Cut Off At The Knees When Saturn Enters Capricorn?

Imagine owning a restaurant. People come to your restaurant to enjoy a meal and maybe chat with their friends.

Now imagine someone shows up at your little outdoor cafe loaded down with protest signs. They proceed to beat your customers over the head with the signs; just whacking people upside their head; drawing blood, teeth flying, false or otherwise.  What are you going to do?

The other day, I blocked someone on my website.  I have to do that now and then to protect my business. The person was just so obnoxious.  And they’ve been obnoxious for a long time. But I waited to take action on the chance they’d grow up. Wise up.  The time for that is just about up!

Saturn in Sagittarius should have taught us all that blurting has consequences.  Sagittarius is a generous sign.  It allows a very long rope. You’re given time to learn. But Saturn in Capricorn expects more.

This doesn’t mean a person will be cut off at the knees the minute Saturn ingresses into Capricorn. But a person had best be trying.  Slow progress is still progress. In fact, it’s often the best progress as it allows you to adjust to changing conditions.

I’m writing this today because Venus and Mars are tightly conjunct in Virgo. You may want to scream and yell and criticize, but I’d think twice with Saturn in Sagittarius bearing down in hard aspect.  Is it really the smartest thing to do?

There is another angle to consider.  Mars Saturn is known to be cruel. Is what you’re about to say cruel? Are you sure this is how you want to represent yourself, your ideas (Virgo) and beliefs (Sagittarius)?

This is a really good time to take a pause. It’s also a good time to join my Saturn in Capricorn workshop seeing as it starts on Monday!  This class will spare you a lot of grief as well as allow you to support the people around you.  I’m sure of this: you won’t regret it!

Come join us & Get Ready To Get Real!


Cut Off At The Knees When Saturn Enters Capricorn? — 10 Comments

  1. Last night I couldn’t sleep and I sent some emails that I possibly shouldn’t have sent, to a public figure I interacted with a few years ago. It was an apology, but I made clear that there was no obligation for a response and I’d not be sending further emails.

    I was scared that I made a horrible mistake even sending it and the person would retaliate in some way. However, I don’t feel like I said anything terrible. Reading this post is reassuring, because I think it’s now on this person to avoid cruelty.

    And I definitely won’t be pulling any stunts like that with Saturn in Capricorn.

  2. Elsa, I thought: is it possible that when Saturn is in Capricorn is similar with a Saturn return? (in this case: for everyone)?

  3. Your comments made me realize I need to go back, and take a peek at what Saturn was doing the last two times it rolled through Capricorn while I’ve been alive.

      • Notch, that is quite possible they play a mayor role. I am a Virgo, also Virgo asc.
        Sun in in house 12, Aquarius on cusp house 6, Moon is in house 11 and Uranus as well. Gemini cusp house 10, and Mercury in house 12. I want to look in the Ephimeris if Pluto in Capricorn is in the same degree yet as where Saturnus was when my brother left and the same for my husband. Interesting. Maybe the same degree as when my cousin died. Almost everything in my chart is related to Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Still Saturn was near or in house 4 when all those things happend.
        BUT: I don’t know enough about Astrology to exactly point it out!

  4. Ron, this is what I also thought. The first time I was 6-8 years old. I remember very well what happend than. I lost persons I loved so much. The first time when Saturnus was in Capricorn: my brother and the second time I lost my husband. More heavy things happend but not all of them were bad; I was very young adult. Life showed me a lot!Beautifull things as well!!!This summer I lost my beloved cousin. My family and I are in deep mourning. I take the time to process this. He and I are worth it. I don’t know what happens in the next coming years. Elsa said somewhere “no time to play around”. Well I don’t play around (Capricorn house 5). I have deep confidence it will work out well. It is what it is: for sorrow and for happines. That is what I think about this all.

  5. Ha! Transitting mars is opp my natal mars rx in Pisces in my 4th. Watched Birds of Neptune last nite. How perfect. I have an understanding of Neptune now. Am considering what peeps around me and myself surrender themselves to. So much so, I oftentimes cannot relate. But it’s their reality, my reality. I don’t think there is a firm answer on the one reality. I think it’s okay to own one’s own reality without inflicting it onto others. It makes sharing space a bit weird sometimes. Perspective and acceptance makes it survive-able.

  6. Can someone tell me where i can get astro data (date and sign) – specifically when in history Pluto and Neptune were in square. I am aware that aspect will come in the next 50 years – just wondering what was going on with a world full of those kids back then?

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