Daily Forecast: September 5, 2016 – Saturn Neptune Deja Vu

sea creatureMonday morning the Moon starts out at the end of Libra with no applying aspects. Not long thereafter it slips into Scorpio and spends the whole day moving into trine with Neptune in Pisces. Find your balance early, then go with the flow.

Representing the mode of the day, the earthy Virgo Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn. There is power in mundane persistence. Just keep doing YOU and empowered success will follow. Twists in the mood can be handled by la-la-la-ing your way up-over-around and through.

They’re pulling post quake dogs and cats out of rubble unharmed days later. You’re probably smarter than a domestic pet. You’ll do great!

Venus in Libra wants balance and and a fair return. It makes a quincunx to Neptune and a sextile to Saturn. Mercury is retrograde and has just passed over Jupiter at the end of Virgo. Back in the second half of July, Mercury and Venus traveled together through the beginning of Leo. They made a quincunx to Neptune and a trine to retrograde Saturn. Neptune has been retrograde this whole time.

Saturn-Neptune is the longer term, common feature here. It’s reality in shift, in flux. In July there was a focus on considering what we wanted in relationship to what was real and possible – updating our thinking and our attitudes. Now we’re seeing how those ideas panned out in their infancy. There is some evidence of ripening. Something useful is becoming solid now, or it can become solid if we take advantage of the opportunities presented and claim the reward.

Desire is part of this. You really have to want it. If you’ve gone off track or forgotten the ideas, that’s okay – here they come again.

The deep Moon-Neptune flow helps us move over what is momentarily irrelevant and concentrate on what could be. Some barriers are real but also irrelevant to the task at hand. Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius moves into trine with Uranus in Aries, fire to fire. Find new ways – act with enthusiasm and reach for something completely different. Why spend energy battling a demon that disappears if you ignore it?

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Daily Forecast: September 5, 2016 – Saturn Neptune Deja Vu — 4 Comments

  1. I love how astrology works! The July deja vu description is perfect narrative for what we’re experiencing now. Picking things apart here is better than savoring Agatha’s Hercule at his best. The mystery of it all … such a nice way to make morphing reality eatable. Thanks Satori.

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