Double Pisces Woman Married to Sagittarius Man Working Abroad

Aries vintage pinDear Elsa,

I’ve been married for more than a year now. Since the day of our marriage, there has been something or the other coming between my husband and I. Due to his job he’s staying abroad and I’m here in India.

I guess the distance is taking its toll on our relationship. Misunderstandings happen all the time and we end up arguing and fighting even on the phone. At times, I doubt his intentions and feeling for me. Due to this, I am going through a depression. I love him a lot but I’m not sure how long I can manage in this situation.

What can I do change the situation and when will the things improve? Please help me.

Lonely Wife

Dear Wife,

Your husband has a stellium in Sagittarius in the 10th house and with it, a tremendous urge / desire / destiny to travel and work internationally. If you are thinking that one day, he will come home and stay home…well I don’t think this is very likely. As a matter of fact, soon Jupiter with go into Sagittarius and his strong drive to live in the BIG world and move about it freely will be stronger than ever.

Now there is nothing you can do about this, but you can do something about yourself. You can stop waiting on him. You can stop waiting for circumstances to change, and become proactive yourself. What are you doing while he is gone? What interests do you have independent from him and his interests?

See, you’re a double Pisces, so prone towards feeling powerless. But you’ve got an aggressive streak as well. You have an Aries Moon and I imagine you are depressed because what you really are is PISSED OFF.

Do you know that depression is anger turned inward? I imagine you are raging on some level over feeling abandoned and I don’t blame you. This would explain the fights on the phone, yes? But when you hang up, the anger turns in on you and you wind up depressed.

You can cure this if you can get yourself going. You must ACT. I don’t care what you do, but you have got to get your body moving, hopefully with some fervor. See, I don’t mean you ought to take some leisurely meandering walk. Do that and you’re going to want to kill someone. You need to use your “raw male energy”… your Aries and you need to do this every day so it does not back up on you.

I bet you go a long way towards resolving your depression. It will get you out of the house, meeting people, expand your world, etc. etc. So that’s my advice. Get active and don’t mess around. You want kickboxing not knitting circle, okay? Make yourself a life, because your husband is going to continue to be and do just what he’s doing because it’s authentic to who he is. It is up to you not to be his victim.

Good luck.

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Double Pisces Woman Married to Sagittarius Man Working Abroad — 3 Comments

  1. Man, this hit a chord. Just this morning, not 10 minutes before reading this I was talking about how I was always looking for others to fulfill me, and that the harder I tried to be validated by others, the more I was disappointed and the less I got back. It’s as if the Universe said ‘look somewhere else. how about within yourself?’ it’s a tough lesson for Piscean individuals who want to merge.

    However…don’t forget that you ARE entitled to be treated right, though your happiness should ultimately not hang on others. It’s a difficult balance to achieve. I’m in the thick of it as we speak. The best of luck to you!

    Hannah (Moon, Mars, South Node in Pisces)

  2. what an poignant response – THANKS! and this part too ” it’s a tough lesson for Piscean individuals who want to merge.

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