Astrology & Coronavirus Global Pandemic

coronavirusWhat does the coronavirus look like from an astrological perspective?

I tie the coronavirus to the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. There is a lot (Jupiter) of fear (Capricorn / Saturn) that many people will die (Pluto), worldwide (Jupiter).  While it’s possible this could happen, most fears do not manifest in reality.

Fear is good for business. Very good!  Companies shamelessly manipulate people into buying things. We all know this is true.

There is also a lot of money to be made when there are big moves in the stock market. The direction, up or down, doesn’t matter.

I may sound jaded to some but here’s what I noticed: this story was really pushed beginning on Sunday, to impact the markets on Monday.  Monday morning, Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc. already had their panic stuff ready to go.  Gallons of bleach, various wipes, vinegar, whatever.  These items were available, in your face, as soon as you walked in the door.

Sorry, but I worked for Frito-Lay for years.  I knew to order a lot of Doritos for Superbowl and the order was made in advance.  It’s simply not possible for these stores to be pre-stocked and have the goods displayed without advance notice.  They know a fuse will be lit so everything is in place so they can maximize sales.

I don’t know about you, but I hate being manipulated like this. Period.

Back to the astrology, yes this conjunction describes a worldwide pandemic. But it also describes an opportunity to make mega bucks by scaring people to death.  I don’t know about the former but I am definitely seeing the latter in play.

What are you doing in response to the coronavirus threat?

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Astrology & Coronavirus Global Pandemic — 77 Comments

  1. The last time Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto came together in Capricorn was December 1284 to January 1285.

    The only historical reference I found, is that there was widespread famine, but no mention of any epidemic.

    “Fear is good for business. Very good!”

    • According to scholars at the University of Paris, the Black Death is created on this day in 1345, from what they call “a triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the 40th degree of Aquarius, occurring on the 20th of March 1345″.

        • Ummm, the 40th degree of Aquarius(?) I thought each sign had 30 degrees…maybe something I missed about the astrology of 1345(?)….any input on how they actually created the Black Death(?)…and why(?)

    • If you scroll down below Alex Troup made the same comment and I responded.

      There is some controversy on when the Black Plague actually started, but 1345 sounds possible. What is documented is the number of deaths when the plague became epidemic by 1347, and that’s when Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto where all in Aries… I mentioned this below so I won’t rewrite it.

  2. I’m doing nothing outside of the normal measures I would take to avoid disease. I think the threat is greatly overblown. And your perspective makes sense, unfortunately.

  3. Currently I’m not doing anything. My focus is on controlling the colitis flare I’m having, which could kill me more easily than the coronavirus. The hospital would not be a good place to go right now.
    I am a bit concerned that people will overreact and we’ll all be forced to stay in our homes soon. Not everyone can work from home. Not everyone has the money or space for stockpiles of supplies.

    • That’s what concerns me too. I can’t work from home and neither can my husband. Most people can’t work from home. Also, a lot of jobs has zero paid sick days, so what happens to paying the rent and bills during a quarantine? And let’s not even mention the amount of uninsured and underinsured people who simply can’t afford to and won’t go to the hospital unless they are severely ill. There is a lot to think about, looks like the biggest problem is not even the coronavirus itself…

  4. too much fear going around, while my husband was saying, there are flus every year that kill people every year by the hundreds, much more than coronavirus. and it’s true, that most of the cases are affecting the elderly too weak, or the very young. a lot of the coronavirus symptons are like the flu too. a very bad flu. keep clean, stay safe and if sick stay home and don’t spread; I heard it’s contagious like the flu, like coughing, from saliva, sneezing, that kind of thing.

      • thanks for the link,Kate. I was informed that light flus kills about 200k people per year while heavy flus kill around 700k per year; however, the coronavirus is untreatable for now because it comes from animals and not just flu from humans. Right as of now, it’s killed 3k people and most are elderly and the very young.

