Daily Forecast: March 22, 2016 – Pre-eclipse Virgo Moon

stallion landscapeTuesday morning the Virgo Moon conjuncts the north node and opposes Chiron in Pisces. This of course puts Chiron on the south node, as it has been for a bit. I don’t care for the good/bad language around the nodes. I prefer a less charged, less judgmental tack.

Chiron sits in familiar territory. Ideally Chiron represents experience that comes along with pain, or pain that comes along with experience, learning, getting something out of it. On the south node, this has happened. We’re touching what has happened.

The Virgo Moon on the north node is the discerning emotional center standing apart and observing, through the heart and mood, and leaning into discovery. You feel what you have to learn, what we’re moving toward learning. But without the focus of pain in the past, where would you look for material? This is ability to look at the thing you need to learn from… and feel it… but without diving back into it as your present reality.

And it brings an earthy practicality that the mood curates. Okay, there’s the thing; it feels this way… what now? What is there to learn from it? It’s bringing up a subject in our lives that is a deep well of material. We’ll never be bored because there’s always this thing! Oh the learning!

It comes up pre-eclipse. We’ll always have this wound to learn from, but there’s something in that to be released soon. We’re ready to move up and explore better aspects of the puzzle. Same game, pithier insights and challenges. Level up!

Virgo Moon is earthy and practical. If you feel good, you’re on task. If you could feel better, find a task to tackle. Identify something that needs doing and do it. Wet yourself? Don’t sit around in wet pants. Simple.

Mercury and the Sun are conjunct in Virgo trine Mars in Sadge: chop wood, carry water… and do it with a spring in your step!

The Moon moves from Virgo to Libra in the night. The eclipse is close. Enjoy the run-up, the anticipation. We remember the breakthroughs because they time-stamp reckonings; but there are more meadow-moments and mundane satisfactions than breakthroughs. Those are important too.

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Daily Forecast: March 22, 2016 – Pre-eclipse Virgo Moon — 9 Comments

  1. Magi astrologers were right about Chiron being related to sexuality. Lots of people learning new things and experiencing sexual things they have not tried or been exposed to previously with this energy axis activated.

    • Many thanks for your comment opening new discoveries for me. For the benefit of others,
      here’s where you can learn about Magi Astrology: magiastroly.com

      And, I always thought Chiron was an Asteroid. Here’s the Astronomy:

      from Wikipedia:
      Chiron, also known as 95P/Chiron, is a minor planet in the outer Solar System, orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. Discovered in 1977 by Charles T. Kowal (precovery images have been found as far back as 1895),it was the first-identified member of a new class of objects now known as centaurs‚ÄĒbodies orbiting between the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt. Besides the four giant planets, Chiron and 10199 Chariklo, also a centaur, are the only bodies in the Solar System known to have rings.

      Although it was initially called an asteroid and classified only as a minor planet with the designation “2060 Chiron”, it was later found to exhibit behavior typical of a comet. Today it is classified as both a minor planet and a comet, and is accordingly also known by the cometary designation “95P/Chiron”. Chiron is named after the centaur Chiron in Greek mythology.

      Michael Brown lists it as possibly a dwarf planet with a measured diameter of 206 km (128 miles) which is near the lower limit for an icy dwarf planet (around 200 km, or 124 miles).

  2. “We remember the breakthroughs because they time-stamp reckonings; but there are more meadow-moments and mundane satisfactions than breakthroughs. Those are important too.” Such a beautiful rendering of life through an astro lens, Satori.

    And @Andrey: I agree the description of Nodes, and Chiron is such a great insight into the ongoing challenge and opportunity to acknowledge the pain.

    Prior to an eclipse the whole sky does offer evidence that the Universe is ‘conspiring in our best interest’. I’m humbled by the way the lessons show up, and where they do it. At 68 I’m learning to walk again … get off my heels (digging in) and move to the ball of my feet (like babies):)

  3. Wow! So I was totally triggered this morning, making me sad about a choice I’ve made to fully separate from loved ones who keep hurting me. Am I doing the right thing? I think so but why does it still hurt so much? Is there some other tack I should take? Am I supposed to reconcile? I don’t know…

    Anyway, I cried and cried and then I went and tackled an organizational/cleaning project that has been overwhelming everyone I work with for years. I’ve had my eye on it since I started in September. I’ve made a few attempts but today I rolled up my sleeves and the job is done. I feel much better now.

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