Does Anything Ever End?

neptune-statue1In regards to Virgo dealing with Neptune, my husband’s son asked me if I thought things had a beginning and an end. I responded:

“No, I don’t think they have an end. Absolutely not.

I don’t see how that’s possible.

Henry existed and he died.  You don’t know him…but then you learn of him so he did not end.

I am reading books, hundreds of years old…and writing about them on my blog – they did not end.

You and I sit in a room and have a conversation. Then you go back home and think about that conversation or I do.  So the conversation has not ended.


Also, my relationship with you began before the beginning.

Your dad wanted me to have this son, X. You were already named, before you were conceived. 

I heard of you when you had been conceived, but were not yet born.

I was asked to talk to you (someday) long before I did.

Everything is like this…”

What do you think?
Did I meet my stepson when I met him…or when I met his father?
Was it when I emailed him?
Was it when I heard his mother was pregnant with him?

An by the way, I’m pretty sure I am still a bartender, working on the Elsa blog, and I’m clearly not finished with men + trucks.

Does anything ever end?

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Does Anything Ever End? — 23 Comments

  1. “When did your dad join Special Forces? When he joined? Or was it when he was on that plane flying into Iran to rescue the hostages?

    I assure you that he DID join Special Forces at that time.

    I know, I was there.”

  2. Issues we have dealt with are continually revisited and nothing ever really ends. Transits will come and we will deal with them in some way or another. The choice we make when we deal with an issue will have an impact. It may have an impact on the physical world or even just a new way of looking at things by introspecting. But we will continually interact with the physical world in a way that our past actions and choices will affect our present choices and actions. And just by interacting with the physical world we will impact other peoples choices and actions. When we stop looking at the world in terms of time and see it as just a web of interactions continually made because of a persons choices we are entangled just by being. Or something like that if that made sense.

  3. Brilliant questions. But then, if things never end, how is it that people and things change? Or is that they’re several things alll at once? That Henry, whomever he was, was alive, and yet not at the same time? etc… etc…

  4. Sarah, I see it the similar to the way you do. Its done until someone or something digs it up.

    More on this topic, this week (that was written last week, before this conversation which was had today).

    That right there is Neptune / Virgo. Anyone who reads this blog and things they are following my train of thought, in order, is being misled! 🙂

    cripes! They find bodies, like Otzi’s!

  5. This is interesting. I think that something can be kept alive by thought. If it’s not forgotten and it’s thought about it is still alive.

  6. He he. I don’t think I am following this in and out, down and out or around … Or in any direction. But I do get it. Or so I think ;). And I am. Double Virgo 🙂

  7. People think their high school affair is over…and then here come facebook.
    It just seems that information / energy of all kinds flows in from wherever, whenever.

    A person loses their wedding ring…gets it back in the mail 40 years later.

    My husband gave me his high school ring when I was 17 years old. I threw it at him, some months later.

    Now it sits on the shelf above my desk, in my line of sight,

    I thought he was dead for more than 2 decades.

  8. I made rosaries when I was a kid…and defied my parents by looking inside the sick call crucifix that hung on the wall.
    I was not allowed to go anywhere near the church…and certainly thought that was the end of the story for… decades.
    Now I bring communion to people in the hospital, so this did not end.

    My point is, it looks like it is the end, but don’t count on it!! 🙂

    Stories and people come around and around.

    Do you know how people get pissed at me and leave this blog?
    I expect to see virtually all of them again. I really do. I wait for this, even. I just don’t think these things end.
    Er… Saturn Neptune.

    You can think you are far away, when you’re actually very near…and vice versa.

    how come you can feel something via someone on the other side of the world?
    Because there is no line!

    How come we’re connected to the planets?
    How could we not be connected?

    There are other things out there, lots of them, yet to be discovered.
    Young people can’t conceive of “no internet”, but the internet is brand new.

    Think of the channels this opened up.

    For good or ill, like everything else.

  9. Philip Seymour Hoffman was sober for decades. I bet at some point, he thought the heroin portion of his life had ended. But now his life has ended because of heroin.

    There are some old posts about “closure” around here somewhere.

  10. With Philip Seymour Hoffman, I reckon his Moon square Neptune was stronger than we think although his birth time seems unknown from my sources. Its known that squares to Neptune from personal planets can make one prone to addictions. His Mars conjunct SN would have stirred up his past life intensity (Scorpio) somewhat too.

  11. I feel like an obnoxious virgo now. Of course, it ends. I finished with that and now I’m on to this. But of course, I add and subtract stuff, and integrate some of it. And anything put out there, well information and energy, it has a life of its own. I am not sure but I thought it was believed that there is a finite amount of energy in the universe. Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s all in how we process and manifest that energy? It’s transforming all the time.

  12. Does this pertain to dormant skills? Like spell work and things of that nature? Cause I surely did something yesterday that would usually terrify the hell out of me (burning paper). I did it like it was nothing!

  13. I agree on the idea of an ongoing energy flow,in endless disguises.
    with my cancer moon and complete memories from 1 year of age, I sort of feel an emotional glue keeping together events and people,but I think this is peculiar from my odd development path.friends of my age are skeptical when I refer to something happened 10 years ago as if it was now,so I face a reality where people simply decide where something ends and make room for something else.
    to me it looks like energy,in form of thoughts,emotions and intentions, circles around and tunes in with different frequencies:we embody some specific energy and can be unaware for an entire life of the kind of experiences we, that sense of life, or the original experience, if you prefer so, never ends, but repeats itself over and over.
    I’m not sure I’m on the topic now, but the starting/ending of experiences sounds as a major issue in one’s life,with the always impending risk of not drawing both lines properly.
    anyway, things don’t end as long as they inspire and provide drive to create something new.we can see it very clear in music..teenagers mad over the beatles who wrote songs at their same age!

  14. It all comes back around to visit. I am the master of amputation. Does me little good. They have all been back to peek in from time to time. I don’t have to do a thing.

    That one thing I swear is dead to me that I will never do again. Never visit again. HA….never say never. This Saturn in Scorpio has been proof enough for me. The thing you can’t imagine….there it is at your door.

    When energy connects….really connects…. its there forever.

  15. I believe the best way to understand this topic can be expressed like this:

    “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”

    Albert Einstein

  16. Elsa, I joined this blog when you were talking about corpses and “step away from the corpse”, but there is one corpse with whom I was, long after the fact, able to have a conversation. Thank you

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