        It’s so interesting because astrology related, when Saturn was in Sagittarius, there were a lot of deaths concerning publication and free speech, and hundreds/thousands died over people trying to speak their freedom; their mind. While now we are in Saturn in Capricorn and so much fear over the businesses/market which relates to health/ and I read somewhere that Capricorn influenced people do not yield easily to disease….and weirdly now it’s all about the disease O_O
        This is in relation to Capricorn having good bones, skin, and not susceptible to diseases and backwards going younger than older. Saturn doesn’t seem to do well in Capricorn either. :/

      • Yes, thank you for mentioning that this is far more deadly than the seasonal flu. The seasonal flu kills 1/10 of a percent of the people who contract it. The coronavirus right now has a 2% death rate. That is an exponentially higher number. And, everyone keeps quoting seasonal flu figures that are simply not accurate. The government does not test people for seasonal flu. Nobody does. What they do is they take any death that can be – but is by no means proven to be — related to the flu and lump it in as a flu death. So those seasonal flu numbers are vastly overexaggerated – and, very conveniently, allows the pharmacy companies to sell lots and lots of largely useless flu vaccines.

        • In Australia in 2019, we lost 812 people to influenza, but approx. 300,000 people had confirmed cases of it. Yes, it was a bad flu season. Another way to put it, 1/83 people in Australia had the flu last year. It had a kill rate of about 0.27% i.e. 1/367 chance of dying from it once you got it. But the median age of death was 86, so loads of old people died from it (who might just as easily die from a heatwave etc).
          Now, the data on this CV-19 thing keeps changing daily, but even in Italy, it’s absolutely nowhere near 1/83 people having the virus. Even though loads of old people again are dying from it, as far as the world is concerned, flu still trumps CV-19 by a very long shot!!
          Judging by the (changeable!) numbers, I figure you’d need to have 1/581 people diagnosed with CV-19 to get the same kill rate as the flu in Australia. And currently our cases are 99% mild, too. So unless something absolutely crazy happens (and I mean WAY crazier with death numbers and illness rates than what we’ve currently seen), it’s not going to get anywhere near our 2019 flu rates – dying from it OR having it. No-one put countries in lock-down for the flu. But they are for this coronavirus.
          I personally smell something fishy. Can’t say I’m a fan of the stars right now!! I wasn’t keen to step into 2020 after a bad 2019, especially after traipsing through the ephemeris, but what choice did I have?!
          I’m amazed at how easily people are just doing what they’re told by their governments! I live in the country and am classified as an ‘essential’ service, so I’m just doing what I’m normally doing anyway. But food shopping is a headache and a half now…!
          Maybe it’s just me, but killing economies because perhaps up to 100K people will die from CV-19 worldwide sounds dumb as can be to me. Tonnes more people than that die every year worldwide from influenza. It’s one of our biggest killers. Approx. 17,000 people died just in the USA last year from influenza! But no, governments are choosing to clamp down on this CV-19 and put people under virtual house arrest.
          I also agree about flu vaccines being largely useless. I’ve looked at the Australian governmental data. There’s just as much chance of people having a ‘cough and fever’ who have had the flu vaccine as haven’t. And it’s the same story year in, year out. In other words, it doesn’t seem to work.
          Anyway, I’ve decided I don’t want to live in fear. I have plenty of freedom to do what I want in the countryside where I live. Can’t say the same for city folk right now, though. I just wish people would read statistics and graphs. Because if they did that, they’d all start asking “hey, why are you lying to us??” to their respective governments.

          • RobynS, I concur, I’ve been running the numbers as well. I’ve been lectured and called names for simply asking questions. That to me is reprehensible. I have no idea what’s really going on, but something doesn’t smell right.

