Daily Forecast: June 19-23, 2017 – New Moon In Cancer Kicks Off Summer

wickedOver the course of the week, Mars in Cancer builds a t-square with Jupiter and Pluto. This is softened by its waning sextile to Venus, its trine to Neptune, and Venus’ building trine to Pluto.

If you get a chance to build new and vibrant emotional ties on past devastation, do it. However, if someone is pushing you to do this, it’s probably not the right time. It should feel natural, otherwise it may be a manipulation. It’s not that people won’t necessarily mean well, but the motivation matters in the outcome. Motivation is built into the foundation.

If you’re swept along and things fall into place as you go, it’s the right model. That’s not to say it’s easy, just that it’s valid. It should feel like the action and route is pre-ordained in some fashion. Look for signs.

Venus continues in sextile with Neptune, both aspecting Jupiter. Matters of love and money take on a “divinely ordained” aesthetic as well. Are you allowing yourself to be informed, to have your personal philosophy in such matters upgraded? It’s time. Let it happen.

Monday and Tuesday Mercury chases a conjunction to the Gemini Sun, into the last degree. Late Tuesday the Sun moves to Cancer and this year’s summer is born. Mercury slips into the first degree of Cancer and over the Sun on Wednesday. The overall flavor of the week moves from thinking and sensing to feeling and abiding. Call your mom, she worries.

Monday the Moon moves from Aries to Taurus, from a trine to Saturn and sextile to Sun-Mercury into a sweet, building sextile to Mars. Tuesday the Taurus Moon lights up the Venus-Neptune-Jupiter model of divine love on its way through a trine with Pluto. The collective mood has great support all week, and deeply sweetened desire that gives way to electric enthusiasm in the second half.

Wednesday afternoon the Moon moves to Gemini and mutual reception with Mercury in Cancer. Emotional thinking is a thing, but remember there are more options. Don’t get bogged down with one set of possibilities.

Thursday the Moon squares Neptune and trines Jupiter from the midpoint of Mars and Venus. It then goes on to oppose Saturn overnight into Friday. It also sextiles Uranus. Keep an open mind and open heart! Let yourself be swept up, but let things fall into place (seemingly) on their own. It’s a wild and savory ride.

The Moon’s Friday t-square with Saturn and Chiron is a bit touchy. IF you feel oversensitive, chalk it up to overstimulation. If it’s important, the effects will last and you can deal with it later. Otherwise it’s a blip. There’s a bit of coasting afterward, so why ruin it with a “mood”? Chill instead, or go after something new. Gemini moods harbor the option of redirection. Use it!

When the Moon moves to Cancer, emotion rules. So make sure you take advantage of that Saturn stability as it ingresses. Four personal planets in cardinal Cancer are a major (maternal) force. Look to the feminine, yin drive within you for direction.

The new moon, Moon-Sun conjunction builds to nighttime fruition. It does so with Venus trining Pluto within minutes. In fact, after the exact new moon, the Moon goes on to cross Mercury just as Venus trines Pluto exactly.

I’m thinking some of those zombie/taboo/sexual love connections are bringing some terribly good news, scrumptiously delightful and emotionally sensual good news. Keep talking about what you feel, feeling what you think and sense. Love can find a valuable rebirth.

The earthy aesthetic turns a bit wicked. We can misinterpret dark things. They can help us learn to appreciate our own dark places a bit better. This week our darkness is tangible. See if you can work with it.

The new moon in Cancer arrives at 2 degrees. Where does this fall in your chart? How do you feel about it? What do you think (with Mercury conjunct)? Venus-Pluto is in effect all week. Are you seeing change in love and money? A renewed interest in a love you thought buried or over?

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Daily Forecast: June 19-23, 2017 – New Moon In Cancer Kicks Off Summer — 8 Comments

  1. It falls rather close to my IC at 5 degrees Cancer. And it semi- sextiles my Moon and Jupiter at 1 degree Leo. I plan on a short vacation with women I feel really close to.

  2. My natal Venus is at 0° Cancer, at one corner of a fairly tight mystic rectangle …. Should be an interesting week

  3. Hitting my 8th house. I feel a profound change is bubbling up. One that will likely hurt deep- but will bring on a new normal that will be lighter.

  4. I wouldn’t say re-newed love, but an ex-friend, a male Cancer, who I excommunicated, tried to reach me on my home phone which I thought I had blocked him from. He knows he is no longer welcome in my life and if he shows up, I will call the Police on him. It’s a long story. Anyway, I thougth I had gotten rid of him…had to block his number AGAIN. He is leaving messages like nothing ever occured between us. We WERE good friends, but he had a sort of breakdown and started treating not just myself but others with utter disrespect and started insulting a group of us…just bonkers. He’d show up places uninvited and was rude. Not sure what happened but just would like him gone. So from what I read in the first paragraph is “if you get a chance to build new and vibrant emotional ties from past devastation”…no thanks!…lol I’ll pass.

  5. New moon in Cancer falls in my 6th house of work…it is rather appropriate since I need anew beginning there. I will be holding my first cooking class. Excited and a bit nervous. Still working out details.

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