Will I Get My Way In My Divorce?

pluto the coolestHey Elsa,

I’m going thru a custody trial in a few weeks and my husband won’t sign divorce papers… Are things going to go the way I want, or at the very least, are the kids and I going to be ok?


Dear Divorcing,

I think you and your kids will be fine, but go the way you want? I’m not sure. Even if it does, this is not going to solve your problems.

You’re in a power struggle and it might be best to change your approach. Forget about forcing your will – “what you want”. Instead, ask the universe that it come out in the way that is best for everyone involved. That’s what’s going to happen, anyway. Your will be damned.

With Mars square Pluto, you’re an extremely willful person, for and ill. There is a shadow side to getting it your way, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to find this out, big time over these next couple years.

Think about it. You want to win, right? You want it YOUR WAY. Fine. Shall you fight to the death, then?  If you do, you’re going to have to explain the dead father to your children, aren’t you? Hopefully, you see my point.

I’m sorry if this comes off as critical, but I’m trying to help you. You have an enormous reserve of energy. If you focus it in a way that’s improper, you’d better duck. Because it’s going to turn on you like you won’t believe.

Sometimes the winner loses and the loser wins. If you can grasp this, you’ll have a major key.

Good luck!


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