            • Hi dolce, yes, I have access to the CV-19 data and government data – as does everyone with an internet connection! But most people aren’t making the links or checking factual daa. They’re just believing the hype and what they’re told. I was even told in a cranky manner by another shopper this morning that I was meant to be standing behind the taped line at the supermarket (so as to keep my distance). Blurgh.
              Think of it this way – many people think astrology is a load of crap; we know it isn’t because we have properly studied it and it makes sense. If people would only go and research things themselves then they would find the truth staring them in the face. The information is all out there, it’s just that very few people are interested in finding it – or believing it when they do. Everyone’s being lied to by (right-wing) governments and corporations around the world, which want to keep their power at any cost (Saturn/Pluto Cap Conj anyone?!). Trying to change people’s mind when most people are operating ‘en masse’ at present is honestly useless. And the human brain is VERY good at manipulating data so that it conforms to their pre-conceived ideas anyway. So if you tell most people something (or even just ask a simple question…) that conflicts with their pre-conceived ideas, then they are either going to ignore you or get mad at you. It’s horrible but that’s how we’ve developed. Humans are very much still part of Kingdom Animalia!!
              I’m sorry you’re having a bad time. I’d love to offer you hope and smiles and sweetness, but I think a more helpful answer would be: Get used to it…! 🙁
              There are dodgy things going on at present; more than usual it seems. All I can do is make sure me and my family and any like-minded people I know do NOT get swept up in the tsunami of stupidity that is currently infecting this world. I can talk with people and post my ideas for people to read. They can take them or leave them. What more can one do?
              As for the astrology for 2020, the first quarter has been bad enough. But I am not looking forward to transiting Mars in Aries squaring Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto for the second half of this year. Put it this way – it’s entirely put me off trying to get pregnant this year ha ha ha!!!
              Aside from that, there are some fundamental changes that need to occur for the world to get ‘back on track’, if you like. And Change is never nice for people. Even if it turns out better in the end, the process is often difficult. I think the planetary display we have on offer this year will see a lot of change happen. And I don’t think enough good change will come of it. Humans are slow learners. I’d love to be more positive about it, but after 41 years on this planet and being in a health job dealing with people, I’m far more jaded than I used to be! I WAS an Idealist, and somewhere in there I suppose I still am. But I go around in a suit of Realism now. It’s much more practical.
              Good luck trying to get through the next year. You’ll honestly probably need all the luck you can get!! We all need it.

          • 7 months later, the picture looks different and it appears the fear was justified: almost a million and a half dead, over 261,000 in the U.S. The fear factor in the conjunctions related as well to the fear mongering of the president and colleagues for the last 7 months, with long term effects.

  5. Thank you, Elsa! I’m glad someone else is making this connection as this has been on my mind, too. (BTW, longtime reader here. I have most of my “planets in shy” 😉 but they’ve been getting a good prodding from the astrological weather lately!)

    Pandemic is from the Greek “pan” + “demos,” translating roughly to “all people.” Although the WHO recently (yesterday) elevated its risk assessment of the global spread and impact COVID-19 to “very high,” this is short of calling it a pandemic, and I’m also not aware of any national health agencies declaring the p-word, either. While Chinese agencies made a lot of mistakes in how they initially dealt with (er, denied) the problem, leading to this all snowballing, now, the number of cases in the country continue to plummet, which speaks to the unprecedented coordination efforts underway. Worldwide, we’re also seeing incredible international cooperation and knowledge (Jupiter) towards containing (Saturn) the virus, which requires some vast resources (Pluto) indeed. But we shouldn’t leave out the fact that this Cap triple conjunction is also in cooperative sextile to Neptune in Pisces: the symbolism speaks to a mysterious illness that seems to diffuse everywhere, but we can also see how “all people” are coming together constructively– in this sense, anyway! And just in case anyone reads me the wrong way here, taking a moment to appreciate the organized dedication of all these people doesn’t take away from the tragedy– it keeps it in perspective (Jupiter)!

    But I still see there being plenty to worry about. We might not end up with a viral pandemic, but I think we already have a pandemic of fear on our hands. Another way to read the triple Cap conjunction is “rule by a disproportionate amount of fear,” and Elsa, you’re right about the business connections (though I think it’s even more insidious and dark!). I agree with X-rayed that Uranus in Taurus is an important piece here, too. Suddenly, people feel insecure; reality feels a bit unstable. Values (financial and ethical) can change overnight. Meanwhile, that Neptune sextile can get us easily hoodwinked into believing total garbage as we ironically try to come to our senses. Conspiracy theories; victim blaming. Mercury is retro right now too, and one way we can read that is literally as “backwards thinking.” You do the math. I’m not wrong. But tl;dr, it’s a weird time right now. We’re coming together over this thing, but we’re also pushing away from each other even more out of fear.

    What am I doing in response? Honestly, I’m more concerned about the short- and long-term effects of this internet-fueled fear on the financial markets. Uranus is transiting my 8th house cusp and in opposition to my 2nd house ruler. I lost some of my savings this week when the stock markets fell. So many people have been precariously balanced on a knife’s edge for so long, and now Uranus is in Taurus. I’ve had my eye on January of next year for a while and I think we’re seeing the prologue. The effects will ripple. My plan is to just keep engines on full speed ahead but to keep an extra close eye on the weather so I can course correct for turbulence…

    • I really don’t think people are so much fearful as angry that our government is doing such a poor job of addressing the problem. The politicians are all busy covering their rear ends, and nobody is taking the decisive actions that need to be taken. We are way behind the curve in terms of preparedness and the expertise guiding the response as compared to every other country. That’s pretty pathetic. The only fears I hear about surround the stock market. Hardly the appropriate thing to be worrying about right now.

