Double Scorpio Struggles In Relationships

scorpio dollHi Elsa

My question is around friendships. I don’t seem to be able to MAKE friends – and when I do, I don’t seem to be able to KEEP them. Or, the people don’t seem to match up to the level of character that I would like to have in a friend.

When it comes to making friends, I feel like a mute. I have no idea what to converse with people about, or how to have them become a FRIEND. Recently, I may have destroyed my friendship with my best friend, and I now feel like a complete heel about it.

What is up with me? Why am I such a weirdo?


Dear Friendless,

First, it’s impossible to read this and not recommend you try to reestablish contact with the friend you had. I appreciate it may not be comfortable for you, but if you are feeling regretful over whatever it is you did, you really ought to consider clutching it up and making things right. You will grow because of it, I promise you that.

In a more general sense, as you know you have a Scorpio Sun and Ascendent. As a double Scorpio, friends are going to be hard to come by but understanding your nature might help.

First, come to terms with the fact you need friends. Well, you need ONE anyway. Being self-protective, Scorpios prefer a very tight inner circle and knowing that right there, you can adjust your expectations. You don’t want 100 friends. You want one or two, who you can trust implicitly.

Now people like this are out there, and when you find them, you have to throw your self-protective cloak in such a way that it covers their ass along with your own. Get it? You have to bring them in. This may provide enormous challenge, but will result in enormous reward.

I’ll tell something. Scorpio will never really thrive alone. The sign is all about having a meaningful exchange of energy with another and if you study the sign – in real life – you will find all successful Scorpios have a pal.

Calvin Klein comes to mind. He’s got four planets in Scorpio as I recall. I read his bio some years ago and guess what? He’s got a business partner. For decades, he’s had this same partner who he hooked up with in his teens. How about that?

I’m pretty sure things are easier to find when you know what you’re looking for. You’re looking for an ace in the hole and when you find it?

Never, ever, ever, forget to feed it.


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