Deep Down You Know (Pluto Transits) — 13 Comments

  1. I’ve done so much inner work and shadow work, healed my mother wound (ceres conjunct cancer asc oposite Saturn in cap, Chiron in cancer 1st house conjunct Jupiter ❤️‍🩹) these past couple years. Also, my NN is in my eighth aqua house.

    Lot more introspection but also maybe more intimate deep connection I think will happen for me when Pluto makes its way to Aquarius again. I’ll continue to work on intimacy/relational issues even if I don’t want to.

    I’ve learned to look inside a lot more and also do more day-to-day cleaning and pruning of my psychological state rather then pretend stuff is perfect or isn’t there.

    I owe it to having a Saturn in Capricorn Saturn return ~2020 with that pileup of planets including Pluto some years back, as well as some rough SR charts. I had a seemingly huge mother wound that is now much lighter and smaller and healed. I’m probably going to be a relationship expert soon! Lol.

    Like Persephone I didn’t wanna go there, I was still a girl when I was “taken” into Pluto’s realm, but I what I’ve gotten so far has been inwardly very valuable.

    • Lots in common here. l wont write it all out, but l relate. Persephone. l know her well…and l was taken underneath too. They are a pair… Demeter and Persephone. l really took your description of healing to heart today. Thank you.

  2. The trouble with Pluto 1st house is connecting with other people’s unconscious/sunconscious. If you tell them about it, you’re commonly faced with denial and rejection, so that does place you in quite the weird realm.

  3. I know someone who did really well with a recent Pluto transit. He was the child of an abusive alcoholic father. My friend dropped out of high school as a teenager and began drinking heavily and for 10 years was following in his father’s footsteps. Fortunately he had no children.

    He’s a Virgo. Nearly all of his planets are in Virgo. I’m not sure which house they land in as I don’t have his birth time.

    When Pluto entered Capricorn of course it trined his everything. And one day he decided, ENOUGH. He stopped drinking, returned to school, got married, got a well paying job, now has a son. This is a guy we all thought would end up in prison! So Pluto can be good news I guess. He told me he finally found peace.

  4. Thanks for this, Elsa. I’ve been a brooder ever since I can remember. Pluto 8th house, Scorpio Moon 10th. Pluto is transiting my first house and I’m half way through this rite of passage, observing as a witness. When I choose to go out into the world or respond to the demands of my cardinal grand cross, I can hardly wait to be alone again. I notice my thought patterns and then dive deep. My darkened room and bed offer a doorway. I lie on my back with eyes closed and breathe, fully conscious, for at least an hour or two each day. Eventually thoughts and images dissolve and I experience peace, clarity and gratitude for this existence. Practice is key.

    • I do something similar. I stumbled on this when I was 15 years old, working as a live-in house keeper. I’d turn on Leonard Cohen and lie in the dark until something happened… or I had to turn the album over. 🙂

        • Yes… I resonated with him.
          Then someone told me he was morose… horrible, when I was about 19. I didn’t listen to him for years after that.

          I couldn’t believe it when he enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. He was a guilty pleasure for me. I never listened to him *with* anyone, until I was well into my 40’s.

  5. You use the word swamp and funny enough this is the word I have been using to describe my mental and emotional state for at least the last 5 years. Tr. Pluto grinding over my 12H Sun and Mercury for too long. All the creatures coming out of the woodwork for a piece of me, and I’m out there treading thick, murky waters. Brooding for sure. Definitely finding out how deep I can go, some of it not so pretty, kind of frightening at times.

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