      • i supose we as humans in this day and age should be able to rely on ourselves and what ever the “government” does is just sideline help. for 5 mins i watched msnbc and OMG along with cnn.
        I am most worried about being forced to take an injection shot of god knoows what well maybe god dosent know. I have been calling this the PLANdemic. Its not the pandemic i am afraid of it is what will be taking place. And the DAMN RIOTS. Lord help us all.
        Have a great day and be safe pay attention .

  6. Honestly, I’m worried about the situation here in the U.S. I’m not afraid of the coronavirus itself but I am of what might follow. The news keep talking about how people should work from home. Many people can’t work from home simply because they don’t have an office job, etc. Also “if you feel sick, just stay at home”… how? Many jobs don’t have paid sick days and you risk getting fired if you don’t show up to work. And here comes the other issue, a lot of Americans can’t afford to buy weeks of food/supplies in advance, not earn any money for weeks (in case of a quarantine) but still pay rent, bills, etc. And last but not least the uninsured and underinsured people won’t go to the hospital unless they are really sick. They will go to work as long as they can because they HAVE to. Please let this be over soon. ???

    • I had a boss who asked people to come to work sick (especially if a bug was going around at work). Just take a Tylenol and come in, we’ll all be sick together, yay!

      There were times I saw cooks vomit in the trash can and go right back to work. Or ignore their high blood pressure. They had to keep working to pay the bills and feed their families. This was in assisted living!

      I owe, I owe, so off to work I go….

    • You’re right about the Black Plague (1347-1352). What I gathered is that it started with a triple conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto in Aries in 1347, and lasted throughout that year. But the plague continued through the subsequent years as Uranus-Pluto remained conjunct. By 1349 Uranus had ingress Taurus, but Saturn had now joined Pluto in an Aries conjunction that lasted through early 1351.

      If anything can be gleaned from this is the current situation will probably last throughout the year, until both Jupiter-Saturn ingress Aquarius.

  7. I’d like to agree about fear but I think there’s more to it than that. Consumer capitalism has always taken advantage of misfortune and fortunate events – St Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, but also more subtle examples are bereavement cards and expensive medicines, sanitary products (Scotland has just announced tampons will be free for people who can’t afford them in Scotland). Also there’s lots of documented evidence wars have been encouraged in various areas of our planet in order to boost a capitalist economy (in the weapons industry).

    Getting back to Covid 19 virus – a leading scientist announced this morning that it’s 20 times more fatal than flu. See his article:

    So yes, I am scared. The virus has an incubation period of 14-24 days where people won’t know they’ve got it. So it’s spreading very fast.

    I’ve had breathing problems in the past and I know what it feels like to not be able to breathe properly. It’s scary.

    I’m not into scare mongering and many have recovered from this virus. However, to focus on what consumer capitalism is doing with regards to people’s fear response is a small thing compared to this pandemic.

    From China’s example, shutting down the ways in which people can come into contact with each other seems to help. Hard decisions are going to have to be made.

  8. Something that popped into my head this morning… money. Can it be spread via the handling of money? eesh.

  9. It’s interesting that the US chart has a Cancer Stellium; Cancer and Capricorn have a lot in common. What is most curious is that Mercury (communication) is at 24 deg Cancer, currently exact opposite t.Pluto (manipulation) for 18 weeks till July 4th – timing is everything!!

    That’s not all, t.Neptune will also be at 20 deg Pisces for 18 weeks from April-August, at an exact square with the US’ Mars at 20 deg Gemini; how more deceptive (Neptune) can the communication (Gemini) get?!

    There is A LOT that is hidden, creating a fog (Neptune in Pisces). With Mercury also in Pisces till April 10th, it’s nearly impossible to decipher what’s true in anything that’s being communicated. Also, it doesn’t help that over blowing (Jupiter) fears (Saturn) is a popular power play (Pluto) authorities (Capricorn) have used since the dawn of time to further agendas (Capricorn).

    The Nodes will ingress Sag/Gem with all this going on, and at some point we will all have to start thinking for ourselves and not let others (media) do the thinking for us.

