Does Everything Have To Be A Lesson?

vibeOne of the most common ways to frame astrological transits is by talking about lessons. We study our Saturn lessons to determine the best course of action and how to mature and do the right thing. We learn our outer-planet lessons in hopes of avoiding the worst possible fate. We enjoy Jupiter’s lessons regarding abundance or overindulgence.

Now, as someone with rule-loving Saturn in teaching-focused Sagittarius, this makes intuitive sense to me. Life is a cosmic classroom and we are here to learn! I think this is a healthy, powerful, and valuable perspective. But, like anything else, it can be taken too far.

In some ways, the idea of learning lessons has been absorbed and warped by our cultural obsession with things like productivity, hustling, and gains. Now mastering the deep and subtle spiritual influences of a cosmic body is just another thing to check off the to-do list. We place things in a material context, hoping Saturn will help us achieve and Jupiter will make us rich. We make spiritual growth a goal rather than a process that unfolds organically through deep reflection over time. We take the magic out of life.

But does it have to be this way? I don’t think so. And with Jupiter entering Pisces, now is the perfect time to challenge this mindset.

Jupiter in Pisces isn’t concerned with the daily grind, nor with accolades or material achievements. It doesn’t care so much about money and fame and power. Instead, Jupiter in Pisces viiiibes.

Jupiter in Pisces chills, relaxes, and lets things be. You don’t need to hustle or climb to get what you need. Any lesson there is to be learned will come to you naturally and intuitively. Here, spiritual enlightenment is as likely to be found while you’re sitting on the couch double-fisting Goldfish crackers as it is on a silent retreat. The real lesson is to just…be.

Maybe we don’t have to learn. Maybe we don’t have to produce. Maybe we don’t have to achieve. Maybe we don’t have to DO anything.

Maybe, just for a while, being who we are is enough.

To help set the Jupiter in Pisces mood, here’s a song that encapsulates Jupiter in Pisces: “That I Would Be Good” by Alanis Morissette:

Are you driven to learn lessons? What would it be like to let go for a while? And if you already know how to flow, tell us your secrets!

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Does Everything Have To Be A Lesson? — 12 Comments

  1. Excellent post, and a lot to think about. I’m forever thinking ‘what is the lesson here’ during challenging times (my Saturn in Virgo feels it’s necessary!), but my Moon in Pisces does help me let go at times and flow with whatever’s unfolding. One thing that does help, is when I’m in a trying time, I look back to my past to see if anything similar has happened before, how I responded, and what the outcome was – more often than not, just getting on with the day-to-day business of living seemed the best option. The best lessons often take time to learn.

  2. I read this through the eyes of a generation that was sold off to capitalism. Never knowing an alternative to low energy Capricorn and constantly measuring themselves against it. Productivity, hustle, materialism, gain. Neptune in Capricorn wants to make something of value but on what/who’s terms, in what context, human or cosmic? I think that’s something that needs to be established with Capricorn, the whole doing or just being theme, what is enough? I don’t interact with astrology in the same way, Neptune in Sag, Pisces Moon cj Jupiter, for me it is about the symbol, the language, the ability to tell stories. It weaves other realities into our perception of what’s possible, creates openings. Conceiving of a lesson is natural, to try to make something more solid out of experience but this understanding is only ever a small fragment of human perception. We can open beyond that to not even perceiving a lesson and just accepting what comes and that we don’t know and never will. Constantly letting go more and more and discovering a whole other paradigm of existence waiting on the other side.

  3. I’m not driven to learn lessons, but I’m always afraid of punishments! (Another sort of lesson?)
    Letting go for a while seems like a wonderful thing (says Sun conjunct Saturn).
    Also, worrying all the time doesn’t automatically guarantee good outcomes. (In my case it’s not about productivity, hustling, and gains – more about peace of mind)
    I think that as soon as it stops raining, I’ll go for a walk & feed the ducks in the river.

  4. love this.

    “Maybe, just for a while, being who we are is enough.”

    and agreed, I learned this most poignantly after tragedy from literal death and from that of my ego and identity.

    I was so exhausted by going up against life that I finally was okay and content with just being and accepting. I did care about accolades or anything anymore other than to just be at peace.

  5. I totally feel this post. I’ve been learning to surf for about 6 months and when I first started I was over enthusiastic, practicing pop ups on land and over thinking everything. After a while I realized it was not helpful. The actual learning happens in the water. I stopped practicing on land and let the magic happen when I go out and suddenly I was making great progress. When you pick your wave there is no thinking there’s just being.

  6. I recently saw a quote or a meme that referenced “doing, being, and becoming.” I don’t remember exactly what it said (but apparently it’s a thing, and also commonly grouped with “belonging”), but it made me feel grateful that I have a body for doing, a mind for being, and a soul for becoming – and think maybe there are some ways that I mix up the purpose of one with another? The human experience is so layered, and no I don’t think it’s all about lessons. Thank you, Midara, for this invitation to step back from an achievement-oriented culture, and identity politics, and all the other nonsense that distracts us from our true purpose, and just vibe with it.

  7. It seems like we’ve arrived at this point by making “the lessons” into the ubiquitous silver lining for all things difficult! It’s a way of sugarcoating our worldly existence. Like oh, you had to go through that horrible thing and it hurt? Well don’t pout – you had a learning experience! And yeah, it’s true, we do become wiser from our trials… But does this logic circumvent the thing we call transcendence? Are you really transcending on the spiritual plane if you require some justification in your mind to find peace? Maybe we can closer to God’s plan if we quit the mental gymnastics.

  8. “We take the magic out of life.” – as a Saturn in Scorpio 7th house opposite Mars, all my close relationships seem to be a deep pit of misery blocking the magic out of life indeed. Cant be with them, cant be without them…
    “Maybe we don’t have to learn.” – well, technically we don’t really have much of a choice, but the process and the specifics would be different to everyone or in different moments, but I can agree and embrace the idea that Jupiter in Pisces might just act as a big eraser for the pain of “having to” and switch us to “let it be so”.
    thanks Midara, this post brings much needed petting for the tired soul*

  9. Hopefully. Just came full circle and feel like I have ascended out of Hades. Believe it or not, 20 years ago at the Jupiter Saturn conjunct in Taurus, I did not know the subconscious existed. Seems like Uranus in Taurus has freed me from a cycle. I was attracting far less than desirable situations and people. I was prey. Understanding my archetypal setups was long hard work. I still feel the pain, confusion, and stress of then. However, it was not all that went on in that period of time. There were successes and achievements and fun experiences too. Two things at once again.

    By coming to my subconscious drivers, I realize that everybody has them and that most don’t acknowledge them or are not aware of them driving. I can accept that now in people and evaluate situations and people better as to what ghosts I can deal with and leave the others behind.

    So yeah, I am up for a break. So far so good. I had to work through it to end the cycle of abuse. But I am enjoying Jupiter in Pisces so far. Just melding into nature, highly aware that I am part part of the cosmos. My energy is up with the end of the big dump, which means my creativity is at a high. I can fly with this. Or since, it’s Pisces, I can swim with this?

    One of my biggest life lessons was ‘don’t put my tongue on cold metal cuz I will lose skin pulling it off.’ Had to share that one.

    • Good grief! Just looked at the degree of the 2000 saturn/jupiter conjunction. Right on my 7th house taurus cusp.

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