Do You Ever Wonder Why Things Happen In Your Life?

This is frequent topic at my house. Why did my daughter get ill? Why my daughter but not yours?

Why is my husband not in the military, when he is so obviously born to be a soldier?

What is God doing?

Jupiter types search for meaning in their lives. Notice how this process does not take you into the victim position, even if you are being victimized.

Do you try to find meaning in your life? What have you discovered?

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Do You Ever Wonder Why Things Happen In Your Life? — 10 Comments

  1. definitely. jupiter/neptune/ascendant conjunction in capricorn.

    for me, life is a school (neptune/3rd ruler). we are all here learning lessons our soul (jupiter 12th ruler) needs. this puts us all on a pretty equal plane because we are here in the physical world (conjunct ascendant) together.

    at the end of the day, after we’ve gotten our feelings out about a thing, its pertinent to get the lesson.

  2. Always. So far I’ve discovered that my happiness is rooted in kindness. And that though most things in life are out of my control, I get a supreme satisfaction from making my best effort.

  3. Whatever life you have is the life you can handle. It doesn’t matter if it’s an easy or hard life. Learn as much as you can and see what else is there outside.
    That’s my vision… so far until I learn something new again that will broaden that view.

  4. I’m pretty sure this is me w Jupiter conj Sun. I was always the annoying kid in class that asked “why” about EVERYTHING. I still do:-) With Neptune opposing, I either find lovely, ethereal & complete meaning in my life that I can barely comprehend from a human standpoint or I’m completely confused.
    Add in a trine to Pluto, sextile to Saturn and square to Moon, and the power and perseverence of my emotional depth can get me into trouble a lot in regard to how sane I feel searching for all the meaning.

  5. With a wide conjunction between my sun and jupiter, I’ve always searched for the meaning of the difficulties in my life. Reading about Pluto, I’ve recently been able to grok that the Pluto/Sun conjunction is why there have been so many cataclysmic changes/events in my life. That same conjunction squares my nodal axis. Burning off karma is the answer I seem to always come up with.

  6. “Do you try to find meaning in your life? What have you discovered?”

    Yes, I do.

    I’ve discovered that things come to me when I no longer search for them in an obsessive way – when I stop wanting them, they’re mine. It’s a pattern.

  7. I have Jupiter on my ascendant and think about these types of things all the time. So far I haven’t figured anything out. The more I think about it, the less sense it all makes. I wonder if I’ll ever see the meaning of all these seemingly random things or if I’m just destined to keep wondering.

  8. Yes. My chart is Jupiter and Pluto heavy.

    I’ve learned that relationships are messy. That people are imperfect and often selfish. That I can’t keep viewing others with rosed colored glasses on, or if I do it’s at my own risk!

    Things are very rarely black and white. People act differently based on situations, and not to ascribe global personality traits to someone based on one situation. One person is never 100% right or wrong. Even serial killers have some good qualities, and even Gandhi had extremely questionable practices.

    What the world believes to be true is often not true. Life is not fair, but it is good. The little things often add up, and count for much more than big things.

    Light is much more powerful than darkness. Fearlessness can be learned. Walking up to the thing you are afraid of often makes it go away. Most things in life are a test, and trials exist to make one stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.

    Don’t cling to anybody or to any thing except God. Don’t expect anything from anyone else. The world doesn’t owe you sh*t. You are often rescued at the 11th hour. If you have hope, then everything else can be built up from there.

    Inner attitudes count for more than outer circumstances. Outer circumstances are always shifting and changing- it’s just you and God at the center, so hold onto that center. You are blessed to be alive. In the end, relationships with friends and family are what truly matters.

    The world doesn’t revolve around you, so humble yourself. If you want friends, be a friend. All over the world, people are more similar than they are different. ‘Bad people’ just sometimes only want to be loved.

  9. Yes, I’m always looking for the thread, the meaning, the greater picture, the view, the commonality, the central core.

    I am committed to living a spiritual life, full of questioning all of these questions. lol.

  10. I wake up many mornings in the midst of this soul search for meaning. I have Jupiter in Pisces in the 6th House trining Uranus in the 10th and a Gemini MC. While I may be seen as somewhat unconventional, I’m finally realizing with Jupiter being in retrograde and a 12th House Sun, that this search or journey may be more internal and less public than first thought. If you’ve ever sat next to someone on a bus and walked away with a verbal exchange that touched your life even if you wouldn’t recognize the person again, this is how it manifests.

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