    “I don’t know about you, but I hate being manipulated like this. Period.”

    Me neither Elsa, I’m annoyed!!!

      • The nodes in duplicitous Gemini opposite Sagittarius. Air. Planes. Carriers. 9/11. Flying was stopped after that terrible day. Why can’t planes be grounded for 2 weeks now.???? That is the instrument of this virus. Short term thinking as usual by business and Capricorn governments.. If this virus keeps going and we all think it will then holidays in the summer will be stopped by paranoia…

      • I forgot to mention earlier that nMercury is square nPluto, so I don’t think controlling, manipulating information is something that will go away. It’s interesting that both planets are Rx, so internalized? Meaning it’s focused on the home front – I don’t know, but it sounds plausible.

        I also progressed the US’ chart to July 4th when t.Pluto starts shifting from 24 deg.

        Surprise, surprise Progressed Venus changes signs around the same time to Taurus.

        Dare I say, this is all about money?!

        • Look, you can’t go through Geopolitics classes and not know what modern “disruptive weapons” are like. Biological warfare replaced WMDs a while ago. It was already in use in Vietnam. They create the viruses and then spread them. Its not about flying. Coronavirus even “attacked” Switzerland, for christ sake. Thats the heart of banking. Portugal? Where every tourist now wants to visit? Zero cases until yesterday. Cmon… wake up. The outburst is meant to close China for business… and everyone that stands on the fence regarding it…

  10. Avoid the subway!
    And if possible, avoid close contact in general.
    Tons of travelling people coming through all the time…
    But I’m self employed work & at home, so that makes it easier.
    Still, I’m slightly paranoid – and more and more so as the numbers go up.

  11. I’m doing what I call “casual prep”: stocking up on medicine cabinet supplies, water, etc. I live in California where we’re supposed to have extra supplies in case of an earthquake, anyway. I also live between two counties that have confirmed cases likely from community spread, which means it’s out there.

    • I hadn’t heard this term before. This is what we are doing. But I have been slowly building up supplies over the last few years in general, just in case. I have children to feed and there’s no harm in having our everyday food on hand. If things never gets bad, then it’ll still get eaten.

      It is a financial burden since my husband is a rideshare driver. I’m concerned about him out driving the public around and if the outbreak comes here working will become risky.

      Just trying to prepare, and then relax as much as possible.

  12. I would look to the nodes going into Sagittarius and Gemini, underway squaring Neptune. Foreign stuff, trades, world travel and other stuff will be meet blockages, due to these things during the year, as the Nodes shifts into new signs in 2020.

    Neptune has virus written all over it, and Saturn/Pluto ensure the fear for our family ties and structures (Capricorn/Cancer).
    Jupiter is the World pandemic vibe. It has contacts with Neptune this year, but it’s not always in lucky way. Your worst fears (Neptune) can be blown up and out of proportions (Jupiter).

    The Nodes are answering to Jupiter very soon, and so I would expect this virus to last the whole year and more, affecting global trades and a lot of other foreign stuff. It’s certainly heavy and transformative, like the fires in Australia cleaning out shop by showing the consequence of the world’s climate changes (Saturn/Pluto). It’s serious and long term consequences.

    But someone will get rich. They will always get rich.

  13. Got to agree with Elsa and many of the sensible and realistic comments here. BUT. The only natural thing that ever happens to any living organism on our Earth is that we must die. Covid 19 might be it but doubtful really. Think terrorists, Lockerbie, plain lunatics everywhere. Wash your hands properly, and the backs of them. Sneeze into your sleeve (try saying that pissed) drunk, in USA. With regards the spread of it. How about nature getting rid of very elderly who are being kept alive with so many pharmaceuticals, ie. Neptune? Perhaps Pluto needs to destroy to enable the young, and stop the logjam of so many very old humans. Just a thought. My favourite though is the Jupiter/Pluto at 22 degrees in November on top of China’s Jupiter, to finish what the January conjunction started. Just love that I’m a Cancerian with them all opposing me in my crappy life on top of my Mars/Saturn midpoint. Kaput??? C’est la vie. Have you ever sat with a dying person? It’s the most immense empowering feeling of peace. Think about that. Whilst you are here, keep moving forwards. Our local pharmacy already has no face asks, no hand gel. The manufacturers are loving it all just like Elsa says.

