Dame Shirley Bassey – A Shining Example Of The Sun In Capricorn

From 2008 – Here’s my favorite dame, Shirley Bassey. Ms Bassey is a Capricorn with Jupiter in Capricorn, said to age well and here is proof as it is impossible to tell this gal 71 years old (and admits it) so even more class!

She’s got her Moon and Mars in Scorpio, Venus is exalted in Pisces and what can I say besides I wouldn’t mind being her when I grow up. That and I bet she’s paid some dues.

Here is an astro-profile from Astrotheme

And here is Dame Shirley herself… Pluto (power) in Capricorn personified:

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Dame Shirley Bassey – A Shining Example Of The Sun In Capricorn — 30 Comments

  1. Hahaha, so awesome. I love it when old people do this kind of stuff. Paul Anka did an album of covers with Oasis and Nirvana and REM. Love it!

  2. Oh. My. GOD!
    I think Dame Bassey could even possibly upstage Mame. Either way, it’d be a show to watch! *lol*

  3. My father-in-law used to work the clubs with her around Wales when she was just starting out and actually lived very close to her. He did not continue up the ranks as she has but has always held her in high esteem. From the stories he used to recount she was certainly a very grounded lady who gave the crowds good value. Saturn all over!!

  4. Just like to add that that my father-in-law is also an extremely talented show-man but preferred to ‘shine’ and rise up the ranks in other areas.

  5. I have been graced with amazing broads in my life. I love age, aging and the whole kit and kaboodle. Every minute of it. My aunt is an amazing Cap Lady (who did quite well for herself in the country western music arena) and my daughter seems to follow in her footsteps (singer songwriter and doing it for a living) of grandness. I guess it is inate in me to see the awesomeness in aging. I did not buy into the youth obsession when I was a youth. Maybe that is why my daughter doesn’t either.

  6. My mum took me to see Shirley Bassey in concert when I was about 10 years old (ah…hem 30 years ago). Wow! her voice was so powerful she’d pull the microphone down to her side and the note filled the auditorium! Back in the day, she had no big screens, smoke machine or any stage special effects – it was her and her band. Hey Big Spender – was sassy, bold and good fun.

  7. Love her! I have the remix album of her classics. Just AWESOME- Diamonds are forever- one of my favourite songs EVAH!

    A series on tv here- “In praise of elders.” Was so enthralling. The things that oldies have experienced, their depth and wisdom… so much more interesting than an 18yr old pretty face with zero experience.

  8. I remember seeing her on Graham Norton and looked up her chart. I would not have guessed she was in her late 60s at the time! O.O She’s a really classy lady with some funny stories and a good sense of humor. 😀

  9. Just clicked on the “showbiz” link. Haha! I remember that album too. Ok I just gave my age away! Well if Shirley can, so can I…lol

  10. Dayum! Girlfriend is svelte 😉 She’s going to live to be 175 years old with that body. We should be so lucky to tap that fountain of youth in her fab chart 😀

  11. Wow taking on that as a cover and not falling into (potential) kareoke – superb. I’m loving Pluto transit in first Sag/Cap tough tough but giving me discipline, resilience, etc

  12. Oh yes have progressed Asc capricorn too, look youthful but I’m guessing I’ll be a batty old lady when hits Aqua 😉

  13. I can relate! Sun/Jupiter/Mercury/Mars inCapricorn! Scorpio Moon! I am 64 and loving it! I have always proudly told my real age! Everyone thinks I am 44! Venus in Sag, I’m a spicy mixture! <3

  14. I love this. She has a Capricorn rising. I’ve noticed that people that have an ascendant the same as their sun usually come across like an Aries. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t AGE :)! Thanks Elsa for sharing this. I’m taking great pleasure in knowing that my chart if full of the same placements. Sun/Moon and Mars to be exact.

  15. What I said about her living to be about 175. Probably not that far off base. She has Jupiter conjunct Ceres in Cap trine Neptune in Virgo. Nearly every centenarian’s chart shows those three planets in aspect somehow. She is going to continue to age gracefully, have lots of energy, be mentally active, and be able to see her grandchildren’s grandchildren. 😀

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