Daily Forecast: August 27, 2015 – Aquarius Moon

giraffeThursday morning the Moon in Aquarius quincunxes the Sun-Jupiter conjunction. The Sun and Jupiter are moving toward opposition with Neptune, Virgo to Pisces, preparing the way for the weekend’s full moon. Mars quincunxes Pluto, fire to earth. There’s a lot of power, a lot of drive, a lot of depth and height and a bit of an urge to look away. It’s a challenge to keep it on the rails.

With Mars Pluto, there can be an urge to lash out. With the quincunx, this can be internalized or come out sideways. If violent impulses mount, diffuse them with action, with attention. If you ignore them, they build.

Take emotional micro breaks if necessary. In fact, “if necessary” is probably a good phrase to use as a mantra. Nothing in particular before it… put whatever you need to in that space: “_________ if necessary.” The filler will be personal to your situation.

There’s a lot of big energy at play and a weird mood. Some people will be over the Moon and use that thin ice to skate. For fun! Others will be putting their hand to the door of the bathroom stall, saying, “This is not my planet.”

Mercury sextiles Saturn, but it’s past exact and Mercury moves to Libra midday. It still holds water, though, in stabilizing the mind and making good on communications. Take it slow. It should get easier to find the right words, the pretty words to say it… as the day matures.

By afternoon and onward, the Moon moves into opposition with Mars. With Pluto powering Mars by uneven aspect, you may find a fluctuation in motivation. Hot one minute, cold the next. If that is the case, short bursts of activity interspersed with diversion may be the answer. Hop. Do it in bits as the passion strikes. You’re likely to do better work if you move when you’ve got the inspiration and turn your attention to something else when you don’t. You’ll likely find the inspiration at the something else!

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