Daily Forecast: August 29, 2016 – Sunny Leo Mood

lion vintage valentineMonday morning the early Leo Moon gets a bit of sunny-smooth sailing before it gets into aspect with much else. This brings a mood bump to the Virgo Sun order of the day, as the Sun moves into a bumpy t-square with Saturn and Neptune. A sunny mood helps the day get up and over a spate of inertia and false starts. Keep your sunny side up!

By midday, the Moon moves into trine with Saturn then Mars. Virgo ruler Mercury hits the end of Virgo, conjunct Venus with Jupiter close behind. Communicate and document! Use your good sense and utilize your senses. A bright mood can aid in overcoming resistance to saying what needs to be said.

Pick your moments and the correct avenue of expression, but tune up your relationship to the facts of the matter and how they’re relayed. Don’t leave things sloppy and hanging out there unfinished, unless that’s the message you want to send. Sometimes silence is an apt message.

The end of day trine of the Leo Moon to Sagittarius Mars is feisty and fun. Move your body, enjoy a game! Venus shifts over into its own rulership in Libra, so there’s much to appreciate.

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Daily Forecast: August 29, 2016 – Sunny Leo Mood — 3 Comments

  1. We meet to present a new living arrangement Monday evening. “Venus shifts over into its own rulership in Libra, so there’s much to appreciate.” The details laid out and clear;and modes of communicating right for all concerned earlier in the day hopefully but us in good position to make good use of that sunny Leo moon mood.

  2. I love when transiting Moon is in Leo, I almost always feel sunny and happy during Leo Moon days. Nothing better than a Lunar Return and transiting Moon conjunct natal Jupiter in Leo! ? Oh and the lion on the picture is so cute!

  3. I only.noticed this a couple of years ago, but Moon in Leo days and I don’t gel. And I am the only idiot to blame for planning a wedding 20 years ago in Taurus with Leo moon and what was supposed to be Libra Asc. The day of, Church Bingo forced us to move the wedding up so that it was Virgo rising. And the priest who did the other Sacraments and rites of Passage from marrying my parents in the Church (they married in Vegas and she was almost 8 months along when her parish pastor refused to even schedule a baptism until a Catholic Marriage certificate was presented) so Fr.Novicky married them during a weeknight Mass. I got born, he baptized me. I saw n heard dead relatives and friends who had died, my mom brought me to see him. He told us that he saw auras and knee if someone was going to die soon when he was giving out communion. She asked if my interest in astrology was bad for a 4 year old. He said Who Do You Think Made Those Constellations Mary ,Ann? I asked him if he was a Sagittarius like my mom, he said usually. I m cuspy and sometimes I get my Goat on and am uptight and Status Quo. But I am lucky-it’s rare.
    The night before my wedding he was very quiet and uncharacteristically crabby. Rehearsal dinner skipped, not like him. My father walks me down the aisle, not Him, but Father Frank, who heard my last pre-spouse confession. I figured I would not be seeing him soon. So, Mon in Leo again, I told every subversive, perverted premarital thing I remember doing. And there he is. During night, Fr. Novice had a heart attack. ……the aspects were much kinder last June 2015. Far as I know, the magistrate is not dead.?

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