Stellium in Sagittarius For Most Of December 2017

If you like your planets in Sagittarius, you’ll be pleased when the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn grace the sign for twenty days this December.

That’s awfully good looking, isn’t it?  It bodes well for Sagittarians who have been under pressure from Saturn for some time.  It’s hard to look at that and not feel optimistic.

This stellium will be present, December 1st through the 19th.  On December 20th, Saturn will leave Sagittarius for Capricorn.

The moon will join the stellium on December 16th and peak under the New Moon on the 18th. Regardless of how things are going today, conditions should improve for the Christmas season.

To see how this affects you, check the house in your chart where this stellium will fall.

If your birthday falls in this time frame, you’re probably looking at one of the best years you’ve had in a good while.  Get your Solar Return report here!


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Stellium in Sagittarius For Most Of December 2017 — 36 Comments

  1. This is great news, something to look forward to and even plan ahead for.

    The stellium and new moon will oppose (from my second house) my natal mars which is currently being taught lessons by transiting saturn in sagittarius. In my case, I see the news you share as really good timing for when all those sag planets aspect my jupiter in aries and some aquarius stuff while they move other the last degrees that saturn transited in sag during those December date.

    They feel like gifts granted after the struggle and hard work that saturn in sagittarius brought to many who have late degrees mutable planets (and late degrees sag planets.)

    (I do have neptune stuff so I could be deluding myself a bit with my positivity – well, probably a bit – yet I do think it is good timing for many people to look forward too.)

    Thanks, Elsa.

  2. I hoping it will give more luck than anything else, loads of planets in Sag, since I am a Sag. LOL

    Its been a tough year so far.

    I am thinking of actually celebrating my birthday, since I never do. I guess this is a sign to do it. Literally!

  3. I have sun at 25 degrees sagittarius and really looking forward to this! The stellium will be in the 2nd house in my solar return chart, I don’t know what to expect, but it sure would be nice with a steady income and a good place to live 🙂

  4. This stellium will fall in my 12th house and coincide with transiting Saturn conjuncting my natal Neptune in 12th. I wonder if the stellium could have an influence on that transit.

    (Jupiter is my weakest planet, but I think Sagittarius is a very light hearted sign. Would the stellium help Saturn to be more light hearted too!?)

  5. This stellium will fall in both my 10H and 11H. Transiting Venus will be conjunct my natal Sag Saturn and squaring my 7H Virgo Venus. I think I will be out and about this holiday season, enjoying the spiritual nature of Christmas with friends. Also, I will want (Venus) but won’t (Saturn) blow my budget on Christmas gifts!

  6. Doesn’t the Sun visit Sagittarius every December? Aren’t Mercury and Venus always close to the Sun? I don’t see anything special here. Saturn leaving Sagittarius is good for some people, but for some, including me, Saturn at the end of Sagittarius is much better than at the beginning. Entering Capricorn means only disharmony for factors in the Cardinal signs, so I prefer Saturn conjunct my MC like right now. The Sun visits my MC every December. That’s nothing special.

    • Mercury and Venus aren’t always so close in degrees in Sagittarius in December every year. Mercury could also be in Scorpio or Capricorn and Venus could also be in Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius…so….

    • This is so significant, because all of these planets and bodies have different orbital periods. Although Mercury and venus are close to the sun – venus can be as far away as 45 degrees from the sun (ahead or behind) and Mercury can go as far as about 28 degrees from the sun. Catching all of these planets in the same sign, and at the same time are rare. 20 days is a LONG TIME for planets with different orbital speeds to be in one sign. Yes, the sun enters sagittarius every year. But my friend, however old you are…you have had some birthdays where planets may have been anywhere at any given moment. This shapes what CAN HAPPEN. Since we all have personal planets, having that many personal planets in the same sign as one’s birth sun is BIG. It basically brings activity all over your chart…directly to you! 🙂 And yeah – you hit the nail on the cardinal thing. My moon is at the beginning of Libra. So Saturn has been squaring it for weeeeks.

  7. I will have those 5 planets in my 4th house in sagittarius … conjuncting my natal moon, venus and neptune! I’m a newbie in astrology. What would that be? 🙂

  8. Mercury will be aspecting almost all my planets between 17 Sag and 29 Sag, Saturn, Pluto, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury. MC and IC, too. Now, that’s weird.

