Conversations With Ben: Scorpio and Betrayal – Part One

Vintage Scorpio suncatcherI am going to write about these biracial artists for awhile. Because I happen to know and love four of them and their stories all intertwine. Come to think of it, my mother is a biracial artist so I guess that explains a lot, huh? ::smiles::

Anyway, I have a lot of stories about my friend, Ben and this is one of them. I’ve known Ben for about twenty years. He’s a Scorpio with an Aquarius rising. He’s a cellist and an extraordinary man. He’s enormously talented and has transformed the lives of many hundreds of children over many years in a “Mr. Holland’s Opus” kind of way but he is much better than the movie. He is more talented, more fascinating, more powerful, more charismatic and more magnetic than Mr. Holland, and he is been teaching cello long enough to have his student play alongside him in the symphony orchestra. Very simply, he’s doing a bang up job with his life and I don’t think they make any finer.

Ben is a gay man who has never known a closet. Both he and his family were aware of his homosexuality at a pre-teen age. He was caught with another boy actually, and his parents had a fit, characteristic of the era and probably too often still true today. They shamed him terribly and tried various methods of changing what was his essence, which were all fruitless of course.

Ben forgives his parents the past. He forgives them because he’s intellectually sophisticated. He allows people to hold their own views. He has thought his way out of this. If you don’t like gay people, he’s not concerned about it.

It’s very similar to how I feel about astrology. It’s a waste of time to chase validation or approval from people for who you are. ClichÆ’


Conversations With Ben: Scorpio and Betrayal – Part One — 2 Comments

  1. when i danced professionally (flamenco), the main guitarist was scorp with aquarius rising; his wife, who was the choreographer, artistic director, seamstress, bookie, and all-round driving force, was aquarius with scorp rising.

    we were all of us amazed that their marriage lasted through the stress of starting and running a company, but at the same time knowing that only those two could do it for each other, he so laid back and she so wound up. balanced each other out perfectly.

  2. I wish more people were as tolerant as Ben when it comes to different view points. Lot’s of people complaining about bigotry haven’t even seen it face to face like him. At a certain point you need to make peace with it, and as a Scorpio I know it’s very hard for dealing with those situations. I get mad when people just repeat what I said and try to use it against me, I don’t know how I would handle someone stealing private stuff, I would probably explode.

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