December 2021 Stellium in Capricorn Effects

capricorn stelliumThe Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto will be in Capricorn between December 22, 2021 and January 2, 2022.  We had a stellium in Capricorn last year that knocked people for a loop. If you have a lot of planets in Earth or Water signs, planets in Capricorn can be stabilizing. Point is, last year’s stellium had a major impact. This years stellium is similar but different.

Last year, Mars was part of the stellium.
This year Mars is swapped out for Venus.
This should be good but considering Mars is exalted in Capricorn, I’d not draw that conclusion.

Also, last year, Saturn was part of the stellium.  This year it’s not but again, Saturn is well placed in Capricorn. It could have been a positive.

Last year, the stellium in Capricorn was maintained for a number of months. In comparison, this stellium is fleeting but that doesn’t mean it won’t have an enormous impact. Pluto, okay?

With Venus and Pluto hooked up and Uranus in Taurus, I’d not be surprised to see the bloodbath in the markets continue (to intensify). I’m sorry if that scares you but hey! How long are we going to leave these socks on our brains?

We may also see a number of people fall from high places. Ex-lovers coming back (to haunt, heal or harm) is also a good bet.  Drastic information or communications, like a splash of cold water in the face.

Check the house in your chart where the stellium will fall. Pay close attention to Pluto!  For example, the stellium will fall in my 12th and 1st houses with Pluto conjunct my ascendant. You may notice how I attract and repel. This will continue in the near term. I accept this reality!

Wherever this stellium falls in your chart, look to settle down, step carefully, secure your position and such.  Defense, boundaries, take responsibility.  Check the house in your solar return as well.

What do you expect to see with this? Is anyone looking forward to it? What are your thoughts?

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December 2021 Stellium in Capricorn Effects — 17 Comments

  1. ‘…that doesn’t mean it won’t have an enormous impact. Pluto, okay?’
    I doubt that it is very okay with me 🙂 Pluto transiting my 7th House is exactly quincux my 12th House Gemini Mars, and 3 degrees short of quincunx my ASC, also in Gemini. So a 7th and 12th House aggitation: open and secret enemies, inter alia! Never did understand the 12th, nor Gemini.
    And in my prog. chart, Venus and Pluto are in the 5th House. So 5th, 7th, 12th! I want to duck out of all this relationships stuff. Or learn to swim in it…or something.

  2. In the solar return chart, during the year of saturn return- is it common to have the same rising sign and the same saturn position or it’s just a coincidence? Both in the natal chart and the solar return chart (except in solar, saturn is intercepted) the stellium falls in my 1st house.

  3. I’m a capricorn moon, currently pluto is moving away from that conjunction. (next opposing my rising so this has been fun so far)

    anyeways its my 7th house and i almost just moved in with my bf of 4 years to find him cheating again. so this is feeling like im in for a wild ride….

  4. This is in my fourth house. We had 3 deaths in November. I don’t remember anything going on last time The stellium was here, but I’ve been thinking there might be more death. Many of the folks who were able to attend the first two funerals contracted covid.

  5. Pluto is moving slowly away from it’s conjunct to my Desc/NN. still, the effects are there and I have no idea, with the Venus conjunction, what surprises I’ll find around the corner.
    It’s my 8th house in Solar Return with the Moon wide conjunct to Pluto.
    I’m trying to make a move to a new place, away from my soon-to-be-ex…

  6. Im nothing BUT earth and water except my Saturn(Aquarius), Mercury(Libra), and North Node.
    Capricorn in my 4th and rules my 5th(by just 1 degree).
    My Cancery son’s heading into his 1st Saturn return(0 degrees Pisces in 7th) in a few years. Hes considering a new job at a start up offering more money. His Uranus and Neptune are in Capricorn. Hes wondering if its a good move. Works at a large pharm’ company now.

  7. The stellium is in my 5th, conjunct my natal saturn and jupiter. Last year, after having covid 2 years ago, I discovered that the covid triggered rheumatoid arthritis in me at 58- and I am now discovering how I actually had it my whole life but sort of naturally treated it to the point of it being very well controlled. Now I am beginning to take it much more seriously than last year, when I was just happy to get a lifetime prescription for HCQ. Trying really hard to get healthy.

    • I have been on HCQ for about 8 years. You have to be patient. I’m sure they told you, it can take 6 months to become fully effective. I could tell it was going to work for me within 3 months. Good luck!

      • Mine worked within 24 hours! I had fire in my veins! I was deleriously happy! I was given a box of it in case of Covid, but realized I had immunity already, so I read the folio and decided if it helped my pain, I might have RI. It did, so I got tested, Bam! But now I am eliminating eggs and discovering what besides vegetable oils cause pain for me. I am taking Borax/Boron- have you tried that?

      • …I also reacted to the stress of being barred from going to the US for other medical care, and got a major flare up. Finally learning why I avoided stress, took frequent rests, couldn’t eat a great variety nor quantity of food, my whole life.

  8. When was last years’ stellium in Capricorn? I don’t remember. Trying to figure out what effect it had on me last year so I can figure out if it will be similar this time. Similar but different. Since 2020 was the worst year of my existence.

  9. Last years Capricorn stellium with mars Capricorn was horrible for many people i know around me but maybe too Jupiter Capricorn was involved and thats in the fall. The negative sides of Capricorn can be so bad and cruel and depressing. People seem to be hopeful still during Christmas season.

    • I agree with this. This year is not last year but it’s quite intense on account of Venus being involved for so long, near the same degrees that were hit last year.

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