Daily Forecast: August 31, 2016 – Impending New Moon In Virgo… Authenticity

sun-moon-e1418948682290Wednesday morning the Moon sails along at the end of the sign. Three years ago I wrote: If you’re not Mick Jagger, watch your swagger. I have no idea what I meant by that, but it seems pretty timely now. With the Sun opposite Neptune and square Saturn and Mars, do enjoy the swish of the early day mood but also keep your eyes open. Regardless of what the songs say, not everybody loves a lover. Still, plenty do!

The Moon moves to Virgo where it spends the rest of the day on its runup to a new moon conjunction with the Sun. This conjunction will take place overnight conjunct the north node: an eclipse. The Virgo Moon is ruled by Mercury – retrograde and conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. While not straightforward, this is rather protective. Whatever needs to be said/broadcast is going to come out… for good or ill, seemingly. The truth is disseminated somewhere, and as it should be. Whether it feels comfortable or not, it’s authentic and necessary.

The Sun’s involvement in a t-square with Saturn and Neptune draws the lunation into a previously tense and confused situation. An authentic understanding of whatever subject is relevant… well it’s critical to going forward. THAT is the heart of the matter.

A quiet blessing sits in early Libra: Venus in its own sign, unaspected. For months we’ve been hearing how some are ready for things to burn down, critical, disgusted. Well they’ve burned some, with little satisfaction. In the silence that follows is a wish for peace and beauty, and balance.

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Daily Forecast: August 31, 2016 – Impending New Moon In Virgo… Authenticity — 6 Comments

  1. Spilling of beans? Oh, yes… I had that a week ago actually. Truth must come out so we can reform and transform it into useful insights and hinsights.

    It’s a like a bridge burning behind you that yoi’ve previously walked on and about. Now the bridge will burn, just like trnasitting to another plateau where you haven’t been before.

    That’s how it has been up untill now for me and my BF. We’re on a new bridge/plateau soon but first we had to kill and burn the bridge to start a new beginning in our relationship together.

    This new moon is in my 7th house. It’s trine my Mars in Capricorn.

    We will have to work for it, but in the end I get what I most truly desire in my life and this new moon is like fresh breath of new air in a VERY VERY LONG TIME – almost a year actually.

  2. With Rx Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, Trump might have a substantive meeting with the Mexican president on immigration issues today. Will the mutable T-square muddy these discussions? Satori, what do you think?

  3. Why a “previously tense and confused situation”? I am asking this because I am waiting for some kind of answer, or the real truth about something that happened which still is tense and confusing. I have got different stories about it, from different people, based on different perceptions and none of them feel right or complete. I hope this new moon will shed a light on it, but maybe Neptune on the other side means I will never have the real truth about it.

  4. Swagger. That’s an excellent word for it. I really like pinning words on what I am experiencing. It helps me detach. I question whether I am being judgmental when I do it. Heck, it is a re-occurring experience though. It fits what I am experiencing. So I will own it and say it’s what I am experiencing. It’s better than thinking something is off and weird about a peep. Swagger it is. Harmless and I don’t have to get too far into trying to understand it and I can bypass that confusion thing.

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