Daylight Savings Time: Pisces Lost Something Again

pink watchSpring forward, daylight savings time, “losing” an hour takes place in Neptune-ruled Pisces. We didn’t actually LOSE anything, we just changed where we put it. Some people, usually Sagittarians, reframe this as gaining an hour of daylight. All we really did was readjust the shared agreement of our relationship with time and the changing cycle of daylight. But how apropos is it that this happens when the sun is in Pisces? Neptune obscures, confuses, hides, loses. It also elevates, in its own way, sometimes without reason. It can make things seem sacrosanct. The time change was initiated partially to produce energy savings. Several studies have shown that it doesn’t do that, but still that is the perception.

I’m a night owl and a lover of sleep. I tend to prefer “fall back” as it puts me closer to being in tune with normal people, but as a Pisces I have the distinct feeling that none of this matters anyway. If I’m a freak, I’m a freak whether I’m “early to rise” or not. But I don’t exactly mind spring forward either. I don’t really mind losing an hour. I’d prefer not to, but hey, I’ve lost far more important things, like the instruction to my watch that has to be digitally set. And my son, I lost him the racks of clothes at Mervyn’s once. That was a trip. But I eventually found him. Also, I’m really excited that after six months on the wrong time, I can wear my watch again, at least till we fall back.

What are your thoughts on time changes? Do they affect you in any way?



Daylight Savings Time: Pisces Lost Something Again — 11 Comments

  1. I like how the sun doesn’t go down until 7 or 7:30 when we do this. I hate it when it’s 5 or 6 o’ clock and it starts to get dark outside.

    My Mars in Sagittarius likes all this sunlight!

  2. see there, I like night. I find it irritating when the sun just keeps hanging in there. 🙂 different strokes. I like day too, but I also like me some night.

  3. Satori, my leo sun loves the sunlight, but that just means I go to be later at night, cuz I too needs me some night.

    The worst part of the time change is having to reset the clock of the alarm cat. It’s easier when we spring forward–at least then, I’m the one having to get up “earlier” in her time. Fall back really sucks.

  4. I was taught to read time through the sun and the environment around me..Yes I was taught by a Pisces and I listened intently because I have a Pisces moon.

    I don’t follow my watch, I follow my senses and environment. He also taught me to read the weather by using my senses.

  5. I love sunlight, but I do like to have more nighttime in colder months. If it’s too cold to go out, but it’s still light, I’ll feel like I’m wasting that daylight.

    This morning I had two different times on my alarm clock and on another gadget (which apparently adjusts automatically), so I had to google for the local time. Hassle. But as far as saving energy, I agree that it doesn’t work.

  6. I’m the same as sunnysadge. I’ve been up all night recently, and I don’t like it when I’m feeling depressed (as I have been), and am not at work on something (unless it’s the odd night when I’m up and reading, or something). I hate that I’ve just finally got some sleep, and lost out on the day… but I have another hour of daylight, thanks to the jump forward.

  7. My Moon in Libra likes a balance. It shouldn’t be pitch black at 6:00, nor should the sun be shining and the birds singing at 9:00.

    The time change is always disconcerting to my Mercury in Pisces – it feels like there’s a rip in the time-space continuum and turning the clock backward or forward just ain’t gonna cut it this time.

  8. I LOVE getting back the hour of sunshine. It makes spring return faster (and likewise, it tends to end right around the time change in fall), gives more spring to my step, feels like everything has more time to get done in.

  9. All I can say is it really screws with us night shift people. In the fall I got the nine hour shift, at least I got the seven hour shift this time around to balance it. That was nice. For the most part it seems like a lot of trouble and wasted effort to me.

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