Creative Interpretation Of Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo: January 20, 2019

Leo Madame AlexanderEclipses scare people – I don’t why.  They are not inherently dangerous. I have never had a bad experience during an eclipse, in my entire life.

The full moon, total eclipse in Leo takes place on around midnight on Sunday, at 0 degrees. I’m looking forward to this because I have Venus in Leo and I enjoy drama. 

I’m going to forego the traditional way astrologers see eclipse and offer my offbeat, creative, interpretation.  This fits because the moon is in Leo (creative) opposing the sun in Aquarius (quirk). Uranus in Aries describes an independent individual.  Uranus will square the sun and moon. It’s all about creative innovation.

“Creative innovation” can take any form.  Leo loves attention. Aquarius loves to shock.  I always think along the lines of a streaker, when these planets combine.  But there’s another angle here…

Aquarius is detached. Believe me,  I know. My mother was a double Aquarius and my father has five planets in the sign.  But I’ll give you another example of what I’m talking about.

I used to have a double Aquarius friend. She liked to call people and surprise them.  She’s just pick up the phone and dial people she’d not talked to for years, just to shock them.  Now here’s the twisted part…

She would can anyone. This included men with whom she’s had horrible break-ups. She would call people who hated her, or people she hated.  They’s pick up  “Hi, _____! This is, Sarah K! I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me..?”

Harmless fun, right? Maybe not.

Sarah K, could not have cared less, how the person on the other end of the phone felt. It’s not just Leo, who is full of themselves, but here’s what I want to say…

When I look at this lunar eclipse, I think of psychopathy. I know the terms is popular these days and perhaps overused.  But hopefully you can see what I mean. Conscience isn’t really involved here.  If you think what’s going on in the world around you at this time, as far as technology and politics, you can see how fitting this is.

On a personal level, this is a good time to assert yourself as a creative individual.  That’s what I’ve done here, with this post. It’s not written for “Google”. It’s written for you, the individual.

How will you use the energy of the total eclipse in Leo?




Creative Interpretation Of Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo: January 20, 2019 — 38 Comments

    • Well, I have somehow gone from no plans to THREE *Big* Things happening this weekend (VERY unusual for me)! I am pretty sure I will be a somewhat (quite?) different person on the other side of it all!

      The THREE Things appear unrelated on the surface but I can see how under the surface they are TOTALLY intertwined.

      Can’t wait to see how each plays out, and what the “sum-is-greater-than” outcome is when all is said and done.

  1. Suddenly that comment explained a lot about my Aquarius ex that screwed me up last year.

    I’ll probably be knitting or crocheting with it. Or just processing the drama I’ve had this week.

  2. What does your instinct tell you when it’s happening in the 12th house? (Now, nothing in Leo, but natel, Pluto in Leo/Neptune in 12th). (PS I’m sure I’m not your only fan who loves when you break down aspects house by house)

  3. This eclipse is in the end of my 11H.

    But it’s also my birthday! It’s looking like there is a 50-50 chance of a snowstorm that day LOL so I don’t know!

  4. My 9month old daughter has a 0degree leo moon on her 0 degree leo IC and I have Ceres at 1 degree Aquarius. She is my third child and the first I’ve successfully(too successfully) breastfed. I plan on starting my diet again. I had stopped my diet because it’s a diuretic and it was hard maintaining my milk supply. Our family has so much going on and I need to start weaning her off the breast. She is the neediest baby. I’ve recently became responsible for the management of my father’s 28 house/apt rentals and my husband starts his last round of chemo tomorrow. Busy doesn’t begin to describe. My mind works better on my diet and my daughter needs to start relying on others as well. It’s hard for anyone to help with her because she is super attached to me and breastfeeding and she hates bottles.

  5. Dear “NotMyCircus”,
    Yikes! You’ve had it so rough, the last few years. I’m praying for the both of us. Much blessings and light to you.

    • Thanks. Not sure what to expect from this eclipse but I’m not toooo worried about it. I do need to start investing the money in my IRA (it’s been acting as a savings account and not growing, oooops). I need to address that, ASAP. I’m not sure where to start, either.

      • Unless you’re near retirement or need the money soon, just invest it in a broad equity index and bond index and don’t touch it. No sense in trying to time the market or pick stocks. You could use an online tool to get a recommended mix for your age. Probably 80 equity/20 bond would be standard (you look young?) but adjust the stock % up or down given your personal risk tolerance.

        • I’m 41, so 80/20 sounds about right. I didn’t start my 401K til I was in my late 30’s (too poor) so I may have to take on more risk than others in my age group to catch up, I don’t know.

