Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Bob Dylan and Gorgeous George

Well I listen when pigs talks and so does Bob Dylan. There is a bit in his book, Chronicles… where he describes a scene that took place in a hotel lobby when he was young and just starting out. Of course, Dylan was already someone who paid attention to pigs when they talk. He was basically born feeling he had a destiny, but anyway in his book he describes his encounter with boxer, “Gorgeous George“.

Now Gorgeous George was a flamboyant man. He was sort of a “Liberace of the boxing world” and he came swishing through the hotel lobby in full regalia with Bob as his witness. With a fur cape and an entourage, I mean. And flanked by beautiful women.

So Dylan is standing there, taking this in. He’s absorbing the scene when George speaks to him. Yes!

He tells him he’s going to be a big deal or something to that effect, and Dylan immediately knows this is real. And the comment shores him up, see. Now he knows all these things he thought… his dreams of his destiny were in fact real, because Gorgeous George just said they were!

And then Dylan goes on to write that he may have imagined this whole thing. George may have not spoke to him at all, actually and he has no real way of knowing. Did Gorgeous speak to Bob? Who knows? But Dylan makes it clear the effect of this event (which may not have even happened) had a profound effect on him. He redoubled his efforts or whatever. And of course at this point, his career speaks for itself. This week he has the #1 release in the world… quite an achievement, a forty year career and all. But here’s the point if it’s not obvious.

Dylan may have been flailing. He may have been at a low ebb on that day he saw George. And needing something he may have imagined that George, this total celebrity with his incredible presence tapped him, like some sort of God figure, to tell him he was special. And this energized Dylan. It became something he could refer back too when his energy failed him but he needed to keep on, keeping it up.

And maybe George did speak to him, but I can’t see where it matters, can you? What matters is Dylan believed (Neptune) this was real (Saturn) and so found himself supported (Saturn) by something completely nebulous (Neptune).

And “Cat”, on the last blog, asked how you’re supposed to know if an epiphany is real or not. And I guess I would say it doesn’t matter. What matters is if you believe (Neptune) it is real (Saturn).



Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Bob Dylan and Gorgeous George — 5 Comments

  1. “And I guess I would say it doesn’t matter. What matters is if you believe (Neptune) it is real (Saturn).”

    I couldn’t disagree more. I say this as someone who’s had her heart crushed over and over and over again bc I believed something was real and it wasn’t. Maybe Scorpios can rise up from the ashes ad infinitum. But even though I’m resilient, I’m no Scorpio and I gotta tell you, that shit takes its toll. And I got a strongly Neptunian chart: 12th house Venus, Pisces Moon trine Neptune in Scorpio.

    I say there’s a definite difference between an epiphany and an illusion. And I’m sticking by it.

  2. I agree with Elsa. And I agree with Marly.

    I think the key is in knowing *when* believing ‘something’ (whatever it is) will *serve* you, no matter if it’s reality or illusion, and *when* it risks *hurting* you (if it is mere illusion).

    In the example Elsa gives, it truly did not ~matter~ whether Gorgeous George said or didn’t say ‘boo’. Dylan did not expect anything further from GG. He already had all he needed. The words to feed him. GG was no longer in the picture therafter. His role, real or imagined, was over.

    In the example Marly gives, the situation is entirely different, if I read her correctly. She speaks of a heart being crushed, which leads me to believe she expected something from someone who failed to deliver. In this case, Marly is right. If there are expectations, you’d better make sure you’re dealing with reality (inasmuch as that is possible!).

    In short: if your sustenance or encouragement is gonna come from something in your head, it doesn’t matter if it’s made up or real (as per Elsa). If your sustenance or encouragement is gonna come from something outside you (another person, a situation, etc.), that something had better be real (as per Marly).

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