Creative, Not Clinical

I’ve got the introduction to the Saturn in Capricorn class. I also have part two written; it’s in regards to the first and/or second Saturn return in Capricorn. Satori has edited my work for about a decade. She says it’s my best work yet. Her vote of confidence means a lot!

I do think it’s flowing but I have to keep it that way. This is a lot harder than it looks… I think. It’s like running a football all the way down the field. I’ve got what I’ve got and I’ve got to carry the ball all they down the field.

I’m writing this because someone who sent me their chart asked me if it was “enough”.  I didn’t have an answer for her. I have no idea! It’s like being on the 20-yard line and knowing what’s 60 yards ahead.  No. Clue.

I explained, my process was creative, not clinical but it works! Invariably, I come up with something highly useful, and readable. I think it’s my 8th house, working. I can exchange energy!  But I have to birth it first!

I feel just like the man in the picture; the one with the ball. I have natal Mars and Mercury conjunct in the 9th house. This is sport in a sense. It’s a challenge…a challenge for my brain!

How do you approach a project in your life? Let’s say you’re making a quilt. Would you lay out all the pieces before you begin to sew? I’m curious.


Creative, Not Clinical — 9 Comments

  1. I *would* lay out all the pieces of the quilt, and I’d probably research the best stitching, material, and strategy. But then, I have Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Virgo.

  2. Sounds good. I’m a total creative/surprise myself/fly by the seat of my pants type. Uranus/Jupiter/Mercury. Uranus/jupiter/Mars

  3. I’d lay out the pieces first.
    I have Mercury in Virgo, but mainly I have “professional deformation”. I look at all projects as if they were a job, and have to satisfy a client (and my reputation is on the line…!)
    Not much room for fooling around, say my Siamese Sun and Saturn, joined at the hip. (or brain?)
    I wish I could just run loose, like little kids.

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