Death Under The Scorpio Moon

It’s human nature that we find ways to justify whatever we do.   A lot of people live this way their entire lives. Others work out a way to take a critical look at their own behavior.

We got devastating news today. A seventeen year old boy took his life, leaving his family behind to cope. Now how are they going to cope?

Certainly the parents will run through what they did and didn’t do. Hopefully they can keep from turning on each other. No matter what they come up, it’s going to hurt. They are facing a prolonged, agonizing time, in the best case scenario.

So what if you’re one of these people who has never looked in a mirror.  Never faced your own shortcomings , accepted them, forgiven yourself and maybe made amends to people you’ve hurt by your own selfishness or whatever it might be? How does a person like this cope, when hit with something of this magnitude?

When I was in my mid 20’s, my perennial boyfriend, Scott was having his Saturn return (28.5 years old). He was a Cancer, born with talent, coddled and privileged. I was from the street.  He came to me at this time, horrifically humbled by events in life.

“I should have never postponed growing up, Elsie,” he said. “It’s the biggest mistake a person can make.” I’ve never forgotten this.

You never know when life is going to deal you a blow of this kind. It makes sense you keep your spirit in condition.

How would you cope with true, traumatic, permanent loss?



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  1. I have lost quite a few people that I cherished. It is one of the hardest things in life to go through and when you don’t expect it to happen, it can send you reeling and make you feel like your entire world is crumbling and falling apart. It is traumatic and it changes everything. When I was 17, my step dad, whom was my dad died suddenly of a heart attack and it was devastating. I felt guilty for being a horrible teen and eventually, I had to deal with this and I told him that I was sorry and that I love him. I am the type that believes in spirits and I have seen them. I forgave myself and felt that he did too. But it is horrible. And his entire family would die within the next few years. I was close to them all and it was a gut wrenching experience. I had lost a favorite great grandmother in 1985 and that was difficult but I knew she was ready to go. It seems that before that and ever since, I have always gotten warnings before I found out of a death. My maternal grandparents whom raised me most of the time passed in 2008. But three days before January 1, 2008, I broke down in great sobs and knew that they would die that year and I also knew my husband would lose someone in his family. January 17th, my grandmother died, June 6th, my husband’s last surviving grandfather died, Sept 11th my grandfather died. Each death brings a different feeling and different way of coping.
    Just the other day, I was overcome by a nostalgic feeling for my grandparents and at that time, a person that was friends with my grandparents and whom I considered another grandfather passed away.
    I feel like I have deathdar. Which makes sense after using the equal houses chart that puts my Sun, Uranus and Pluto all in my 8th house of death. Uranus is my chart ruler since I have Aquarius Rising. So, I have accepted that death is a large part of my life.

  2. I learned to live with it. And then moved beyond it. It was that or die myself. And while in the throes of it, it really didn’t seem to matter whether I lived or not. I couldn’t think that far ahead. Five days no sleep at all. Then 4 days of sleeping pills to just get 4 hours of sleep. Then drink water, eat sandwich, take shower, brush teeth. That’s how I started out. It’s amazing how long I was in shock. I wonder if there is a simple answer to this question or not.

  3. If this was Facebook I would press ‘like’.

    I don’t know how to deal good though with my short-comings, I’m better at it, but I used to drink a lot to numb things down! How shadowy Pisces is that?

  4. I don’t think I’d be able to cope with something like this. I’m pretty sure it would be the death of me. I learned, today, actually, that I am absolutely weak in the face of death (literal and figurative). I don’t think anyone or anything could help me cope. There is nothing I can think of that could save me. Neptune on my SN rules my 8th. And it rules my Sun/Moon and Mercury within the 8th. Squares my Sun/Moon. Moon rules my 12th.

  5. My thoughts and prayers for the family grieving his loss, and for the young man himself. I cannot imagine the pain….

    I believe that there is life after death, but I do not believe in a God who punishes and condemns according to man made doctrine found in scripture. I believe in a creator who loves us more than we can imagine and is far more compassionate than man ever realizes in life.

    I say this because I had an eerie, long drawn out over some years experience that I later realized was probably my late mother using the phone to reach out to me. The calls abruptly stopped on Sunday, Sept. 10th, 2001. I know believe she may be reincarnated, and was trying to reach out to me before doing so.

    My dad died a month prior to this last phone call, my dad was a staunch atheist who completely rejected any belief in life after death. A few years ago, I had a dream about him and it seemed very realistic. Waking up, I was struck by the fact that if the dream was as real as I assumed it was that apparently he was not in hell as I previously assumed he would be.

    I also had an eerie dream of a woman I took care of who had dementia. Two weeks after her death, and I bolted up awake suddenly. This woman was a faithful Christian, completely devoted to her church. The dream I had of her was completely against her Christian beliefs and she would have nothing to do with any of that sort of experience.

    I simply believe there is more to life than our life here on earth. That is what helps me cope with tragedy.

