Do Astrologers Know What They’re Doing?

elephant legsContinuing regarding The Limitations of Astrology.

Dorothy asks:

“I guess what I am asking are there those astrologers who say they can determine what oneโ€™s life circumstances were/are from their chart, or simply what their personality tendencies are?”

There are astrologers who claim all kinds of things I guess.I hear astrologers say, “your mother was blah blah” and the like. They are completely wrong. The repeat something they read in book which had no relevance to real life.

There’s a built in limitation in that the astrologer is only going to be able to think of so many possible manifestations of how an aspect might play. Let’s say they are ultra bright and could think of 100 ways. That would still leave an unlimited number of things they did not think of so how in the world are they going to be able to tell you about your mother?

Saturn is conjunct your Moon. Does this mean your mother was cold… or old?
Maybe she died and you were deprived of a mother.
Maybe she was a captain of industry, an accomplished woman in a position of authority.
Maybe she beat you with a switch.
Maybe she was depressed or she might have home schooled you.
Maybe she was crippled or a Capricorn or a famous rock climber.
You get the idea.

There are 11 guesses and I could give you 99 more in fifteen minutes time but it makes a lot more sense for me to just ask you, “What was your mother like?”

People and their lives are complex. It just makes no sense to guess things when the person who knows is right there in front of you and I’ll you how this manifests:

The budding astrologer has a problem with her boyfriend, so she looks at Moon Saturn in his chart and says, “Ah, well! It says here that his mother was cold,” and off she goes on the trail of delusion.

You are supposed to count the legs on that elephant…


Do Astrologers Know What They’re Doing? — 7 Comments

  1. Well put Elsa. I have a Moon/SaturnNeptune opposition.. but my sisters don’t. My experience of our mum was slightly different to theirs, as her pregnancy with me nearly killed her.. as she was in surgery for two kidney operations.. 8th house Saturn Neptune in Libra (doesn’t that fit!)… but she was the same mum to us all, I just grew up feeling responsible/guilty for nearly killing her and wanting to make it up to her, so I became a little mum to her age 13/14 ( Saturn’s half return) when she began another bad time. Moon Saturn says you might feel you have to grow up young.. but my elder sister could have felt that too..she didn’t. What I’m saying is mum was mum..she had a hard time with five kids and a tough life. The natal chart shows to me how we experience life… transits stir that up… and the longer I am an astrologer the more I realise how much more there is to learn. Sometimes we blame our charts too much, eh.. My Aries Moon gets lotsa stick..from me.. as I can’t possibly be a pain in the ass..can I? ; ) ……

  2. At the risk of being drummed out of Astrology Blogs, tail between my legs, I want to say that, in my opinion, astrologers try to be too definitive or precise in almost every area.

    I think that what astrology can tell us (and it can tell us things) is very much less detailed than we might want to believe. Shadows, hints, whispers scarcely discernible – that’s the truth, for me. If details come true, I suspect it’s more by luck than good prediction, or perhaps even due to that thing called self-fulfilling prophecy.

    My own views only, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Stimulating post, Twilight.. like I said recently, you Aquarians rock! Like it! Keep the tail up girl! May I ask, in what way is astrology helpful to you?

  4. Hello Lynn E ~~~ I’ve found astrology helpful mainly in hindsight. I like to identify what was going on below when so-and-so was going on above, looking at past events in my life. This isn’t actually helpful, except in giving me confidence that there is point in my writing about astrology hoping I might convince others that it isn’t simply superstition. The more people give it some level of credence, the more chance there is of some expert doing proper research using all available technology.

    When it comes to trying to use the knowledge of what happened before and translating it to prediction for the next time a similar aspect occurs, it doesn’t work well because nothing is ever the same, or even very similar. Life happens fast, for me and for all those around me and for you, and everybody.

    I’ll defend astrology to my last breath – in its basic principle, but I’d struggle to defend everything we learn from text books. It’s all interesting and well worth investigating though, to find which is solid and which is fluff or padding, or simply misleading. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well, Twilight, I think a few more lifetimes of study and we’ll all know more, but meantime, we are taught as students to backtrack as you say to check out those transits.. similar themes are what we’d expect, but yes, see where you’re coming from, no two moments are the same. I find that certain themes do repeat, though.

  6. Heh heh heh. Yeah, I’d agree on the “could manifest in different ways” thing.

    I have Moon/Saturn and my mom is NOT cold. She’s a lot warmer than I am (I’m the cold one). What it really boils down to to me is that there seems to be some kind of difficulty in the mom region. Maybe it’s just that you and your mom are fundamentally different people or something and that’s a lifelong issue between the two.

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