Current Aries – Libra Opposition: Effects & Opportunities

temperanceMercury in Libra is currently opposing Jupiter in Aries. Due to planet retrogrades, this opposition will not wrap up until mid-October.

Meantime, the sun and moon are headed into Libra where they’ll meet in the sign on September 25th aka the new moon.   The new moon will also oppose Jupiter in Libra.

All of this will take place in the early degrees of these signs. If have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn between 0-8 degrees, this is a tight focus. You’re bound to be involved.

I say “opportunity” because Jupiter is involved.  With Jupiter in Aries, asserting yourself is favored but temperance works best when dealing with Libra.  Both signs like control. The key is to control yourself and leave the other to run their own life.

Now with Mars in Gemini squaring Venus in Virgo, people are quick to lash out. They may literally choose a random person and unload on them.  Others are making and effort to get along and most are probably swinging back and forth. I am writing this because information is freeing in this situation. If you’re aware of this energy out there… well. I am attempting to avoid conflict just because there is too much of it as it is!

I also see people very quick to anger. It’s become the default for many and some encourage this.  They just want to gin up as much hate as possible.  This is why I’m writing this.  This opposition suggests that striving for temperance makes a lot of sense.

I am loving this opposition.  Challenge yourself (Aries) to get along with others (Libra) even if their beliefs (Jupiter) oppose yours.

More about Mercury opposite Jupiter – 2022.

How are you doing with the current Aries – Libra opposition?


Current Aries – Libra Opposition: Effects & Opportunities — 13 Comments

  1. My brother lashed out yesterday, and he was killing it. I got an ultimatum: he will not bring my nephews to my house because it will traumatize them, they don’t know me enough, etc. and if I want them to start coming to my place, I have to come to their house. If I don’t do as he says, he will not bring them to me. It’s a deception. He will not start bringing them to my place even if I start randomly coming to their house, just buying time, excuses. My sister-in-law, we aren’t in a good place right now, and I just can’t come randomly to their house to play with the kids. I just can’t, something inside of me says Don’t do it, it’s not right. I will come for bdays, and I will organize lunches at my house, but I can’t accept ultimates or manipulations.

    • My mum always protected my brother, from everything. Once she openly admitted that she put everything on me because she knew I would be able to handle it. He doesn’t know so many things, I still keep quiet about how she really felt about his wife. I’m still protecting him because I know there’s no use in him knowing, he will stay by her side, and I won’t get anything for saying it.

    • Sounds like a projection, Dori. I only know you from this website, but even I know you are not capable of traumatizing a child, that the children would just go with your energy and be fine and well. If it is a projection, then someone else is traumatising those kids…hmm *scratches head* I wonder? Bunch of nonsense!

      • It’s a pure projection. But, for him, I’m always the one who is a problem, who causes problems. He got mad at me yesterday because I said I want to live more peacefully and calmly. It’s not that don’t have problems, I have a bunch of problems and traumas of my own, but I choose not to fight with others all the time. He has different choices, but that’s his own free will. I know my SIL is a controlling person, a bit wicked, and at the moment I stood for myself this June (we had a situation, apparently I didn’t say hello to her, and I didn’t even see her that day, anyway a huge drama because my brother called me and demanding to have a word with me), I knew that the price would be those two boys.

        • It’s weird, but reading your response made me feel that he is desperate for a reaction from you. Like a hurt child who doesn’t know how to communicate about his feelings and so causes a reaction to get attention. I wonder how much he identifies you with your mother and all this bottled up anger about her leaving. Grief is SO complicated and makes people do terrible things. I’m really sorry you’re having to weather this storm. I remember you talking about Saturn passing through your 3rd house of siblings, maybe Uranus is near your 7th? I hope the Uranus energy enables a no-bulls–t breakthrough!

          • @sophiab are we related? 😀 you are really good, but really. He was mommy’s boy, in every sense of that word, and finally, after many years of battling with myself why she was always so protective of him, why she always allowed him almost to get away with anything, finally, I’m at peace with it. Yes, I think he sees my mum in me, and he doesn’t know how to communicate or understand the feelings, he’s completely cut out of processing feelings. I see my mum in me. I’m my mother’s daughter, of course, I am like her, especially because I lived with her my whole life, her influence was great. And I think you are right, he is very angry, he had certain expectations of me, but for the first time in my life, I can be my own person, and I decided to follow my own path, not depend on what they think about me. I have a feeling he can’t stand it. Saturn is still pushing my 3rd house, for the next 2 years it will be in 3rd, then 4th. I’m a bit dreading Saturn in my 4th, but maybe it will be okay. Uranus is still in my 6th, it will stay there for a few more years.

            • And I think this is an important aspect of our hard relationship, we always had a difficult relationship, and since I was born, it just didn’t work out. My mum was always very careful what she says to him because she knew if she goes too deep with certain things, there was a possibility he would resent her for it and he wouldn’t come anymore. And she couldn’t even think about it, not even for his own good. She was always afraid he would get so mad she wouldn’t see him or the kid anymore. I had the same fear when she left us. But, somehow I overcome that fear, I don’t know how, but I knew I couldn’t walk on eggshells my whole life just that he doesn’t get mad and push me away. That’s why I wrote, that after June’s incident, I knew my SIL will have the last one and the last one is called kids. He is under her influence, things he’s been saying to me, not his words, her words. I decided not to bend the knee, even if that meant I won’t see my nephews. It breaks my heart, it really does, I adore those two boys, tho I haven’t seen them for months, but it comes to that I can only see them if I go to their house. I will go for occasions that will appear, but to just appear randomly there, no. If I need to babysit, I will, always. I decided I need some boundaries. I can just hope that’s a good choice.

              • We are probably related by “water signs” lol. It sounds like you have taken over your mum’s burden regarding his behaviour, but you are gradually changing the old pattern. You do sound very strong, clear headed and like you know the path you want to be on. That is very encouraging, despite the emotional challenge of impementing it.

  2. Libra 1st house Aries 7th – I know the energy, my late hubby was an Aries 😉 and its somewhere between challenging/liberating and nerve wracking/unpredictable. That whole melee plays around my AC and although I feel stressed and tense compared to my normal ways, people come toward me like little benevolent Jupiters which is fine unless they are patronizing and knowing it all and better etc. I AM LIKE THAT if I dont take care of it with my Jupiter in Libra in the 1st and the Sag Sun in the 3rd. So its a bit loke looking in the mirror, good for awareness training 🙂
    Thank you for your heads up guidance Elsa !

  3. Jupiter is on my Aries Venus at 4 degrees in the 5th. I am working on my manuscript for my grad program application. Seems appropriate to me

  4. @shopiab that’s what she left me. I’ve seen a lot of death in my life, and I learned one very important lesson. If you have a mind, and if you have enough time, leave the clean plate if you can. Make sure to leave things okay to those who are staying. Already, there will be enough sorrow and emptiness for them when you leave, but if you leave them with unfinished business such as your unresolved relationships, fights, money, and houses, their life will be a living hell. If you can, do it, for them. She didn’t want to or she didn’t have enough courage, and now we all have what we have. But yes, you are right about this too, no matter the price, I decided to change the pattern. But, he still breaks my heart with his words. I’m water, it’s so easy to hurt me, but I try not to show it.

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