A Cautionary (and Mildly Raunchy) Tale For Control Freaks

Do you have an emphasis on the Cardinal signs? Think you can control others?
Har! Best think again.


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A Cautionary (and Mildly Raunchy) Tale For Control Freaks — 59 Comments

  1. AHHHHHH! No way! That’s stuff that dreams are made of. Um, I mean…ha ha!
    I think Caps get a bad rep, too. A control freak could be anyone. I work with a Libra who’s the biggest control freak ever…nah, nice ol Libra?
    I adore Capricorns. Plus, they make great lovers.

  2. ROFL!!! Oh yeah, this is so true. Controlling others is a HUGE waste of time and energy. Pluto transiting over my Scorpio Mars & ASC was what put the final touches on my efforts to control others. πŸ™‚ So don’t even attempt to do that anymore . . .

  3. In a very odd and not-actually-applicable-to-my-life way, this story is totally inspirational.

    Where there’s a will, there really IS a way!! TeeHee!!!

  4. lol…that was hilarious. I guess she really got her way! It must have been quite a turn on to rebel like that πŸ˜‰ Did he ever find out what was going on??

    I’ve got a shitload of cardinal signs, and I’ve learned this is true. Easier to get what you want by controlling yourself than others

  5. I think it sucks that the guy was controlling but I think it’s equally controlling to stay in a relationship when you’re unhappy then cheat on your gf/bf/whatnot. It’s conveniently pointing to the other party and blaming them…

  6. Uncle Hannah: controlling people are usually inspired by insecurity. And controlling behavior can inspire a LOT of anger… just a huge amount of it.

    It’s kind of instinctive, when you hit the breaking point, to direct all that anger right where it most hurts. That’s the insecure point of the controlling person. Who would know that point better than the person being controlled?

    I won’t say it’s right, but I will say that what happened was predictable.

  7. kashmiri, i agree. the worst part about libra control freaks is that they’re usually very savvy about how to appear pleasant so if you’re on their ‘list’ you get a very different impression of them than do other people who don’t know them as well. i <3 cappys too, although i might be biased.

  8. The cardinal signs are definately control freaks. Not always in bad ways, but yeah. I have a few caps and peeps with strong libra stelliums who are a bit of ‘my way or the highway’.

    Cracks me up.

  9. I’m gonna throw in the academic note here: anyone read Chaucer’s The Miller’s Tale? (It’s the REALLY naughty one they don’t let you read in high school English.) The similarities are stunning. This is a tale as old as time…one way or another people get what they want if they want it enough.


  10. LOL, that is an outrageous story!

    I tell myself that all the time (maybe to convince myself? you know us Scorpios…) I am trying to make myself feel better. Sometimes it helps.

    @S: Ahhhh, but you read it anyway! :o)
    :::wink wink:::

  11. And one night while she was on the window with her lover, the football game was over and her husband went to the bedroom. He opened the door and walked in, only to see that his other game was over too…
    Thank you Elsa, great story LOL :)))

  12. kashmiri-

    Yeah, but in most dorms one can hardly perform anything clandestinely, so the lesson is wasted. In this instance the girlfriend’s “discretion” is almost charming compared to the average shenanigans happening at a state college. Where this might be really useful is at a more *erhm* conservative college. Of course, one wouldn’t get to read the Miller’s Tale there… A shame.

  13. LMAO!! OMG, I think that woman is my hero! hahaha…you know, I am heavy w/Cardinal signs, but I don’t enjoy controlling others *in that way*. In fact, I would feel utterly wrong if I tried to control the ones I cared about or loved. However! I do love being a boss, or bossing around the people I work with…so, maybe that’s how I get it out of my system? πŸ˜‰

  14. I have 4 planets in Libra, and it can be “my way or the highway” with me sometimes. Except I don’t really care whether others will follow or not. If I see that something is the only right thing to do or something that needs to be done and others don’t agree, I’ll just go ahead and do it anyway. It’s probably down to Uranus on the Midheaven and Mars conjunct Pluto:)

    And great story:) I actually had a similar reaction myself, some 10 years ago;) Not out the window, though – Moon in Taurus requires more comfort than that!:)

  15. That’s a great story lol.

    I read an article about a year ago, can’t remember where, called The Secret Lives of Virgos or something along those lines. I’m betting Ms. Windowsill was a Virgo. :p

  16. Wow!!! I gave up trying to control others a lonnnnnnnng time ago,lol it never works.

    By the way Elsa your hair looks cute did you get it cut recently???? πŸ™‚

  17. Marianne – no need to be embarrassed. Now if you’d have claimed you wrote it or come up with the concept, I’d have been highly pissed but as it is – no harm / no foul and nothing to be embarrassed of. In fact if you search this blog you will pull up several pieces on that theme..

