Do You Believe In Love?

love todayThis is my husband talking…

“I used to believe in love,” he said. “I believed in it back when I used to know you and for a long time afterwards even though I didn’t have any. I still believed it was out there.”

“I believe in love,” I said. With Venus in aspect with Neptune I have always believed in love and seen it all around me all my life even if I’ve not been involved.

“I know you do and I did too for a long time. But I got to a point where I quit believing in it. I decided love didn’t really exist. Love was… well, it was just glorified sex or something like that. I didn’t know for sure what it was but I’d decided there was no such thing as actual love. There was some other explanation for what you thought were feeling when you thought you were in love and I didn’t know exactly what it was but I supposed it had something to do with pheromones or something like that.”

“Oh yeah. I can see that.”

“Yeah, but I was wrong. Now I believe in it again. Now I am sure love exists and I don’t think I’ll ever make the mistake of not believing in it again. And I’m relieved too.”


“Yeah. I don’t want there to be no love in the world. Who’d want that? No one wants to find out there is no love in this world that can be had.”

“No, I guess not. I am glad you have your faith back.”

“Me too, P. Me too.”

Do you believe in love? If so, have you ever not believed in it? And if you do believe in it, have you always felt this way? Where is Venus in your chart?



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  1. Yes I have always believed in love. I’ve had discussions with people who don’t and I always seem to end up sounding like a deluded ape (at least in their eyes) but I don’t care. I’ve been in love and I’ve been loved and I know how it feels.

    I have Venus trine Jupiter in the 7th and I guess if I didn’t believe in it I would be one lonely monkey.

  2. I do believe it exists. It is out there.
    It’s not pink, or rosy or easy as maybe I wanted to when I was younger.
    Venus 7th house, conjunct Saturn and Pluto. Love is serious and deeeeep. 🙂

  3. Venus in Libra = yes

    Venus in Libra oppose Saturn in Aries = well, you figure it out

    Moon in Leo in 7th = yes

    The last 5 years full of Pluto square transits = ouch, not so much right now…

  4. against all odds I have ALWAY believed in love.

    I may question why those that say they love me don’t act like they do…but I always believed in love….I saw it in my grandparents every time I saw them. They were married for 67 years…and they had such huge crushes one each other.

  5. It’s more or less my reason for existing, and has been on my mind since I can remember. I wish I could love everybody! That’s why I sprinkle pixie dust–which sounds ephemeral, but the effect is actually potent, lasting and life-altering..(Somewhat tongue-in-cheek..just barely!)
    Venus in Libra, 2nd house–and moon in Pisces, which explains a lot 😉

  6. this one is really tough, and has been something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately. i think it undeniably exists in some people’s minds, but i’m not sure if it’s a universal, definite human experience. but yeah, i grew up pretty much doubting the whole concept. there were a few years where i believed, and then i stopped, and then i believed, and then i didn’t, and then i did, and then i didn’t… so i don’t know.
    venus in taurus, 8th house.

  7. Yes Yes Yes!

    Venus in Aries in 5th. There’s no life without love. I say this even though Saturn sits right on top of my Venus.

  8. Venus capricorn 3 House (placidus system… lol) (with a T square and Jupiter/Neptune/Mars/NN Apex) Like Harry Potter I don’t believe anymore in love since Venus retro on my midheaven…lol…but I am still fighting this guy called valdemort…who wants to take possession of my mind…and as Harry Potter answers Valdemort in the “Order of Phoenix” : “you will fail because you never knew LOVE”…

  9. You’d think someone with a Virgo Venus would dismiss the whole concept, but that Venus is conjunct Pluto and Uranus, sextile Neptune, and rules the 7th house. So yes, love means a lot to me, despite getting myself into in a not-so-great marriage. (I also have a packed 5th house and a Libra Moon…)

  10. Do I think love exists? Yes.
    Do I think love can last? No. At this point I think it is all temporary.
    Do I think love exists for me personally? No.

    (very afflicted Venus)

  11. Yes, i DO believe in love, for me is the most powerful energy in the universe

    My venus is in gemini (sextile chiron; trine uranus; conjunct mars; square pluto; trine eros).

  12. I believe that I personally can both give and receive love, but I’m not sure that’s true for everyone. Some people are just jacked up when it comes to the whole experience, for whatever reason. BUT I also believe that those people can change and then experience love. Ha!

    Venus conjunct Mars and Pluto in Libra.

  13. yes.
    though i have rarely thought it was something i’d experience closer than arm’s length/in the abstract. but there are people i love who i will always love, regardless of what may come between us, or even if i ever see them again. and that love, even if held close to the chest, is a great source of strength for me.

    venus retrograde 8th/aries trine saturn & neptune, opposition pluto (an almost grand trine with pluto in the middle fixing the loose saturn/neptune trine with a pair of sextiles.)

  14. MahEggo – you are the luckiest of the bunch. Growing up witnessing two people being crazy about eachother is a wonderful thing!!

    As for me, do I believe in love? Well, I’m not sure. Somedays yes, sometimes I’m not so sure. But overall, I think so 😉 venus in pisces

  15. Funny, just had this exact conversation with my boyfriend this weekend. I just turned 29, and along with my SR has come a renewed faith in love. I never thought that real love existed until meeting him, I have had many disappointments. And I also didn’t realise that this type of love exists even before you really get to know each other…that just cements it, but there is a ‘feeling’ that is there from early on, and you find yourself acting in all weird and unselfish ways because you just want to make things better for the other person and support them unconditionally with no thought of gains in return, because you love them. And you know them, deep down, even before you really know them. So if something strange happened between us tomorrow and for whatever unGodly reason, we decided to part – it would be sad, but I would still have gained the world since I know now that real love exists and this thought will sustain me forever, otherwise meaninglessness would take over.

    venus in libra, 8th house

  16. Yes. Venus Neptune as part of a grand fire trine with Saturn. I’ve always found it easy to express it. When I was under 5 my family nickname included the word “kissy”in it, lol.

    I am not relationship driven, though I am in a long-term relationship. I look at all my periods of single life very fondly. I require a lot of privacy and a lot of independence. Fitting then that my partner has a Stellium in Scorpio as well as Gemini ASC! That’s an awfully snug bed.:)

  17. Well, the only person that I loved that loved me back is my mother (moon conj. Venus). So, personally, no. I think the fantasy of love put in action is : lust, tolerance and concern put together. I don’t think I will ever experience mutual romantic love. So, I focus on love in higher places such as nature and music.

    Venus in Virgo
    Venus trine Neptune
    Venus trine Saturn
    Venus trine Uranus
    Venus sqaure Jupiter
    Venus square asc

  18. Even when I was deprived of love…or felt that I was, which amounts to the same thing…I believed in it with all my sixth house Aquarian (Venus and sun) heart. Maybe Hollywood and Motown were lying to me but man oh man I believed the lies. I’ve been blessed with unconditional love from lovers, friends and family. The all encompassing romantic erotic love I’ve always dreamed of…I think I’ve finally found it at 43. But I am war torn. Still. I’ve never hoped so hard that I’ve finally found my one.

  19. My Venus in Aquarius trines Saturn in Gemini and Uranus in Libra. Sextiles Juno in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries.Sextiles Neptune in Sagittarius wiiiide.

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