Crash Course In Astrology

I wrote this for a client, but realized others don’t realize this…

“I am guessing you don’t know much about astrology, so here is a crash course.  Planets move along in their orbits, forming angles to each other that correlate with events in our lives. 

Fast moving planets form angles frequently. Their influence is fleeting.  For example, Venus comes along and a person has a few days that are sweet.

Now the outer planets are another thing all together. Pluto takes 240 years to transit the zodiac.  Compare that to Venus which takes just one year.  So when these outer planets square off (clash), the impact is enormous…”

Do you grasp astrology?


Crash Course In Astrology — 19 Comments

  1. i grasp the concept and understand the role of planets, houses, etc… knowing and understanding the specific transits are a bit more complex… ive only done research on my own, though…

  2. Usually I need to find out things to understand an aspect or transit better, but I think I have a basic understanding of astrology.

  3. After 11 years of studying it, more than I give myself credit for. But astrology is a science of layers. After you rip the understanding of one layer off, you find another to apply. It’s like going from looking at the Planets to looking at bosons. Makes my head spin some days.

  4. For those of you who aren’t into physics like I am bosons are subatomic particles that carry force. They help particles interact with one another without touching, much like the forces of gravity or magnets. Sounds a lot like Astrology, huh?

  5. I try, it’s hard though. I’ve been learning for more than a year and there’s still lots to learn. I think I know the very basics though. I did know what you mention in this post, for example. 🙂

  6. It’s taken me about ten years to really get a grasp on the nuances of all the different layers and yet I still have questions I’m researching all the time. I guess that’s why astrology is so fascinating to me. It isn’t an easy subject to master.

    I barely pay attention to inner planet transits compared to outer ones. A sweet aspect from venus or the moon that will be gone in a matter of days or even hours doesn’t help much if you are getting pummeled by a saturn square or neptune opposition.

    One outer transit I wish I could feel but can’t yet is t. pluto trine natal venus. Been going for a few years now, it’s supposed to be one of the best transits you can have that not everyone even gets in their lifetime, but I’m still waiting for this lovely transformation. It may have happened inside me just not manifested outside yet. Saturn has all the power now and is still blocking anything good from happening it seems.

  7. Understanding the basics came so much easier than aspects and transits.

    It’s like in high school. Algebra kinda easy, Geometry straight F’s…….and I did try.

    I think it’s a good thing at my age to challenge my brain. Astrology is perfect!

  8. I can tell you its hard. I have had to start with my own chart and work from there. One small thing at a time. I could work on this for years and there would still be plenty to learn. I do love it. It has helped me enormously. But this may be something I can try to learn for the rest of my life and never fully understand. I am going to keep working on it though.

  9. I did exactly the same thing what S&P said. Take your chart and go on googling endlessly about every aspect, it really is endless.
    Though I can easily grasp the science, like there is magnetic attraction between all celestial bodies.

  10. In a word, no.It seems to me that people who benefit most from the study of astrology are the astrologers themselves. When the planets are seen as alive!!! and not simply marks on paper, that is a tremendous gift. Life has it’s ups and downs, for everyone.It’s not just the bad times I need help with, it’s processing the good as well. Sometimes great things happening can lead to disaster if I don’t stay conscious at the wheel of living, which happens now, and not in my plans for later.

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