Does Traveling On Your Birthday Change Your Solar Return Chart?

funny solar t shirtHello Elsa,

Wondering what your opinion is on having a solar return chart “altered” by traveling  somewhere far from home to change the rising/start point of the chart? I have read that it doesn’t actually change the chart because you come home and are at your home for the majority of the year.

What is your take on this? And have you or someone you know ever tried this? What was the result if so?

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Hi Curious.

There are many astrologers who swear by this method. I’m not one of them.

This is not because I know that traveling to change the nature of your year doesn’t work. It’s because I don’t know if it works or not!

I am a skeptic by nature. This is includes being skeptical about astrology.  In order to believe something is valid, I need solid evidence and personal experience.

I have more than forty years experience with astrology. I have never come across anything convincing in regards to this theory.  I know this will piss people off. But in reality this is hard to prove, one way or the other.

It’s hard to prove because you can’t live both charts at the same time. People who believe one way or the other, will tend to interpret events in a way that validates their ideas. This is human nature!

Outside of having no evidence this method works, I admit I resist the concept in general. This is because it seems inflated and maybe even delusional, to believe a person can gain control of a planet by spending their  birthday in a different city. I’m more inclined to think, “you can run but you can’t hide.”

Bottom line, if someone asks me which solar return chart they should consider, I recommend they use the chart for the city where they live / spend the most time. If they want me to use the travel chart, I do.

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How do you feel about traveling on your birthday, to impact the year ahead?

Have a question about life or astrology? Ask here. Please include your location. This interests people!


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Does Traveling On Your Birthday Change Your Solar Return Chart? — 15 Comments

  1. its about Where You Actually Live that counts no? but on a side note -mailing in your tax return during a ‘void of course moon’ practically guarantees hassle free results with the IRS -not a peep back!

  2. I’ve never been able to try this properly. Going back to my family – which I do for my birthday, since I was born on my Grandmother’s 55th birthday – doesn’t change my chart enough for anything to happen.

    I think that I’m going to try this for my 2015/16 chart, though. My Solar Return Moon would be in the 6th house staying where I am, and honestly, I don’t want this. I’ve had and am going to have three 6th house Moons on Lunar Return Chart in five months – my current Lunar Return is the middle one – and I already want it to stop. I don’t know if I can do with 6th house Moon on Solar Return too, especially coupled with a 10th house Sun.

  3. it makes for a nice little adventure – to go spend some days in a city/place where you wouldn’t have stayed otherwise.
    another thing is that by choosing the preferred solar return chart a person is deciding on priorities, on what’s important to them, and so is making a sort of a commitment.
    i have no idea if it works, but i think it’s a terrific opportunity for people who like to travel

  4. I don’t believe in the idea of changing your Solar Return by traveling. I don’t know if it works, either, but if there’s something you have to learn or do, then this just smacks of avoidance.

  5. I tend to believe you’re right. You can go to another city BUT you’re going to come home to the same problems, same job, same relatives, and the same YOU with the same psychology and talents and problems.

  6. I kinda feel funny saying this, in lieu of the comments above, including Elsa’s. But I used to have an astrologer who dedicated her entire practice to relocation analysis for your upcoming solar return. You had to do it six months in advance of your birthday. Or Sun conjunct natal Sun. Mine seemed to be always a day before. Guess, because I was born in Europe.

    Please also understand, she was not in any, way, shape or form – affordable. Nor were some of the places she chose for you to go. She always gave you three locales from which to decide. Typically, one would focus on love, the other on money and career and the third, on becoming un-stuck in life.

    I did it twice, during better financial times. The first was from L.A. in 2006, my home. And it was to the Grand Canyon. Gorgeous all around. Everything and anything went swimmingly, without a glitch. The following year was one of the greatest years I’d ever had. Financially, romantically, blah..blah…blah…in almost every way.

    The second, and last time I did it, was in 2009. I chose to go to Prince Edward Island off of the coast of Canada. First, the place was to die for beautiful. The weather was as pefect as it was in the Grand Canyon. What I say is minutae in comparison to the splendor of that trip. Again, everything just fell into my lap. I cannot begin to tell you. The hotel moved me up to the penthouse for free. I had a terrace overlooking the entire historic section of the island. Again, yada….yada…yada….

