiently for his trifling behind to choose you when he’s already married. Trust me your wasting your time…I’m ready for a real relationship with no secrets whatsoever but this guy seems like the kind of guy I’ve been waiting for, but I refuse to get in another relationship where there is no honesty, but maybe I shouldn’t take astrology too seriously. I’m confused at this point…

  37. I am a Taurus gal been dating a Virgo male since Jan. 2016 and is now end of March. I have to say that the initial meeting was awesome and he told me how he is a virgo is very much virgo and that he is usually shy and not very open to people especially a girl he just met. He said he feels completely comfortable with me and as we talked about honesty, he suddenly grabbed and kissed me. From then on, I felt the most wonderful feeling with him. He did tell me up front he is not one to talk on phone much, he is more of a text guy and after the first date, things were good but he also said he doesn’t do anything much during his work week which is Sun-Thur and has to work early, but what I didnt realize is the silence during the week quite a few times Jan – Feb..I asked if he was in virgo mode needing time to himself and he responded with that and that he was confused but didnt give me much at that time. He tells me on next date that he is good and had gotten closure from an EX and was very much full of happiness to be able to move forward with us. Since then, things going good, still dating every weekend stay overnight, didnt sleep “have intimacy” with him until a month 1/2 into the dating. He seems to be more and more comfortable showing and telling me lots of personal stuff/things. He does withdrawal at times but I give space and at very least just sent text “have a good day or a smile face” he usually responds later in day or later evening. Last weekend was different, he had a different vibe even tho happy to see and kiss & hug, I felt a kind of vibe I had not felt..later in evening we had a moment, he broke down crying heavily telling me how much he likes me but the EX is still lingering. He really, really likes me and I told him I like him lots too but CAN NOT give my whole self if he cant. WE both cried and hugged and later he just starred in my eyes for a good 10 mins and I did not look away nor did we talk. I believe he was looking to see if I meant what I said and if I was being truthful, which I was. Since then, he picked a couple flowers and had amazing intimacy next morning. He had one day with little communication but other days texting cute stuff and asking my opinion on some dilemma things and he was good with what I had to say. He picked flowers and send pic and said they are waiting for me (sooo sweet!!) Last night was awesome, he sent me about 15 music videos and some seem to be saying something but I am not going to read into, just enjoy all he sent me 🙂 I am pursuing this Virgo with open arms but still guarded until he can tell me he is truly over EX…time will tell and I am going to enjoy while I can!

  38. Help?? Are Virgo guys walking oxymorons? Like… why would a virgo guy be so attentive via text message and say he’s interested in a woman, but not care about hanging out with her, seeing her and go long periods of time without spending time with her?

    So, I’ve known my Virgo coworker for 10 months. He started coming into my classroom to visit me everyday just to chat & say hi to my students from the beginning. He wasn’t my cup of tea, so I never saw him as more than a friend until he finally told me he’s interested in me about 2 months ago, and now I’m interested in him. So, we started texting just about everyday, and now that it’s summer I was was hoping we would have a chance to spend a lot of time together, but he seems extremely uninterested in hanging out with me. We text all the time, but it’s going on 2 months and we’ve seen each other only 2 times. WTH???! like, how are in interested in a woman, but only hangs out with her twice over 7 weeks? I text him over the weekend, asking what he has planned, letting him know what I’m doing, but crickets…..Nothing about his response says he’s interested. He’s not busy. His summer work hours are shorter. He has no family here, and we live in the same city. So, he really has no excuse for not making time to hang out with a woman he’s interested in. So again, why would a Virgo be so attentive via text message and say he’s interested in a woman, but not care about hanging out with her, seeing her and go long periods without spending time with her?

    I’ve become smitten by him. he’s a sweetie, but waiting and hoping that he will want to hang out with me every week is emotionally draining. I think I might just block his call and cut off communication with him for a few days. I feel bad about doing that, but I’m too emotionally invested and it’s starting to break my ❤️

  39. Now I discovered this article, but a short while ago I was complaining that I don’t meet Virgo people, who should be drawn to me by my DC in Virgo. I almost regret that.
    Then a FBI study recently revealed that Cancer is the Sun sign, which produces most murderers. Whom can you still trust?

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