Does Having A Stellium In The 8th House Make You Like A Scorpio?


Would having any stellium in the 8th house make someone seem more scorpion like even if they don’t have Scorpio as one of their main aspects (sun, moon, asc)?

I’m a Capricorn but have five planets in the 8th house. I have never been much of a Capricorn.


Hi, Anonymous.

I don’t think that having a lot of planets in the 8th house makes a person a Scorpio or like a Scorpio or however you might want to put it. I can speak to this because I have a packed 8th house, myself.

With that stated, this is not a simple thing to understand. The fact is, I am mistaken for being a Scorpio all the time. That seems to contradict my opinion but I have investigated this, deeply, going back twenty-five years.  My videos embarrass me these days, but here’s an example of this:

Will The Real Scorpio Please Stand Up?

Bottom line, you do not get rid of your sun sign by putting it in a certain house. Instead, your solar energy lights up the affairs of the house where it falls.

The house in the chart can be seen as a stage. The sun acts on that stage. In military parlance, it would be your, “AO” aka your “area of operation”.

In your case, you say you are not a Capricorn but you are a Capricorn. I don’t doubt that you have interest and experience in the 8th house realm – I am sure you do.  Lots of it! But you are a still a Capricorn and your denial of such seems to be a rejection (Capricorn) of the self (Sun).

I don’t know how old you are or how much astrology you know but if you keep at it, I bet the days comes when you realize you’re living your sun.  Saturn is currently transiting Capricorn and this might be the beginning of that.

If you read this and straighten up your spine and begin to carry yourself differently, this would be a good sign that you’re in touch with your solar energy.

It’s pretty great to be a Capricorn, especially as you get older.  Think of being a wise, authoritative individual, with special knowledge of 8th house affairs.

Good luck.

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Does Having A Stellium In The 8th House Make You Like A Scorpio? — 17 Comments

  1. Yeah, I think I understand what both Anonymous and Elsa are saying…

    I would expect that a packed 8th House would indeed “color” a person in a very scorpionic way, because a lot of Energy would be expressed through this House.

    On the other hand, you, Anonymous, will always be a Capricorn, but it takes a very conscious approach (and just a glimpse of your chart) to figure out in which life area (i.e., which House of your chart) your Sun sign expresses itself.

    If you ask me, I’ll tell you that, in my experience, a Sun sign is not equally visible in all the Houses. Any Sun sign. And especially some Sun signs that we consider very “extrovert” or “shiny”, if you get my point, have a difficult time expressing themselves in particular houses , e.g. Aries in 7th House, or Capricorn in the 4th House.

    Bottom Line: of course you are not a Scorpio, but I understand why you may feel that way. As you get older (and study a bit more of astrology maybe, or a bit more consciously) you’ll figure out how to better express your Capricorn Sun.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Notice how no-one ever says “I have a stellium in the 3rd- does this make me Gemini-like” etc. It’s always Scorpio/ 8th House. People are obsessed. I don’t get it.

    • ;p that is funny LOL

      ive been mistaken for aries before, and having cancer energy LOL
      and i’m a packed 1st houser and i’m dominant 4th house.
      the houses really influence, alot. My Aries sister is the Aries sun though but she’s very Taurus/Pisces. her Libra husband has Scorpio rising, Pisces moon, Virgo venus. She’s a 7th houser. lol may explain her affinity to Libra energy in her husband.

  3. I am an 8H Libra NN and Sun. My 8H is intercepted. Like Anonymous, I also don’t feel much like a Libra Sun sign. I easily relate to my Aquarius ASC and 2H Aries SN. Learning to partner in a healthy personal relationship is challenging for me; I tend to figure things out quickly (Aquarius – 7H Uranus) and act on it (Aries – 4H Mars) without checking in with my partner. Oops.

  4. My husband has 4 planets in the 8th house. He is definitely an Aries which is his Sun but he has some of those characteristics of scorpio, secretive being one. There are still details about his life he will not share . Underground connections ect.

    Now I do have a stellium scorpio and his not sharing secrets really gets to me at times.

  5. I have a HUGE 1st house stellium, and sometimes I’m pretty much very Aries. Of course, I still cry during romantic comedies! So there’s my Pisces Sun.

