Crossing Over, Permanently

crossing a riverTaking all of astrology into consideration, I am most interested in oppositions. This may be because of the tension they create.

It may be projection or what you can learn looking into a kind of backwards mirror. It may simply be how you can see them play in relationships or how you need a relationship to see them play.

I don’t have any oppositions in my chart but this isn’t really true. Every point in every chart has an opposite point.

As I mentioned on my full moon post, I’m seeing something I’ve never seen before in my life.  I see people compelled to leave their comfort zone… they are basically heading to their opposite shore.  You know. The shore they’ve avoided all their life?

There is a certain percentage of people who do this.  Your planets are are all crammed into certain signs. Your signs are better than the the other, opposite sign.  Virgo does not want to be Pisces. Pisces does not want to be Virgo.

As (some) people get older, they see they have much to learn from the opposite sign.  So this does happen.  But the magnitude of current flip-flopping is truly unprecedented.

Single people want to be married, married people want to be single. People who don’t want children want children and people who did want children want to be alone.

You see that guy in the picture. It’s symbolic.  What if all the planets in his chart are in the private, more self-centered houses. Imagine he’s sick of it.  He doesn’t want to live the life he seems to have been assigned. That’s him crossing to the other side, never to return.  It’s takes a lot of balls.  You need courage.

So I’m seeing this happen with legions of people and I think the astrology can explain why.

First, Pluto went into Capricorn. I told you there were cracks in the foundation.  I got called “morose” and much worse. How do you like the rubble, fifteen years later?

Neptune in Pisces has left many disillusioned, confused and half-crazy in disbelief.

Now Saturn squaring Uranus in the Fixed signs is upsetting things that have seemed immovable for centuries.

Here’s what kills me. It won’t be long before Pluto ingresses into Aquarius, a Fixed sign. ::nervous laughter::

To sum this up, there are a lot of people out there who just don’t want to be who they are or what they are. They want to cross over and literally flush the things they used to think mattered so that they may travel lighter.

With Saturn squaring Uranus, you may have to move slowly and carefully but outside of that, this is a truly a great time to permanently change your life. The future is real.

Here’s my favorite river crossing song.  Maybe it will inspire you.

Can you relate to this at all?


Crossing Over, Permanently — 29 Comments

  1. I certainly can relate to this. Most of my chart is in the fixed signs, and I’m tired of doing the same old, same old. Plus Pluto has been crawling through my first house in what seems like forever, and I desperately need something NEW! I can’t change a lot of things, but what I can change is becoming increasingly appealing. I have changed immeasurably on the inside, and I believe this eventually shows on the outside.

    • Hi Elsa, I appreciate your no-nonsence astrology; to the point & don’t waste words. I have been a serious student of celestial influence since early 70’s. Here’s my question: you have a client who documents the date & time of birth, but is new to astrology & has no preference re: house system. In that case what house system are you most likely to use & why; in other words, what works well in painting a recognizable
      picture of your client, who would agree. I’m not looking for a lengthy dissertation, a few meaningful comments will be fine. Thank you.

  2. I am the guy in the photo! With my 4th house Scorpio stellium and 12th house Cancer Moon, I am amazed at how ready I am to go out and show myself to the world, and how natural it feels. Honestly, never thought I’d see the day 😉

  3. Oh my Goodness!
    You nailed it again.
    You are truly THE BEST there is Elsa
    Astrologer extraordinaré!!???????????
    And I can’t thank you enough.
    I can’t wait to go to the other side.
    Even my Tarot’s tell me not to play safe and take risks.
    Inm fed up of safe.
    I just want to jump in the fire!!!
    Anything to get outta here.
    Right now.Asap.
    Yes its crazy ,but like a bull i m plodding along, doing the hard yakka ,and waiting patiently for the Universe to get into the groove.
    Its about time now.
    Cmon !!!
    I am going slowly and carefully.
    My boat is revved up,and ya betcha bottom Dollar,I will cross the river on the other side.
    Totally change my life.

  4. Best River crossing song – I do agree, Elsa. Imagine, somehow this movie came into my mind last week. I ordered it and it’s now lying at my desk waiting to be watched this evening – crazy!

  5. As someone who has just gone through both Uranus oppose Uranus (7th/1st) AND Saturn oppose Saturn (4th/10th) with the squares (I call it the hourglass of doom), I concur! It’s all compelled me to make drastic changes much to the shock of some of the family. Some of whom have been quite judgmental about all of it. But it’s my path not theirs. They can either find a way to deal and accept my normal grown adult human boundaries, or, just get out of the way. I’m not putting up with control freak bullies anymore.

  6. Your piece today confirms what I’ve been wrestling with for a while. I’ve had tSaturn conjunct my sun, venus and asc in the first house. I’ve also had tUranus square to my sun. Just decided to take long service leave to give myself time and space to find work I love. So three months to do this is safe but edgy ??

  7. After reading this, I can see that I’ve crossed the river without even realising it! ??

    I have a packed 10th in Leo, for everyone else who doesn’t know me. Think it must be in Elsa’s hard-drive by now. ?

    Although I’m not a public personality, I do live a life that’s conducted “out there.” I meet people out there, I communicate out there…everything that is to happen to me that is of any consequence is rather public. It might bother loads of people but it’s all that Leo.