  18. Haha! That reminded me of that chaucer story as well. But he didn’t shag her butt. Just kissed it.
    It also reminded me how relieved I am to be out of a controlling relationship.

    As a person with a lot of Libra, I still believe the world would be a better place if everyone did as I instructed, but it is not to be πŸ™‚
    As for those cappys who want to control but are less successful because they lack the libran charm, why don’t you go cry about it, sourpants?!!

  19. I think the one with the ass out the window is more likely to be the Cardinal sign. Being action oriented and all. πŸ™‚ Action. Heheh.

  20. In the words of my mostly Aries Cardinal T-square boyfriend: “Why bother trying to control people ? It’s such a big efford for an uncertain outcome.” Having spent years with a mostly Libra Cardinal T-Square (and if you wonder, my Moon in Capricorn is compliting the Grand Cross in both cases, so, there you go…) who had his controlling side, I feel truely blessed being with a person who isn’t excersising his control freakish qualities on people, but rather using them constructively at work.

    As for me (multiple Libra besides the Capricorn Moon), I guess that with the 12th house Saturn I’m far to busy controlling myself to bother with others.

  21. Hahaha! I remember that one! πŸ˜€ Yeah, that husband sounds so much like my ex – and that was my one big issue w/him, his possessive/controlling ways. Oddly enough, almost all of his planets are Fixed…I’m the one with the heavy Cardinal chart. I’m not a control freak when it comes to the person I’m with. What I AM controlling about is how to do things – I have a hard time letting other people do a task that I know I can do faster/better. Working on that though, via my children – so hard, but worth it.

  22. i agree.
    my mother is a capricorn who is so stubborn and controlling it’s OBVIOUSLY to her detriment and she still goes right ahead with her stolid old ways.
    i guess that’s why she ended up with two scorpio children (6 years apart). we were impervious to her ploys from birth. in fact our only common interests were avoiding her and keeping secrets from her. sadly her aquarius moon whispered lies of victimization into her ears, and she still doesn’t know us.

  23. It’s interesting, the differences between controlling and manipulative “qualities” – I have just enough Cap to be the type of OCD-ish person who has to do everything *just so* and direct others in similar fashion when it comes to processes of accomplishing specific tasks. I am not, however, inclined at ALL toward manipulating others’ behavior, choices, decisions in a non-task oriented sense; in fact, I have so much Aquarius goin’ on that the idea of trying to control other people in that way appalls me. “That’s a Scorpio thing, LOL!” says my Aquarian spirit. And indeed, Scorps (and any others) who do try to put that kind of manipulative spin on me get met with the hard, ice-like block of my detachment/indifference!

  24. elsa, slightly off topic. but i was wondering for the recent solar eclipse… if my ascendant is 28 cap, and the eclipse occurred at 25 cap, could this be interpreted as impacting 1st house or 12th house stuff? or neither, as its on my ascendant?

  25. Oh yes, I know cardinal control types. My father is textbook example, and we’ve been confronting him with this forever. He’s Capricorn Sun, Cancer rising. the worst thing is he doesn’t see himself, he’s not aware he’s controlling. We keep telling him , you can’t control other people, can’t tell us what to do. there’s no point.
    My mom had to really fight for her freedom. She’s Aquarius, and they had some bad fights over him being controlling. It got slightly better now that he’s older. it took him few decades to realize his kids will do what ever they want no matter what.

  26. Wow, great story! I am married to a cap man and my goodness he has such control issues. Drives me Ffffing nuts. But, you’re totally right, ULTIMATELY, you really can’t control anyone — they’ll do whatever they want and will find a way to do it. I’m finding my own ways to do what I want without him knowing about it.

  27. HAHA!!!

    My husband is a Cap with a Libra rising but he has a stellium in Aquarius. I think I am going to be thankful for that right now. He’s strong-minded but not controlling. Of course, I cannot be controlled as Cancer w Aqua moon and stellium in Aries . πŸ™‚

  28. Wow! I hope they lived in the country because otherwise the neighbors must have gotten one hell of a regular show.

    Wonder if they are still married?

    I used to try to control everything in my life because if something, anything, was amiss, I freaked out. Life has a way of forcing you to deal with the crumbs and wrinkles. Life goes on even if everything is not perfect. I’d rather walk away than try to control someone – too tiring.

    Aries Sun, Cancer NN, nothing in Libra or Capricorn, although Saturn Venus conj ASC sort of takes care of that.

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