    • I would love to hear more about your experiences. I do believe that the dead speak to us in our dreams. I have read stories about family members whom have lost relatives to suicide and their deceased family member comes to tell them that they are fine. Many believe that suicides have no chance after death, but I do not believe that. This topic always fascinates me.

      • Wow…! Me too. Did your deceased mother manage to get through to you on the telephone? I have heard about these sort of happenings before.

        • My sister had something similar with our grandfather. She had a message on the answering machine AFTER he died. I don’t have those things or dreams. I just get the person in my head like BAM! a sudden bolt of thought of them.

  6. I work for attorneys. We have 2 cases of suicide, despite going to emergency rooms and telling staff they are suicidal. Staff let them go. One was 17. His mother came to see us because she is very angry at the ER. I don’t blame her. I have sat with her for hours as she wailed. It’s an eerie wail, the kind of noise only a parent who has lost a child can make. It goes down into my soul. I know I can’t help her; nothing I could say would help. I just simply BE with her and let her say whatever she needs to say. My son was 17 at the time when she first came to our office. He has since turned 18; her son never will. I feel cheated for her, but I make no mistake, I can’t feel her pain. I can’t even imagine. She does wonder, like Elsa said, if she could have done something more, but just even *thinking* that brings up unimaginable pain. She has 3 other children; they are suffering terribly because their mother has disappeared. I am a huge advocate of teen suicide prevention. In my state, it’s the 8th leading cause of death. It’s just not right. Teens are using suicide as a coping mechanism. I am totally aghast at this, and wonder what is becoming of all of us.

  7. I lost two friends to suicide when I was young one when I was 17 the other when I was 21. Then the same year when I was 21 another of our close friends died in a accident about 7 months after the other had killed himself. It was a stupid accident that was a stupid thing kids do because they have no clue how close to the edge they are. None of my friends mothers will ever be okay. This all happened in 1987 and 1991 these mothers are not okay today. There is no relief there is no coming to terms there is just now life without their child and the guilt that comes with it. Its a tragity of immeasurable magnitude. Sorry to be so grim it just is the truth of how it is.

  8. A tragedy like this is always going to be devastating. People deal in different ways, but I don’t think it matters how “grown up” someone is or isn’t when it comes to coping. Becoming “grown up” involves managing life, but when life throws you a gigantic curveball like this it shatters the paradigm.

    I don’t think I would cope well with a severe, unexpected, devastating loss of this nature. I think I would go off the deep end. I doubt I’d even be able to hold down a job. Who knows what would happen. I’m hoping the universe never forces me to find out. I can’t even view something like that as a test, it seems like it’d be some kind of punishment (for god knows what reason) if it’s anything. A test like that is far too extreme. Just my opinion.

    • I guess I would say it’s important to at least be able to manage the practical affairs (estates and the like). And I think I could do that, I have Saturn in the 8th. But as for normal functioning overall, I don’t think that’s possible, nor should it be expected.

    • I guess it also changes the equation when you have a family or others to support, too. I don’t…if I destruct myself there’s no one really dependent on me who has to pay the price.

      What level of functioning is it necessary or even possible to prepare for in an event like this…it really is an interesting question.

  9. My husband was murdered 12/20/14. Thru astrology, in particular the square between Saturn and Pluto, I had been fearful I was going to face a loss. I never imagined it would be this severe. Strangely, its been astrology that has also helped me cope with this devastating loss. The trial for his accused will be in March. I look to astrology to help me through this also. Grief is so personal, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. We all find our own ways to get through. Hopefully, we all grow from the experience of loss.

  10. Wow! That would be horrific for a fact. I was caregiver to both of my parents 2008 my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer we were fortunate to have her for 8 months she passed March 17th 2009. My father was 11 years her senior and broke his right hip 4 months after and was in 24 hour nursing care for Rehab on his hip due to his advanced age he lived until June 2, 2011. My older brother had a massive heart attack and died at 10:00am on the 2nd of June 2011 I told my father who was in hospis at the time of his passing my father passed that same evening at 10pm. I was absolutely numb being as I was the exqutrix of the estate and my fathers guardian I could not attend my brothers services. I believe that it was their time to go home to God who am I to question. Though I miss them greatly.

    • I feel for you on that. It seems that some people have to suffer through so much loss that it seems unbearable. I know I have issues getting too close to others for fear of losing them, then on the other hand I usually push them away from me to keep from having to deal with it. Thankfully, my husband refused to let me push him away, but I constantly worry about losing him and the thought is always there about how people can get so close to one another only to have to let go ultimately. It seems so unfair that we have to go through this. Hugs to you for enduring that much sorrow. And yes, believing that God has his reasons for everything, does help deal with it.

  11. I had five friends die in Car accidents between ages 18-22. Another die of a car accident age 42. I feel for all of you. I do believe in life after death, and I was actually comforted by some of the stories – I like the telephone. You have to keep going.

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