    • i do too! lol and disney films. Me and my husband, but we’re both not pisces sun. But we both have water. ;p @anonhermit, you have 1st house stellium and libra stellium? You’re the male version of duchess of cambridge catherine. 😀 i like her chart. lol

      I am definitely living my sun though, and so does my sisters. I can see it. I’m the “odd” one out and i like it like that.

  6. I think such a mindset is a great problem for people who study astrology – using sign character to describe the house and vice versa is useful at the beginning, and some people that I know still believe in that, but it just does not sit right with me (I have a Mars in Virgo after all)

    I have my 8th house’s cusp in Scorpio yet 3 out of 4 planets in there fall into Sagittarius (the one left in Scorpio is Pluto, make close conjunction with me Sagittarius Jupiter). Sure people do get the impression that I seem like a Scorpio (also have my Venus-North node conjunction there). Personally, i just feel conflicted; on the plus side, having Sagittarius in Scorpio-ruled 8th house might have been helping keeping my spirits up despite me feeling miserable and powerless all the time.

  7. I think you banged it right on the head.
    I have a Virgo stellium in the 12th house.
    Im definitely a Virgo and SO proud to be one.
    I look at other Virgos and what is written about Virgos and I scratch my head. Well…mentally thats me but spiritually….while I tend to be a perfectionist towards myself I dont expect it in others.
    I can be a little dreamy about life and, for me,its about the big picture, I see correlations and connections everywhere and see the soul in everything.
    Looking at the house being a stage is perfect! It helps me understand myself better.

  8. When I was about 21 and I first started getting into astrology, i first learned about all of the signs. I had already had a few Scorpio boyfriends throughout my life and I always wondered why my boyfriends were mostly scorpio…I somehow felt I had more in common with thjs sign than any other, based on personal experience and what I read about them. So when I discovered there was such a thing as a birthchart and we had multiple signs, I was sure I had a Scorpio Moon. Come to find out , i had an 8th house Sun and Moon. I am indeed a lot like a Scorpio in that I feel things deeply in a soul oriented way that is very unusual and ive noticed sometimes even more scorpio like than most scorpios I havr met. Once I understood the 8th, it all made sense.

  9. With both rulers of my Pisces Asc in the 8th I identify with the depth, occult experiences and sexual passion of a Scorpio. My Vedic moon would have been Scorpio and not Sag. My Dad’s Scorpio Sun was right on my Jupiter and we were close.

  10. Most cappies have no problem embracing their cappy side. It’s usually the rest of their chart they are working diligently hard to understand! 🙂 I love all my cappy friends and family. They are very traditional cappies, born old souls with a steel rod up their back. Most cappies are hard workers who are used to regular butt-kickings from Saturn. They give great advice, and are very dedicated to their families. I have one cappy friend who had a heart attack, had several stents put in, was chomping at the bit to get back to work a couple days later, and actually got her Doctor to release her. It was insane. Another cappy friend had a bachelor and masters degree in one field (making mega bucks), but decided it didn’t fulfill her. She went back to school to earn a nursing degree and is now working happily in the healthcare field. All stelliums (in any sign) are a bit challenging, because of the lopsided and concentrated energy they bring. A scorpio stellium (especially in 8th house) is a difficult placement, definitely nothing to be envied. I know two different people with this placement in their charts, and for them it has been both blessing and curse (feeling like more of a curse sometimes). Their lives are like one major intense transit, with trauma from an early age. They go through things that would kill or break most people. Every time a planet hits their stellium, it is like a giant cosmic pinball pinging off first one planet then another in (sometimes) rapid succession. They get knocked down and over, yet also seem to have a transformative power to come out stronger and/or rebuild their lives in a completely new and different manner. They definitely have a sort of strong scorpionic intensity about them, even if they are quiet and it’s not their actual sun sign. With a lot of planets in one sign, it can color the personality to some degree. Some people can’t handle that and will run from them. They can be either loved or hated, depending on how comfortable another person is with plutonic energy. They tend to generate strong feelings from others. However, they also have incredible intuitive abilities, make loyal friends (they may only allow a few people into their inner circle), and can see through lies and deception from a mile off. I think those with a stellium may mention it not so much because they are necessarily proud of it per se, but maybe because they are trying to understand its very complicated impact on their lives. They may also be trying to put out feelers for others with similar placements, so they can compare notes and life experiences, to learn how to better deal with it. (Sorry, I’m normally a lurker here, but just wanted to share my opinion and give a different perspective.)

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