Is “Denial” Really A Dirty Word? The Opposition Between Virgo and Pisces

I love this topic. Denial is one of those things that has a bad rap. No one is ever supposed to be in denial even though we all are at various times about various things for various very important reasons.

This goes along with the discussion a couple days ago about coping in crisis. I have found you are often better off not knowing it all as “all” when there is so much going on because if you could did it would overwhelm the psyche.

As an example, I have recently come through intense crisis. And apparently I gained some weight in the midst of this but lucky for me I did not know it. Everyone else knew it but I blurred it out because I just could not cope with even one more thing at the time. As things eased, I was able to see myself in the mirror and get back on track but boy am I grateful this was not shoved in my face at the time.

This subject is relevant now with Mercury (logic) in Pisces, a sign accused of denial but “denial” with the judgment taken out might be called, faith in God or faith in the universe which so many recommend. Because if it belongs in your lap it will surely wind up there eventually so here is this story about the soldier again, this time with a footnote below…

Eventually the soldier found out unequivocally that his wife was cheating on him and he divorced her immediately as he always said he would. “If I were to find out for sure… but I was never sure.” Had he faced this earlier his life would have been different for sure but who says it would have been better? And what about his son? The soldier’s son grew up with 2 parents courtesy the soldier’s denial. Does Saturn in Virgo want to judge that?



Is “Denial” Really A Dirty Word? The Opposition Between Virgo and Pisces — 9 Comments

  1. I am a great believer in denial. I am also fond of another coping mechanism called “compartmentalization.”

    GEEZ LOUISE– as astrologers we KNOW if we were to face up to and be CONSCIOUS OF all the crap coming down on any one day or in any one cycle, we’d perish–

    And I like keeping my thoughts about the latest DRAMA– over there– in it’s own little box where I do not have to deal with it, right now thank you. Maybe later…

    And denial– pure self preservation. Do we really gain much by ACCEPTANCE..?? Couldn’t a nice clear DENIAL just put an end to the aggravation altogether? (Or, till later–)

    oh well,I am not known for my traditional psychological beliefs.And, caught me in a quirky mood.

    I tend to believe our brains do mostly what they must to keep us sane..

  2. I just took notice that my mum has Mercury in Pisces. This topic reminds me of this…very hard to accept the logical side of denial. For example, I wasn’t told for 4 months after my grandmother passed away…according to my mother, ‘she forgot.’

    I accept this. But I don’t understand it and couldn’t even begin to figure out how.

  3. Madeline- I love your comment… ‘I tend to believe that our brains do mostly what they must to keep us sane.’

    This is a beauty and one I will surely remember!

  4. Denial is unconsciousness and denial protects us. Logic is a rational and an intellectual process and function. Both different processes, but both linked because these processes can protect us from FEELING. As most Pisceans know, because we FEEL so much and so intensely, we may need to go to these two places (denial and logic) to survive.

    I intuit that the soldier’s pinpoint focus and purpose is to be a warrior and the philandering wife at home was secondary to the mission. He was not in control of the homestead–she was. He was only in control of the warrior’s mission. I believe the soldier had an unconscious acceptance of what he could control and what he could not. Mission accomplished.

    I am a Piscean with Mercury in Pisces and really…there’s no making sense of my rationale…because it is ultimately driven by my feelings. It’s important to listen to the gut(intuition)…and always be rooted in feelings. But, ultimately…it’s all about the good of the whole (Venus in Aquarius). Peace.

  5. Denial is a perfectly healthy and normal defense mechanism; if you tried to remain acutely aware of everything that was going on and whatnot, you’d probably be a little paranoid, even though in practice life would be as good or as bad as it was otherwise.

    Like everything else tho, too much denial is a bad thing. If your child is being abused and you tune it out, you’re screwing up.

    Not snooping seems reasonable; I try to practice that myself (as part of the Golden Rule), but sometimes the alarm is triggered and the defense grid goes up.


  6. “Like everything else tho, too much denial is a bad thing. If your child is being abused and you tune it out, you’re screwing up.”

    Excellent point. There was a NYT article some months ago about denial, its importance, the reason it exists and, lastly, the different levels of denial.

    With a natal Virgo/Pisces opposition, my take on Piscean defenses is a little different than outright escape. Sometimes you have to follow a Piscean hunch that something is wrong when logic and people are screaming at you that everything’s hunky dory. In fact, sometimes the only way to cut through everyone else’s toxic denial is to be discerning (Virgo) and follow your gut (Pisces), as opposed to being critical (Virgo) of anyone else who refuses to drink the Kool-aid (Pisces). Wish I’d have learned this sooner.

  7. Hi Elsa:
    Great blog on denial. I’m a Quad (sun/moon/mars/venus)in Virgo and Hubby is a Pisces. Now, finalIy I see the wisdom in his tendencies towards denial.


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