    • Regarding the logjam of elderly-the Doctor who discovered the virus, perfectly healthy at 32 (or close to that age), died of it! It’s like Cancer – it does not discriminate against age or race. Sure people who have mostly died had underlying illnesses, but it has taken healthy folks, young and old.

  14. Not. Coincidental.

    Great read. I read it to my husband. He said I should repost (because he thought I was reading from Facebook). This from a man who has listened to me talk astrology almost all of our 43 years of marriage and has next to no interest in astrology.


    I’ve been watching the news closely out of sag curiosity somewhat. I saw this Jup/Sat/Pluto/Cap and when I first heard about the virus I hoped it wouldn’t spread as much as I (hate to admit) feared.

    I hate being manipulated too. I can’t help but feel this was all planned. All of it. By someone. Pluto (manipulation). Saturn (takes its joy in the 12th house/ hidden/ undoing)
    With Jupiter in Cap (in its fall/ not healthy planet/ excess). Someone went too far manipulating. I won’t get any more detailed pointing fingers at various entities I don’t trust but it could produce extreme anger in my heart if I let it. People have needlessly died. I do believe the manipulation goes to the root of the event/the cause. I could be wrong. I doubt that I am. Makes me feel a loss of hope if I succumb. Instead I am furiously sewing/ quilting. My preferred Saturn activity.

  15. How are you being manipulated, Elsa? A store moves to the front the items that they see flying off the shelves.

    That isn’t manipulation; It’s good merchandizing. You are free to buy the items or walk on by.

    I think you are projecting something here.

    • I am not being manipulated in that way, Lakshmi. I did not buy any of the stuff laid before me. 🙂

      You’re right! I do have free will and I exercised it! 🙂

    • Hi Lakshmi
      I think you’ll find what Elsa said was:

      “Companies shamelessly manipulate people into buying things. We all know this is true.”

      …which is completely different from saying that companies are manipulating Elsa! ?

  16. I have a question for everyone who responded on this article:

    Can you name at least one (yes, there’s more than one) other epidemic that is currently global and has killed more people than this Corona?

    The CDC defines epidemic as follows “ an increase in the number of cases of a disease, sometimes sudden, above what is normally expected in that population in that area…….spread over several countries or continents, usually affecting a large number of people”.

    • More people have died from the regular FLU this season than coronavirus.

      The last huge pandemic–the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak–was initially blamed on returning troops from the Great War. Effects then: 4-day workweeks, closed theaters and stores, cancellation of many mass public events..

      So who really is to blame here…crowded ocean liners carrying a mixed population with a billion-plus germs, with several high-risk passengers who are more vulnerable to new microbes (people 80+ years old)? This is a chicken-and-egg question from the getgo.

  17. Reading through, I don’t see any discussion about a connection to the nodal axis being in Cancer-Capricorn. The South node in particular gets my vote for a link to what is happening. This situation is about releasing primitive repressed fear and the South node in Cap ruled by Saturn in his home sign seems to be responsible for vetting this job done. We all carry fear in our unconscious and it is leaking out now collectively on a big scale aided no doubt by the boundary-less emphasis of the Pisces transits. No one can think clearly during Pisces season, especially with a Mercury rx going on. I am interested to see how things go once the SN is ruled by Saturn in Aqua and when the axis shifts to Gem+Sagg in May.

  18. Elsa, great thread. Been a while since I visited here. Love when you touch these subjects. You know a lot more than just the astrology of it, one can tell. Kudos ?

  19. Hand washing is what I am doing. But I wash my hands and then I have to pee, so I have to wash my hands again. And I am not doing any more public stuff than absolutely necessary.

    We are on our own. The world is suffering from the loss of US leadership (capricorn). Leaders who know the resources (pluto) and can pull the best together to succeed. Remember ebola, we pulled the best resources, went to the epicenter, did the medical thing, educated the populace. A large segment of the population does not like expertise, there is a revolt against knowledge and experience and concerted effort. Big tough guy talk from insecure leadership (that is not really leadership at all or it would be made clear and there would not be panic) and here we are. Good luck everyone!

    • notch, what do you do if the people around you cough and sneeze without covering their mouth on transport, get super close all the time, and don’t wash their hands (with soap) when they go to the public bathroom? I was thinking of buying a mask just cause people will do what they do. Also, I do wash my hands, but I get nervous and do like to touch my mouth and eyes when working with other people.

