Daily Forecast: August 30, 2016 – Mercury Retrograde In Virgo

bookTuesday morning the mid-degree Leo Moon makes a quincunx to Pluto. From there it’s a day long move into trine with Aries Uranus. Power struggles can be demoralizing, so see them coming and split. Go sideways if you have to, or find another path. Alternately, this exacerbates whatever mood you’ve got going into the day. So don’t let it run you.

Leo is Sun ruled. The Sun in Virgo moves firmly into aspect with the Saturn-Neptune square, a t-square in mutable signs. Expect to take some time to untangle knots and navigate barriers. Stay light on your feet and ready to give and go. The Leo mood is an asset here with the ability to make a game of duck and dodge… and run ahead when you get the chance. It reminds me of the game Red Light, Green Light.

Virgo ruler Mercury goes retrograde conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. Be righteous with your word. Tell the truth! Communications are fast and inflated and could easily go awry or go further than anticipated. The truth may not save you or set you free… it may… but at the very least you’ll have the high ground.

This day could easily go either way, high or low. With so much mutable energy in play, where you take it is really up to you!

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Daily Forecast: August 30, 2016 – Mercury Retrograde In Virgo — 6 Comments

  1. Mercury retrogrades do great things for me, mood-wise. My modus operandi is depressed mega-Pisces plus neurotic Mercury overload. Retrogrades are like triple adrenaline shots. Not always, maybe it is the Leo influx. I had a good day, the kind of day when I can believe happiness is a choice and where telling the truth doesn’t immediately result in guilt. Everyone else is flailing, I’m sailing!

  2. So I was born with Merc retro in Virgo, too.

    On top of that, my birthday is Sept 1. (Solar Eclipse).

    I have natal Saturn in Sag. (You know…)

    And…my natal Jupiter is in Libra at 4. (Here it comes!)

    …talk about feeling a mixed bag of things right now! It’s not terrible, but…

    • Mixed bag is what I am getting now too. Alotta lotta. Where is the ground. Am planning on finding it the weekend. Until then, it’s a flurry of activity.

      Progressed Mercury was retro for many many years, libra and a short stint in Virgo. I was young. It was cool. Opportunities popping up everywhere all the time. I could keep up with it then. Now I just want to chill in my yarden. The peeps have me hoppin at the moment. Two day trips and a funeral before the weekend. Oh well, one thing at a time. I don’t want to get lost thinking about the flurry of it. And do you think we can coordinate the group for a b-day get together. Impossible. Everyone is scrambling about.

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