Dorothy Parker: Virgo With A Capricorn Moon

dorothy-parkerDorothy Parker is one of my all-time favorite writers but I rarely quote her anymore. Someone must have passed a memo and I get put on suicide watch if I do. I never looked at her chart before today but it hits mine in all the right/wrong places. Her writing feels divine, like cleaning your ears with a q-tip, or probing sore gums with your tongue. She was bright, acerbic, supremely talented and she knew how to cut a bitch, but with a knife so sharp and precise it was art. “This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.”

Her Capricorn Moon (which is painful on its own) received hard aspects from most of the planets and was the focus of most of the energies in her chart. With everything but the Moon below the horizon, Dorothy Parker wore her heart on her sleeve. Venus near Saturn squaring her Moon meant she had to work for love, and it was a struggle to get what she wanted or want what she got. With Venus trining Jupiter, though, she had big love. The Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars trined her beleaguered Moon; she never gave up. With a Capricorn Midheaven she achieved acclaim and success, but she worked for it.

As a writer her Mercury is of great importance. Deep at the bottom of her chart in Leo, it is her best aspected planet, taking sextiles from Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. In quincunx to her Moon it leant a periodic respite from her pain, a way out.

Dorothy Parker was fierce. I like to share her around as I think she gave pain a voice of power. I’m pretty sure I got one of my own coping mechanisms from her writing, “it could be worse…” She was the ultimate hidden optimist: she talked of death but kept on living.

by Dorothy Parker
Razors pain you; Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful; Nooses give;
Gas smells awful; You might as well live.

Who are your heros? Have you looked at their charts?


Dorothy Parker: Virgo With A Capricorn Moon — 20 Comments

  1. I have always loved her style and identified with her also….when my husband took me to NY for the first time, years ago, all I wanted to do was go to the Algonquin Hotel. I have yearned for a buddy group like she had… much fun!

  2. By the way my fave Dorothy quote is – to the editor who was pressing her to deliver, way past the deadline –

    “Tell him I was too fucking busy– or vice versa”

  3. I think that applies to my entire lifetime.

    “That would be a good thing for them to cut on my tombstone: Wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment.”
    –Dorothy Parker

  4. I’ve not ever done a chart for my hero(s)… Thanks for planting the seed! I’m not familiar with Dorothy Parker (making note), but sounds like I would really like her.

  5. It’s weird. Since childhood: My favorite actor was Leonard Nimoy. Playwright: Tennessee Williams. Poet: Robert Frost. Author: Erica Jong (not from childhood – I stole adolescent moments reading her sex passages at the library. Hawt!). Had a huge crush on Steve McQueen and sang Diana Ross all day long. All, I later found out, had March 26 birthdays like me.

  6. I’ve seen that poem bandied about, but didn’t know it was Dorothy Parker!

    I’ve actually never been introduced to her, so am now kindling an interest. Any tips for a first-read? Or should I just pick up a compilation?

  7. Like SaDiablo I recognise those words, but apart from that I am not familiar with her writing. I’m about to rectify that, thanks Satori.

  8. I love Miss Parker and have read her for years.

    “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

    *Hearing a knock at the door* “What fresh hell is this?*

    “Brevity is the soul of lingerie.”

    “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

    Alas, all of my heros were born in pre-contact days, when birthdays were not recorded.

  9. Ahhh… Thanks satori! I’ve loved Dorothy Parker for a long time. Must be that Cap Moon connection. She really speaks to my soul. And her dry humor cracks me up! Great post – and timely after all we discussed in my consult with you! Dorothy inspires me!

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