Don’t Forget The Balsamic Vinegar, Don’t Be Helpless, Powerless Or Stupid, Either! for later

girl-in-the-moonI am a person with A LOT of doubt.  I love solar (and lunar) return charts, in spite of the fact that how and why they work is mysterious.

I studied return charts for close to 20 years before I truly accepted them.  I would have liked to dismiss these charts from my life and from my practice. I’d have done exactly that if only they didn’t work so well!

I gained a deep understanding of return charts via all that effort. To me they’re like the balsamic vinegar I use to finish the tomato soup that I make from my garden each year. It’s to be used, not ignored!

Awhile back I wrote about my month-long bad mood.  A few people emailed me to tell me how stupid and suggestible I am. Being smarter than me and presumably less suggestible, they would not let a chart dictate that they be in a bad mood for a month!

It’s a pity I was misunderstood.

Discovering the origin of the clashing energy allowed me to redirect it.

If you have some malady, astrology allows you to quickly diagnose it. But the next step is to treat the problem as opposed to staring at it helplessly as if you’re powerless, stupid or both!

Get your Lunar Return Report(s) here…and then put them to use!

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Don’t Forget The Balsamic Vinegar, Don’t Be Helpless, Powerless Or Stupid, Either! for later — 5 Comments

  1. I got into astrology due to a long protracted Pluto transit oppose my Sun that I was not cooperating with very well at the time. Things started going better when I understood the process. I get being in a bad mood for a month – I understand that.
    I went from being an atheist who did not believe in anything, to someone who is spiritual, goes to church and studies astrology. Quite a transformation.

  2. I’m still staring at the solar return report I ordered a few weeks ago (hog looking at a wristwatch). I just… canNOT!… integrate it, it seems. I don’t know what to do with it. :/ It befuddles me.

    I should probably take it to the boards and ask some questions, yo. 🙂

  3. I felt the same way as you, SaD, when I got mine almost a year ago. It made no sense to me in so many ways. But as the year progressed, and the energy came into play, I was completely grateful for the guidance that the chart provided. I think that we glean the understanding as the year progresses, sometimes, because we are not dealing with an isolated scenario. We are IN the world, experiencing the energy of the transits all the time. What makes sense when there is a lovely trine in the sky will not make the same sense when the heavens are producing a Grand Cardinal Cross. So having your chart as a map to guide you through not only your own energies but how they fit in to the Big Puzzle is really so very valuable. Take heart. It will make sense to you as time progresses.

  4. I’m sayin! I just figured out what the hell I went through the last FOUR YEARS!!! Had I known any of the info beforehand I’m sure my path would have been easier to navigate instead of spinning out in a drunken, anxiety ridden cloud, I would have had a point of reference. As it was, I felt like I tumbled around in a dryer with a bunch of bricks and broken glass.; talk about learning the hard way. Through studying astrology I have learned so much and I don’t freak when I get glum for a few days or a month and like you said Elsa it enables one to go to the source of the problem.

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