      • I mean in that situation someone can literally sneeze into someone else mouth almost.

        I am so angry at people at the moment. Idk. My stupid progressed Libra moon along with my natal mars 12th is making things harder

      • I cringe. Not outwardly. But I am super aware of all of that now. I don’t get close right now. And I stay away from people with the flu. I am rural so we don’t have public transit, but that would be nerve wracking at present. I have been putting off going to the laundramat, but tonite’s the nite. There is always at least one mom there with a drippy nosed kid.

        I use those wipe things and hand sanitizer (don’t even want to read the chemicals in that stuff). I do the best I can. After all I could take all the precautions against getting the flu that I can and then get hit by a bus or something. I’m in my 60s and overjoyed I made it this far.

    • That’s the lesson of Pluto in Capricorn: The government is not going to save us, you guys. Yes, I do pay attention to updates from the CDC but that’s about it.

  20. The other day I was reading a discussion on a nurse’s forum about COVID-19.

    One nurse said her hospital is now keeping all masks under lock and key!! I think they’re afraid of people taking fistfuls of them, thus creating a shortage–even though the CDC has made it clear that face masks are not needed for the general public.

    So now that hospital only allows their staff to use them on isolation patients under droplet precautions. This nurse had a sick patient coughing and hacking in her face–but the hospital refused to give her a mask.

    I expect more crazy decisions like this over time, especially once hospitals and clinics run into shortages due to China producing a lot of the stuff they rely on.

  21. Another thing: China produces a lot of our pharmaceutical products. You know, antibiotics, components of crucial medications, IV bags….

    I do wonder if we’ll see this start to affect the U.S. soon. I’m not wringing my hands about it, just thinking we may find out very soon just how much we truly rely on China for things we need.

  22. If I get, I get it. I work with the public, in a high traffic supermarket. I am exposed to everything that goes around. There is no working from home possible for me.

    I always have a stock of non perishables, which I have (yesterday) increased slightly. I live in a remote area, so supply in case of a pandemic is a real issue here.

    Hand sanitizer flies off the shelves the minute we put it up. People are wanting masks, but we’re out and none coming in. I don’t think either offer much protection, honestly, and won’t be using either myself.

    My only concern is paid sick days, of which I have none. How would I pay my bills? I missed two days recently due to a regular cold and that really set me back.

  23. Just realized, I am probably gonna ask my cousins to not come see me for two weeks after they come back from Vegas (tomorrow). (I am cat sitting in their absence.) Vegas is a tourist hub, plus the airports and planes… I don’t need to go courting disaster where I do have the option to avoid it!

  24. Im drinking my master tonic (4 thieves tonic, google it), eating popcorn and smoking my weed everyday.

    FYI i had the coronavirus back in january and shook it off in 2 days. Thank you God for showing me the master tonic recipe just in time.

  25. The elect will see, the lost will not.
    As the world turns, its what we all thought.
    If you break the enchantment, it wont drag on,
    When you wake up, you will fall outta Babylon.

    CC Proofs

  26. This is 2020 and with Saturn In half and half Pluto an Juipter and Uranus in the sign of the bull…we are in for a very very difficult ride so watch out Mars in Aries in July this horn is on you not me….

    • I have already read the ending.
      My fav quote from alfred e. newman comes to mind, “what, me worry?”

      When you understand my ditty above then you will understand it all.
      If you cant figure it out then thats on you not me.

      The horn has already sounded in office.
      Trump and Trumppence

  27. Well ladies the virus has a chart and the USA chart is saying yes mars in 20 degrees Gemini and I don’t buy into it with my moon trine Neptune now while the old story is and its true do you I don’t and do your friends mine aren’t have the flu if not then it’s planedemic while its suppose to happen this 2 number 2 evolution as it did in 1920 when all groups agreed on a reform to leave the Victorian age and become modern while we have had modern we may be evolving to a New Age with out a plan seeing the Aquarius settings in 2024 are about new beginnings completely and with Neptune in Aries.

  28. So we need some good astrological hero’s to continue to inform as I have read some great things here and have always felt Elsa is a great leader not to mention Steven or Steve Judd on YouTube who has some very positive things to share…..OK the 1918 Flu was a natural swine flu to human pandemic this however could be similar since in China in April they slaughtered 20 million pigs hogs and hid this as a back page story….in 2019 in the Chinese year of the Pig.

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