  9. I’ve got nothing in Sag but my birthday was recently so I figured it’d be a good thing to look at my Solar Return report for the coming year, so I went ahead and ordered it! Thanks for providing that service, and at such an affordable price!

  10. Wow, so exciting! 😎 I have my natal Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, at 13 degrees and 21 degrees respectively. My birthday is on December 5th. Plus, all these transiting planets in Sagittarius will trine my other natal Fire planets. I’m looking forward to this holiday season, especially December and I feel deep inside that good times are coming! 🎉 Transiting Saturn conjuncted both my Sun and Venus 3 times. The past 3 years have been very hard for me, so I really can’t wait for Saturn to finally leave Sagittarius in December.

  11. Oh Man!!! I’m so happy to see this!! My little triple sag has been under pressure and working her tail off for the last two years (with Saturn first on her sun/moon, then on her ascendant). It’s high time she got a break!! She’s worked so hard and I’m so proud of her for hanging in there.

  12. I am curious, because Jupiter it self is in Scorpio. In my chart is Jupiter in Cancer. And this stellium is in my house 3. Gemini is on my Midheaven and makes a trine to my Venus in Libra in house 2. Mercury is in house 12, and Neptune conjuncts my Venus in house 2.
    Taurus is on the cusp of house 9. Pices is on cusp house 7!!
    You would alsmost surely say my great love will be before Christmas
    on the doorstep!!
    No, I’m kidding. But I really am curious. (with a big smile).

    • With a different use of houses, the stellium will fall in my house 4. Cancer is in house 11, where my Moon, Jupiter and Uranus are. Which from there to make a square to Venus and Neptune in house 2.
      I find it very confusing! I am still curious!

      • I am minded on that: that I have learned in my life! I expect nothing, no big love as well! (big smile). Still I am curious.
        But I have a whish: I would like to find a feather of a Robin. This lovely birds are in my garden. Maybe I am so lucky to find one with Neptune there?

          • At first I thought that you mean ‘grateful’, but as a non-native speaker I can never be sure what words don’t exist, so I put ‘gateful’ into an online dictionary (as I had to look up the Robin anyway, which is a name of different birds, depending mainly on whether in Europe or in America) and it suggested that I might want to look up ‘hateful’ (which would match well with the malevolent Sun) or ‘fateful’. While I could of course be any of these, I do see nothing of them as my task. With Neptune as my chart ruler (Pisces rising) and this chart ruler in conjunction with the Sun, with Mercury, and with the Sun/Mercury-midpoint (and in a johndro with Saturn) I see it rather as my task to join Neptune’s purpose, which is to show that the world could be better. The neptunic illusions show you how the world should be, then you discover that it isn’t this way, then you feel disappointed. After that it would be good to make people change something, but this is no longer Neptune’s task, but Neptune only wished that each of his transits would be followed by a Mars transit. Even Neptune’s trines lead only to disappointment. What I would indeed appreciate is a world full of gates. A part of how the world should be. Thanks for inventing the word.
            By the way: I spare the flowers and have instead some feathers on my desk.

            • Falkor, I enjhoyed reading your answer and of course I meant grateful! I noticed some humor here and I hope you intended humor. English is not my native language: I am Dutch. And my fingers on the keyboard are faster than my mind is. It was not my intention to lecturing you. (Who am I to do that!). On the contray!

  13. I have moon Venus and mercury in Sagittarius ( as well as Neptune).. Still learning astrology.,can anyone help me to understand the significance of the upcoming month of confused lol

  14. Ahhh Neptune in Sagittarius. Born in the 70s? Ps December may or may not be significant to you depending upon your placements. If you have any Sagittarius planets around 10 degrees Sagittarius or later then indeed every December the sun makes s conjunction to them. Though this time around saturn also did the same thing.

  15. Conjoins my Venus in the 3rd. Is this good news, as these planets will also square Saturn in the 11th? Actually, I think it means getting together with lots of friends this holiday season is going to be fun but exhausting! Just praying my sister’s health will hold up as there’s stress on that.

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