Depressed? Pissed Off? Saturn In Sagittarius Can Help!

Vintage Sagittarius broochIt seems a lot of people are going through all kinds of challenges.  They’re insanely burdened. Others are pissed off and still others are afraid or depressed.

It seems 80% of people fall into one of these groups at this time. It doesn’t seem too good, does it?

I’m not sure what, if anything, can be done about this.  But I do know of some people who are bucking the odds.

One of them is in his early 20’s. He’s got high hopes for his career and the wife and the family he plans to have in the future.  He’s got opportunities and he’s consumed with making each of them pay. He doesn’t turn his nose up at anyone for any reason.  It’s like he understands, inherently, that help can come from anywhere.

This doesn’t mean he’s flawless. He’s got all kinds of problems to solve. For example, he’s over-confident.  Recently he failed an important test that he’d told everyone that he had passed. Oops!

He had to decide how he was going to handle this.  Should he cop? Or finesse?

I told him, what he should do didn’t matter because what he was going to do was, finnesse.  “That’ll probably be okay, so long as you learn something from this.  Quit putting yourself in these situations where you have to tap dance and you risk being extremely humiliated…”

What I like about this story, and this man, is this is a person who is not letting life get him down. He would really like to sail to top.  But when he sees this is not going to be possible, he straps on the pack and humpin’ up the hill.

I think this is a good story for “now”. I think a fair number of people think the election going one way or the other, is going to help them or get them out of their fix. Or they hope. I don’t see this as being a good bet.  Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump is going to help me?  Solve all my problems?


Are there others out there, who still have hopes and dreams and are working towards them?  If so, I think this is a good feeling right now, with Saturn in Sagittarius. You want a certain carrot, go get it.

This is true if you need a job, a friend, a partner…seriously.  If you’ll tune out distractions, you may be surprised how well you do.  Whatever is blocking you, think about hopping over that barrier and do it today.


Depressed? Pissed Off? Saturn In Sagittarius Can Help! — 19 Comments

  1. …Thank you Elsa- this is exactly what needed to be said, what I needed to hear.
    And I do so absulutly love saturn in sag!!
    Blessings for your health ((((elsa))))

  2. Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement! I have been feeling pretty optimistic despite occasional setbacks. I’ve had a rough week…death of a cat who’d been with my family since childhood. Certainly not the first time I’ve dealt with that but it’s never easy. I’m getting back on course though. My goals have changed over time, but I’ve still got ’em and intend to see them through. Not to mention, my progressed Moon is moving into the 9th house in several days so that couldn’t hurt!

    • Also, the idea that some elected official is going to step in and solve all my problems is just laughable! I’m noticing that I’ve had a heightened interest in current events lately, but I am aware not to bind myself to their results.

      • I think it is. The President…any President, is not going to do a damned thing for me. I can’t believe the promises that spill from their lying mouths. And that people put their faith in them.

        Like your man (or woman) wins in November and then what? Just exactly what is this giant favor they’re going to do for you? Kick your neighbor’s teeth down his throat?
        Oh yeah, that’ll help.

  3. I’ve got dreams left (lost or ditched some along the way), and have recently started working on them again, now that I am able to.

  4. I hope the next President will work on making health care cheaper and jump start our economy by keeping our jobs at home. That would help everyone, not just me. The mood in this country would brighten. The election has given me hope that things will get better under a new administration. Maybe its false hope again, but my gut feeling is this election is different.

    I have t. Saturn conjunct my Sun right now and its square t. Neptune in Pisces. The influence of Neptune has blunted the Saturn because I get distracted from concentrating on Saturn things. Its annoying because the first time I had t. Saturn conjunct my Sun without Neptune, it was very positive and I got a lot done. Now, nothing seems to come to fruition.

    I always try to take advantage of the Saturn energy as best I can.

  5. That’s what I always say. Just stay on your own path and drown out all the shit that’s going on around you, that serves no purpose for your destiny, for your future, for your plans. Ride the horse in the direction it’s going and forgot about all the other nonsense that says you can’t have what you want.

  6. I got this interpretation from Allan Edwall’s program. Jupiter discordant to Saturn: You may be subject to bouts of fear, worry and depression which make you feel as if you do not have enough material resources to live a reasonable life. These emotions can make you miserly and stingy. Your concern that you may not have enough for that proverbial rainy day can take all the fun and enjoyment out of day-to-day existence. So you keep trying to build up your reserves as your fear grows. you lose enthusiasm, your generosity and your faith. He goes on to quote the bible about seeking the kingdom within first and all else will be provided. He lost me with the bible quote so i provided my own solution of mindfulness.

  7. The company I’m working at is a fairly new business, and I really want to help this company gain more traction/sales, get more (consistent) profit, and have the data to operate more effectively. I asked them last year if they would reimburse me for a course for a certification I was getting, and I was surprised that they did, at 100%, without needing a pitch.

    So, I am busy and tired and studying and tired and scared (that I won’t pass, won’t finish in time, and a lot of other things), but I believe I will succeed.

  8. There’s some real wacked conspiratorial paranoia going on with some folks. I cannot believe some of the stories I am hearing. Is that really the reality they want to settle on for themselves? I am at a loss with that one. Way too far out there. I hope they make it back.

  9. I feel for anyone who loses a pet. Sorry, Cosmic, that is tough.

    I seem to be however slowly and weakly, somehow dragging myself towards my goals but have never really been able to tolerate the discomfort of sustained focused mental effort for very long. Is Saturn in Sagittarius good for becoming better able to bear unrelenting heart-crushing angst?

  10. I am one of the 80%. Saturn is creating an intense T-square in my chart so my mutables are feeling squeezed of oxygen and creativity. And this will be going on for a looooong while.

    The good thing is that I have goals I’m working towards and as I do, the road is slowly rising up. But I am also sad that things are changing on many fronts. So many things are in dire need of change and while this is good, it’s also terrifying to know whether or not it will be better at the end of it.. All I know is that it’s been a wild ride!

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