  6. I have never had a bad experience during but it highlighted difficulties after for sometime. The Great American is still ringing as it hit a sore spot, a lifetime maybe more of dysfunction. From a shadow point of view, good news. From a functioning life not so good.

  7. This eclipse is just past a conjunction of my boyfriend’s moon and ASC which is 28 degree Cancer. Because it will be at zero degrees Leo, should I still consider this a conjunction? Not sure because it’s in a different sign.

  8. This Lunar Eclipse falls in my 6H. It will be 3 degrees applying to my 9H Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction; 5 degrees applying to my Leo DC and, likewise, 5 degrees applying to my Aquarius ASC. I think I will feel more assertive next weekend and pursue my interests.

  9. Hits my 0 degree Leo part of Fortune, 9th house. I don’t know much about that part of my chart, but since this month has been nonstop drama (phone fried during an update, sick for 2 weeks, car issues, and my bank account drained thanks to an ATM skimmer) I’m already between complete nervous breakdown and numb. Uranus Aries is sitting directly opposite my Mercury Libra 28, and the Uranus Aries transit made my life resemble a war zone over the past 8 years already (Libra stellium, moon Cancer, with Pluto sitting directly opposite, Mars Cap). Hoping the eclipse brings some sort of good shocking news to help jolt things in a new direction.

  10. Pluto in Leo in 10th trine Jupiter in 3rd – starting sixth Improv school; finally…”get it.” Going to put it out there and allow friends to watch performances, about time. Husband can rot in front of the TV, in another state, finally! I’m movin on!

  11. It’s hitting my Mars at 0 Leo in the 4 th, which also happens to be my chart ruler. My natal Mars also squares my ASC in late Aries.

    I will have to move in the next couple of months, I’m trying to decide if it will be within the city or a long distance one.

    Every eclipse this year conjuncts something in my chart. The Cap one hit my MC. Next month the full moon is conjunct my Sun. I have a feeling it’s going to be an eventful year!

  12. I think I have just met one. A creative psychopath, that is. How timely. But I’ll keep my cards close to my chest until I have more information. I’ll be meeting this person (with others) just prior to the Eclipse.

  13. Ack! I just realized that our progressed composite sun is now conjunct my bf’s ASC and moon conjunction. And guess what? The full moon on Sunday will join this conjunction. OMG. Not to mention, our progressed composite moon is currently opposing our composite Mars-Pluto conjunction. Freaking out. What could this mean?

  14. This eclipse will span my MC-IC axis with Sun conjunct Mercury and square natal Neptune rising. Like walking through a six foot fog and seeing the blue sky above. I better listen for the foghorn to navigate by.

  15. Hi Elsa,

    Good Morning. Pl. note that my Natal LEO is little bit crowded with Jupiter(3rd House), Uranus(2nd House) & Pluto(3rd House). So, pl. comment on the Eclipse outcome this time in my case.

    As on Today, I have managed to get my Res. Visa for a New Co. in UAE after remaining jobless since Dec. 13, but trying for a better one desperately now for better pay as this Co’s package is pretty less as compared to the fact that I Deserve really a lot more. Moreover, my Financial problem has been dogging me for the last about 10 years & very much till now – as an example. many times I should say, I find I don’t have enough money for Food, moreover always I have to take Loans from my friends. I could not manage to save at all at this age of 63 (DOB: 05th Sep. 1955 @ 11:35 pm Night in Calcutta, India), even after working for more than 37 yrs. now as a Professional Chem. Engr. So, advise me, please. Best of my Regards & very sincerely yours – Soumen Mukhopadhyay from Abu Dhabi (UAE)

  16. i’m beginning to understand the difference between leo/aquarius, my husband represents the leo side (royalty) and i notice that he puts me on a royalty kind of life; it’s simple but it’s away from the humanity. me, the singularity aquarius, likes to understand and mingle with the rest of humanity, even the lowest of the low, the drudgery, the commoners (Aquarius symbol); my husband doesn’t want to mingle with that, avoids it, but weirdly i do. I enjoy it very much to mingle and understand the rest of humanity. I like to see how hard it is in life, that we all have it hard and are all suffering; because i dont ever want to forget that it’s hard. Difficult to explain but i get it. (for Leo, it makes them depressed and fire doesn’t like to feel that energy, thus avoidance) It’s almost like the symbolic nature of Kate Middleton & Prince William, Meghan Markle/Prince Harry. They are not aquarius/leo, but it’s the symbolic nature of their marriage.

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