Dealing With Saturn Transit Square Natal Venus

Dear Elsa,

Let’s say you were born with Saturn square Venus. Years later, Saturn transits square to your natal Venus.

Would you be able to deal with it better because you already have the aspect natally, or would it just be more difficult, like a double dose?


Dear Curious, here is your lousy answer: It depends. Some people have a difficult aspect like Saturn square Venus in their chart but they also have the ability to ignore it. For example, let’s say they have a grand trine.

When someone has a grand trine it indicates an easy flow in certain aspects of their life. They just don’t have to worry about whatever these areas are so they may opt to focus on the ease and deny the thing they lack. A good example of this would be a woman who achieves like crazy… really very easily however no one loves her (Venus) really (Saturn). This could be a teen star for example.

Considering that example it is very easy for someone who has so much more than others to ignore what they don’t have and if you are this sort of person that transit going to come along and slam you into the ground. It’s like you wake up one day and say, “Oh my God, I’m broken!”

In contrast another person may have the same aspect (Venus Saturn) in their chart but they may have some other things too, like Sun Saturn or example. So maybe their parent or their grandpa told them that love is serious, important business. Maybe they were taught that it is love that supports you, that your relationship is your foundation…

Well provided that person got that message (and even if they didn’t at the time, they can go back and retrieve the knowledge), it is easy to imagine they are going to fare much better so you get the idea: It depends.

Anyone else?

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Dealing With Saturn Transit Square Natal Venus — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve got a grand trine with Saturn, and a T-square with Saturn in the middle, and Venus Saturn is in the T-square. God, I’m the poster child for this question. I wouldn’t say I ignore it, exactly (even though I do achieve stuff easily, hmmm).

    Honestly, Venus square Saturn in transit makes no damn difference to me because I feel that way ALL THE TIME. It is the air that I breathe, I can’t escape that no matter what. It’s not any harder because it cannot get any harder for me on that level. Saturn conjunct my Sun via transit and the Saturn return were far more notable and different periods for me than any V/S connections have been. Why? They were Saturn kicking me in the metaphorical nuts, but not in a place where I am always getting kicked, you know? I wasn’t used to those kicks going there. Whereas the V/S portion of me is so bruised up already that more kicking isn’t even noticeable.

  2. I have Sun-Saturn and Moon-Saturn, and my mother taught me that ‘love is conditional’ and my father…I don’t even have any comment about him at this time. What is interesting, however, is that I did have one person who demonstrated total unconditional love on a daily basis. That was my paternal grandmother, and that would fit, as I have Venus there receiving sextiles from Mars and Chiron.

    Her unconditional love saved me, but she was also very smothering (Scorpio Moon) and embarassing for not even trying to hide the fact that I was her favorite.

    This is a little off topic but I am especially interested in the part about the love received/perceived as a child component of the post.

  3. Forgot to say, I read that paternal grandmother is represented by the 1st house, and that is the position I’m describing with the Venus with sextiles placement.

    I agree with Elsa, my life was such a living hell for so many years that I am probably not as harshly affected by heavy transits as people who’ve had an easy time might be.

  4. I have Venus in Libra square Saturn in Cap, but also Venus is exactly sextile my Mercury/Jupiter in Sag. So there is a bit of a dichotomy in my chart. But Venus/Saturn… well, it has always been difficult for me to make friends, and for years and years no one has expressed any romantic interest in me. It has made things very lonely on a personal level.

    So Saturn transits to Venus, or vice versa, are not really that noticeable to me. It’s like the “same old, same old”, always there anyway, and other transits which don’t reflect natal themes seem to make much more of an impact.

  5. yes. but i think i go overboard in the self suppression department. i’m still kind of rebounding from the first twenty six years of getting used to my saturn….

  6. llama – ha ha ha.
    Yeah, I have had her for awhile and never used her for exactly that reason but today… well Venus and all. But yeah. I don’t know what I was thinking, she’s an abomination!

  7. I have Venus squaring pretty much everything, probably even that chair you’re sitting on. Venus sq. Sun and Venus, in this case, is awful. I was just thinking the other day about how awful I must have been in the love department in past lives. I have Venus in the 7th so with all the square action….it seems I am destined to never have the thing I want/need the most–a loving, caring, committed relationship.

    So, in other words, eff transits. Natal shit is every day.

  8. “eff transits. Natal shit is every day”
    Ooh Charlotte that was too funny. Im smirking

    My Venus is hit pretty hard too. Its conjunct Pluto, Saturn & my sun(my stellium) square my moon.

    In reference to the question hmm I have difficult aspects natally and I dont think it makes transits easier but yes personally I feel better equiped to deal with it cause Im familiar with the energy. I think the key is being aware. I totally agree with Elsa if you ignore it, boy are you going to get a wake up call when you get a double whammy.

  9. I hear ya, Charlotte. I feel like the point of my life (another Venus in 7th) is to want partnership with every bit of me and then to NOT GET IT.

    Yeah, sure, they are all “in your 40’s, you might get lucky,” but why the fuck do I want to wait another 10 years or more? I am jealous of all those Young Marrieds out there and I will never be one of them. Or the “high school sweetheart” contingent. I will be of the “if I get lucky, he dies in a few years by the time I find him” contingent. Yay?

  10. Elsa, your archives are amazing..thank you for your wealth of subjects! This one was what I needed today.

    Sat sq. Venus natal Have been saying this past week often that I feel like I am ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t”, feeling very unloved by others and feeling daily as if my heart is being ripped out.

    My VR must be triggering this old crap. I have had to pull up all of my will-power not to slip into victim mode and place any of this where or with whom, it does not belong. Truth is, though my parents were the root of this in this life for me, the avenue it took per se, it is the chicken and the egg scenario. Was it foreseen they would be as they were before my current incarnation, or did my lesson that is portrayed by this aspect bring us together? Matters little really..I just need to remember I have come miles in the area of self worth, and breath and see what needs to be seen by this trigger.

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