    Now, I must warn you, there were very strict rules that you had to follow to the nth degree or you were told not to bother with it at all. First, you must go alone, preferably, or if you had to, go with a friend/significant other, they had to obey zero cell phone use, just like you, or other communication contact outside of the area you were visiting. Next, was a deep and powerful mediation and prayer for the entire hour the Sun was conjunct your natal Sun – even if it was at 4 in the morning. That had to be done 100% completely alone. And last, to spend time celebrating the solar return by showering yourself with small gifts or go on an adventure -even if it was just a fun dinner – with whoever appeared in your path. In short, celebrate your life.

    Oh, and each trip had to be a minimum of four entire days. Travel excluded. You had to arrive 24 to 48 hours before your Sun was conjunct your natal Sun. And you had to stay 24 to 48 hours, afterward, to seal the new chart for the year.

    Now, THAT was a trip I will NEVER forget. It was magical beyond magical. Not only did I meet people who were fascinating and thrilled to meet me (like the Dalai Lama’s right hand man for all of Canada), but befriended them for many years.

    Every single day was as incredible as the next. And, the ensuing year, was also terrific in every way. The downside? the bills from the trip. But, I did have the funds to pay them. It wasn’t New York to Paris expensive. It was moderate. That year, I chose a social solar return. And, it was spectacular, spectacular.

    Now, a moment of truth. Was it great because of the solar return locality reading? Or was it great because I spent so much money and energy on it, that I made it so? I can’t answer that. Perhaps it was a little bit of both?

    Or, maybe, I just needed something to believe in that year that would get me through to the next one. I still look at the photos from those trips and am instantly transported to the land of good moods. Having that memory etched in my mind forever is absolutely priceless.

    I wish I could afford to do one again. Perhaps, someday.

    My sincerest apologies to the cynics.

    • Wow! Great reading, I can still feel your excitement coming through in your words through my computer screen! Good for you. Think I could sneak off on my own for 4 days leaving hubby and 4 kids? Birthday in Feb, I’m thinking about it….. 🙂

      • Let me know if you’re serious, I could connect you with this astrologer. But Feb might be way too soon for her. She books months in advance. Works out of Sedona. Swears the magnetic field there is solid and grounding. Perhaps for next year?

        For this year, Elsa does a great solar return chart. It was very accurate for this solar return year. And extremely affordable.

        But, if you prefer to “charge” it and give it a go, I can definitely provide you with a referral.

        For this year, try Elsa. I bought the printed version. Very inexpensive and extremely accurate. Am glad, because she prepared me for some seriously tough times.

        Lots of love and light! Happy Birthday in advance.


    • Gio, my birthday is in Aug. and I’d love to get in touch with this astrologer. Do you think you could set me up with a referral? I’ve always wanted to experiement with this method.


    • jesus, maybe i should try something like that next year. I did a solar return trip this year with friends and it has been a wonderful, wonderful week. I would say that 1/3 of my clients and supporters are now from that location we went to. there has been some internet, but it was like 10% of my usual online time at home.
      as for other results, i’m not sure. the relocated chart ended up being cap rising, which i chose to disregard because how else would I make it 7-th house centered, haha)) and almost 7 months in i would say that the cap part has played out very well – i was able to work (and i am SUCH a procrastinator) well enough to have comfortable income by now. financially it has been an upward climb, even with the current exchange rates (i’m from russia and things are pretty grim here, economically).
      but 7-th house? i have had 0 new lovers, which is a rare thing, and i’m finding myself literally unable to “date”. like, ew, how fake it all seems. i started meeting my old lover-friend from germany more often. we travel together. but as much as i love and appreciate him as a friend (that he’s also very attractive and intelligent doesn’t hurt), it has nothing to do with finding an actual couple.
      but i have to admit – this year has been significantly better than 3-4 previous years.

    • Hello,
      I see this thread is several years old, but I am interested in a referral for the astrologer offering solar return relocation. I have been doing this the past few years, but need to find someone new to do it for me. If you still have that information I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

  7. Obviously, transits are the major factors, and the SR is secondary, but I also believe that intention is powerful. I relocated one year to get a 10th house Sun, and I did, in fact, have a very good career year. I might do it again in 2016, if I can work out where to go, as there is a 6th house placement I’d prefer to avoid.

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