Compromising Your Principles

Currently Venus is conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius placing a lot of emphasis on a person’s beliefs and principles. Because Venus is involved, the beliefs and principles of “the other” or your partner come into play.

My husband and I have inordinately strong beliefs and principles that we intend to live by. Neither of us are prone to compromise our principles. There are lines we are simply not willing to cross. This is asset rather than a problem in our relationship, right up until we run into a conflict that requires that someone concede something they’re not going to want to concede.

Personally, I will go down for my beliefs. I will die for them because I’m done like dinner with compromising things I know I shouldn’t compromise. My soul is not for sale!

How readily do change your standards or compromise your principles, assuming you have some defined? Would you compromise to save your life? How about your child’s life?



Compromising Your Principles — 16 Comments

  1. I do not compromise my beliefs, and I stick to my principles. However, I wont ‘go down for them’ so to speak, especially in social situations if it causes tension in conversations.

    I do not demand that others see my point of view especially if it will lead to conversational inertia or unnecessary friction. I believe in my principles (my values, my morals) but I learned that they are not BETTER principles if I force others to see my point of view.

    South node in Libra. πŸ™‚
    And yet… I have venus conjunct mercury conjunct mars.

  2. I was just thinking this morning, prior to reading the post, how I didn’t compromise my values/principles two years ago and it cost me my job. It was a devastating loss but not compared to the affects that the compromise would have had on myself and my family. It’s funny how that popped into my head not just 30 minutes ago as I found my self “checking in” with the choice made, seeing if it had changed. The answer…. No… no change. I guess, with regards to my beliefs I “go down for them”. Thanks for the post Elsa, I gained some clarity and that’s always a good thing. πŸ™‚

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  4. It’s good to stick to your beliefs, but don’t you think the planets throw us a curve once in a while (Uranus square Mercury) that forces us to redefine beliefs; or retired outworn beliefs?

    With Mercury about to retrograde in Sadge, sign of it’s detriment, it may be one of those times when we have to admit we don’t know everything and when we have to be more mindful (Merc Rx) of our beliefs (Sadge). Just a thought πŸ™‚

    • That’s a great point, Ron. In my case, I have a lot of faith (Sadge) that if I am change my beliefs, it will come to me…in a flash (Uranus)?

  5. I will change some rather easily if I feel that there is enough evidence that I can accept.
    But there are also somethings I will never change.
    Gemini Jupiter vs Saturn in the 9th.

  6. SN/Mars in Aries/4th…also Mars-ruled 5th House, and Sun in that house.

    I will defend myself/my principles whenever I feel called to. However I am also learning to compromise. It’s really difficult for a *person* to change my mind (Fixed T-square with Merc/Saturn/Uranus).

    Similar to what Ron says–circumstances can prompt me to yield; a meeting-mind cannot.

    With all my Fire I am an action-oriented person…I need to see something in movement to be able to intuit how I’m going to react to it.

  7. I agree with Ron. I just had Uranus finish a transit of my eighth house – where my south node in Pisces lives. Unfortunately for me – I tend to try to blend into the woodwork and compromise too much. Big life lesson to learn about principles and values – North node in second house in virgo conjunct Pluto, path of fortune and fortuna. They want to make sure i get the lesson this time.

    As a child growing up military and moving constantly, knowing how to blend in and be a chameleon and not make waves is a survival skill. Ask any brat.

  8. i have a principle… that when principles conflict, it is evidence of lack of creativity in coming up with a nuanced solution.

    of course, in reality, this can be extraordinarily difficult, especially on a timeline…

  9. and, uhm. i’m talking about my OWN principles. get two people together and the potential for conflict is infinite. although the same idea can come into play, it requires a degree of mutual respect and a good underpinning of shared goals…

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