    Anyway, after the Pluto square, the Neptune square and now about the time of my Uranus opposition (I have an angular Uranus which rules my 4th), I find that I have been gradually “withdrawing” for YEARS. I stopped blogging 6 years ago. I faded from both my FB accounts about the same time; although I do show up on one, once in a way to wish people happy birthday. In fact, this is probably the only site I comment on with any regularity. It’s a time-scarcity thing and the natal Cancer Sun. When you are vulnerable, the last thing you want is to be on display.

  8. The other side took place when I had a Pluto transit over the Ascendant. Not an easy gig and time passes and passes (Capricorn) and you think maybe I’m dead. As you pass through the gates of hell (Pluto) time passes and passes! Then you see the light and then realization…I’m home free.

  9. Oh sister, singing my song
    Yep oh yes indeed, standing at the rivers edge , for me it’s got the mainland across that water, time to make a list
    Need more diversity, more education
    More courage and strength and of course beaucoup bucks; there may be no paddleboard and frigid waters I have to swim but it’s doable share with you all I have a friend who 78 every day of his life he goes into that water and he just don’t tiptoe in this dude dives ,he says little things like ,no day like today, strong, left his fancy pants job in the city lives in a tiny little house now outdoor plumbing ,cooking outdoors , it’s winter here like 20° 10° some days ,dude is impressive anytime I have this little I don’t wanna , I think about this man , this little biddy old man, who by the way has cared for his body mind and soul looks 30!
    He’s like my idol !yeah day one to write that list thanks for the song love that sound

  10. It’s uncharacteristic of me, but I think it’s Neptune transiting my Pisces moon… I’m feeling cautious about any big changes. I’m looking for them, but I’m not ready to cross just yet.

  11. I have to say it help that transiting Uranus just sat on top of my Taurus moon at 10 degrees in the 8th house. All of a sudden someone came up behind me and flipped the light switch in my back to OFF. All that intense emotional energy just…went away. It held me where I am because I didnt want to leave the people I intensely love and have been devoted to all my life. It’s gone. I feel almost nothing. Dead…but lighter, freer.Im looking further afield. Im done with the safe and lower paying job. And The side job that has amounted to nothing.
    My 2nd Aquarius Saturn Return in the 5th has changed my relationship with my father, my son and who I held romantic feelings for. And myself. Where the hell have I been all these years? It’s a relief to not feel so intensely anymore. And my writing is getting noticed.
    As far as my love, I hope the best of it comes back. With this Uranus you never know. 4 more years…

  12. Yup, apart from a couple interceptions, my signs are in their natural opposites. With a 4-planet Sun stellium in Virgo 12th, I was beating my head against the hamster wheel (mixed metaphor appropriate) till a recent spiritual Renaissance has me leaning hard into the Piscean 12th energies, just to find some PEACE in life! ?
    But these energies were very evident in early childhood till Virgo logic and adult ambitions squashed them down.

    • PS: even as Pluto plows through my 4th House opposite my natal Mars-Venus conjunction, I’ve had URANUS TRINE that same Stellium of Uranus itself, Sun, Merc & Pluto.

  13. My favorite album in my teens! I would sing it to myself as I rode my bike around Santa Cruz in the 70’s. I relate more to conjunctions as I have so many, though.

  14. I want to understand the nervous laughter of pluto going into Aquarius!!! or maybe I don’t! … it’ll get into 12H territory for me! … love this post!

    • There is a Bible quote “sufficient unto the day is the evil therein”.
      Its so tempting to anticipate Pluto’s new playing field, but perhaps it makes sense to confront one dragon at a time. IMO

  15. I’m also very interested in oppositions!! I have a couple strong ones in my chart. One is Gem Sun/Jupiter opposite Neptune. The meaning of Gem Sun/Jupiter is what interests me and is also a bit elusive, probably bc of the Neptune. I’ve always been interested in the relationship of a Sun that is conjunct it’s opposite signs ruling planet. (For example, Aries Sun conjunct Venus, Taurus Sun conjunct Pluto, Cancer Sun conjunct Saturn, Leo Sun conjunct Uranus, Virgo Sun conjunct Neptune, Libra Sun conjunct Mars, Scorpio Sun conjunct Venus, Sag Sun conjunct Mercury, Cap Sun conjunct Moon, Pisces Sun conjunct Mercury and of course Aquarius would be the odd one out, but maybe that’s fitting?) Also, the Pluto, Uranus and Neptune signs would not alway be possible to ascertain because of the wide orbit, but maybe could be hypothesized?

    I haven’t been able to find much info on these relationships. Maybe it’s not really very interesting after all? How do those opposing energies play off one another? Are they really opposite or could they be complimentary or both at the same time? Maybe it’s impossible to isolate them from the rest of the chart?

    Personally, I don’t really feel like a “typical” Gemini. I definitely have many Sagittariun qualities; I LOVE to travel to far away places, adventure, I have 2 degrees and attended college for about 10 years, I am fascinated with philosophy and religion, and I really appreciate brutal honestly (when it’s genuine).

    I think I also posted something about this a long time ago but can’t find it now and I don’t mean to hijack this post (sorry Elsa?) but I think it does relate to the idea of opposites Elsa was explaining.

  16. I was reading this thinking it does not apply to me, when I realized I have been obsessing over the fictional graphic novel “Station Eleven” which is about losing everything (planet Earth) and what comes next. I have been so obsessed with this story that I have been writing my version and learning what it has to tell me from me.
    My Sun is in Cap., Mars in Aquarius (recently conjuncted by transiting Saturn), Jupiter in early Pisces, NN recently conjuncted by transiting Neptune.

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