Dining With Taurus… The Soldier’s Lament

chocolate-pecan-pie.jpgThe soldier is eating low carb these days and has lost 12 pounds. He looks HOT but claims he has lost a third of a pound. I have been in charge of finding cooking and finding recipes over the last month but now he is getting involved. (swearing below the break)

Now if you want to see high comedy, just picture a Special Forces rhino genius cruising recipe sites, never mind his math oriented brain. It’s an organized operation, I’m telling you. However he knows nothing about cooking and just doesn’t seem to understand why he can’t have pie that is not made out of flax seeds!

“Look, P. Some motherfucker has had to have come up with a dessert recipe to keep a bastard comfortable that doesn’t have carbs…”

I just stared at him. I mean, what can an astrologer say when they are struck dumb by such pure Venus / Mars remark?

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Dining With Taurus… The Soldier’s Lament — 13 Comments

  1. If he can handle low-carb (rather than no-carb), here’s one solution…

    I’d rationalize if I really wanted a dessert — if you’re doing extremely low-carb on every other thing you’re eating for the day, one higher-carb item isn’t going to blow you out of the water, just look at your average for the day and try to keep it manageable. No tubs of haagen-daaz (oh, ice cream, I pine for thee….).

    Yeah, I’m trying to diet too, can you tell? 😛

  2. I just gained a couple pounds by looking at that picture, thank you! *Sigh*

    Yes, trying to diet too. Saturn in Virgo *double sigh*.

  3. for the soldier, if he likes it: a lc pie recipe from one of my site’s especially gifted lc cooks:

    maybe that will help? 🙂

  4. I had to smile when I saw this picture Elsa as I thought we were done with (dieting) Taurus temptations for the day and them bam!

  5. He might like my “goo”. It’s neufatel cheese, some good quality cocoa powder, splenda, peanut butter and vanilla extract. It’s rich, so you can’t eat too many calories and you feel like you have had cheesecake.

  6. Tam – been feeding him that actually, minus the peanut butter and sub melted bakers chocolate – whip it all together…

    Also making some key lime jello cool whip thing, it’s working out okay but I could stand to expand (no pun.. or tempt of fate intended!)

  7. My brother’s a Taurus. He gained a barrel belly but apparently lost a lot of the weight since I saw him by bicycling to work among other things. My brother used to lift weight to lose weight and be a different kind of bulky.

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