Did Saturn’s Transit Through Libra Change Your Values?

Libra is a Venus-ruled sign.  Venus shows what you value and Saturn’s transit would have a person define those values.

As I reflect on this, I don’t think my values haven’t changed dramatically but they have become more crystalline and the result of this has been purely beneficial.

As for change, I value relationship or functioning partnerships  more than I have ever I before.  If you can find someone you can live and work with, how lucky you are!

On the flip side, I value the energy comes from strife and drama less than I ever have before.  Getting along has become more interesting to me than friction and failure to bond and work towards a common goal.

I feel deeply grateful for this clarity. I’m ready to move ahead.

Did Saturn’s transit through Libra change your values?

pictured – John William Godward – An Offering to Venus (1912)



Did Saturn’s Transit Through Libra Change Your Values? — 22 Comments

  1. Thanks for this post… this theme has been a keynote in my life recently.

    My values have changed dramatically. The concept of dualism is something I’ve come to understand in the past year or so. My challenge has been to adjust opposing values into focus. I made the connection that opposing values are akin to opposing selves (dual selves). Since you and I and everyone are closed systems (we are influenced by others, but closed systems nonetheless), these opposing selves equal one weakened and ineffective self.

    This realization has changed my life. It might have to do with my 8h Libra sun diametrically opposed to 2h Aries moon – I feel like I learned to live with that “conflict” with the transit of Saturn.

    And I know what you mean about no longer valuing the energy of strife and drama – can’t imagine being in that kind of rut again.

    A helpful tool has been: Instead of only focusing on what is going wrong (instinctive for many), only focus on what is going right. First it was a conscious effort, but it’s coming more naturally. It’s insane how a little paradigm shift changes things for the better.

  2. It’s just really nice to work with someone who grabs their end of the load and moves in tandem with you, as opposed to…anything else. 🙂

  3. My experience is that the relationships that worked and continue to have value remain, those that don’t dissolved. Accepting this is the hard part, and not fighting for those relationships that had served their purposes and are ending (or ended) while allowing them to do so is painful at times.

  4. I am learning to value consistency in others. It doesn’t seem as dull as it did back in my early 20’s.

  5. Saturn in Libra has leveled my value of relationships in every manner. As you describe, Elsa, my part in functioning relationships is what I understand with so much more solidity. My imarriage functions on all cylinders; my relationships with others functions differently because Libra in Saturn is balancing out my natal Saturn conj Merc in my 8th. All the struggle and confined thinking is lightening.

    My values at the core are substantially the same ones my soul has always knew. The golden rule is as true as ever, and being human is a lifetime experience. A long-term illness has taught me the value of vulnerability: it’s not a fault it’s just a beginning and then there’s faith and something more.That’s value, Libra and Saturn long-term.

  6. That’s what I need in my life: someone who I can live with and someone who I can work with. Status quo isn’t cutting it.

  7. Saturn is transiting my 8th house (& Venus rules my 4th house)….definitely felt the effects of it. I’ve had to constantly start reminding myself of staying…ambivalent..for lack of a better term. Not everything is always negative and everything is not always positive. It’s come purely down to a matter of seeing both sides of the coin, at the same time. Always felt pushed to believe or choose one side of things, now I can step back and look at both

  8. Saturn in Libra made me prioritize my “niceness” (I am a Libra). So many people had been stampeding me demanding energy/attention without regards for my needs. This made me appreciate relationships in which the give/take energy is balanced and I dont feel depleted.

    Kashmiri my bf had the same opposition going on & he has had to become waaay better with money too.. Ha

  9. I’m with cheesemissile (funny name :))

    Transiting Saturn over my Natal 10H Saturn/Pluto has taught me that I must be fair with respect to myself and my limits… Doing things that will help benefit me as well as those around me instead of doing only what benefits them.. If I want to move beyond those limits I must also put in the time and effort it takes to transform just like the caterpillar who spins his own silk cocoon to shed his skin.. by being true to myself I will be of greater service to those I love.

    Sometimes its a struggle to to hold true to my new values but I’ve noticed a difference in my relationships and am glad for it.

    This is not a lesson from Saturn alone but tPluto in 1st house as well 😉

  10. One thing I learned from Saturn’s transit was that *I* was the one not investing in my relationships. I’ve since learned to ‘value’ those friendships a lot more and made the effort to open up and allow myself to get closer. As a result my friendships are now much more solid, balanced, and appreciated.

  11. Cheesemissile it’s funny but my relationship with money has run the gauntlet. Neptune transiting my 2nd House was awful. I thought I was rich. I was not…

    In a way, Saturn in Libra returned me to values that I once held, but had forgotten. I’ve also been able to make the link between accumulating and self-nurturing. I don’t need the former; I am happy to do the latter.

  12. Yeah, I went through a period of falling in love with other people who were not my husband. of course not dreaming of acting on it, just the opportunity for escapism was there. I lost a good male friend who seemed to get confused as well (I was not expecting both of us to be doing that!) and I woke right up to the loyalty and loveliness of the guy I married. Seriously, textbook. I got married when Saturn transited my 7th (after over 10 years of committed partnership), we inherited some money while it’s been transiting my 8th (after years of hard work and scraping by)… Gifts that to me are both rewards for doing the hard work and challenges to keep it up. I feel like Saturn is saying, You can’t stop paying attention for a minute! But I have Saturn square Sun natally, and we have to take the long way…

  13. Yes and YES! Not necessarily as a change, but making certain things even MORE important. Came out of a negative relationship with an Aries where I was treated unfairly (the first attempt in years at a relationship, and I gave too much, received too little). I realized I value consideration, fairness, and respect/love above all, and now strive even more to balance and cut when necessary. Also noteworthy: a lot of imbalance in regards to social issues and economic issues have come to the forefront worldwide. Saturn showed us where the imbalance and unfairness lies, and how we need to treat one another.

    Sun: Scorp
    Moon: Libra

  14. Amy – I had the same issue. Me and the male friend had the venus/pluto thing going on… me as the pluto person. I made the decision to stop feeding into it and he seemed to receive the message loud and clear. I am much happier now in my relationship and it is going better than I could have hoped.

    Becca – came out of two Aries relationships like the ones you described, with a male and a female friend. I realized – whoa, why am I pouring so much into these people who treat me like crap and make all these demands and why am I not channeling my energy into the people who love and support me??? It made me face my self-esteem issues and that has been a gift. Again, my supportive and loving relationships have more than thrived and I have begun to individuate and grow more confident as a result.

    And of course, the running theme of having less making you prioritize your values has been huge for everyone it seems. And it hasn’t been a bad thing. Making the most of what you’ve got/needing less is a type of wealth in itself.

  15. With Libra being my eighth house I was shown that I simply cannot rely on other people’s money- a partner (sometimes people are(secretly) irresponsible or simply don’t care) or inheritances ( if it’s not legal (Libra) as in writing and handled through an attorney, don’t count on it- someone will decide they are more deserving). I had to learn to rely on myself and take responsibility for others’ mistakes. Hard lessons learned, but I will never forget them.

  16. To paixguerre — yep, there was also a Venus/Pluto conjunction in the synastry with my friend. I was Pluto (and I have that natally square Venus), so it was all active. “Not feeding it” is a good way of putting it! Glad things worked out for the best for you too.

  17. @Elsa – I came to the same conclusion as you! I left a tumultuous relationship with my ex and felt blessed for the relationships in my life that were steady, be it my coworkers or my close friends.

    Also for the first time, I defined what Marriage means to me. I had only a fuzzy naive idea of it, and now I know what kind of maturity, commitment, and depth of feeling it needs for it to be viable.

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