Composite Charts, Synastry and Personal Taste

This is a continuation of my conversation with my friend with the 12th house Venus.

“Do you see it?”


“Isn’t that cool?”


“I guess. I’m not really into composites.”

She is having me look at yet another composite chart between her and some “dude” she met at a bar.  the “it” she wants me to see is a grand air trine.

“Really? Why?”

“They’re just not my thing. I get more from reading synastry.”

“Yeah, but don’t you think the composite chart is interesting as like a picture of the relationship as an entity itself?”

“Gross, that’s exactly what I don’t like about it.”

I think this is interesting because our preferences show in our charts.  I have Venus conjunct Uranus.  I prefer to examine relationships as two independent individuals coming together.  Synastry suits my love style.  She has a 12th house Venus and likes to look at the merging blob that is represented by the composite.  That is what she is seeking, a love entity she can get lost in.

I don’t discount composites as an analytical tool.  They just aren’t my thing, see. Thats whats fun about astrology.  There is something for everyone.  There are many different types of charts and ways to look at them.  I also think it is cool when you can see what you like to read in your own chart.

What types of charts do you like?  Can you see that anywhere in your own chart?

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Composite Charts, Synastry and Personal Taste — 19 Comments

  1. I like synastry charts and composite 2… but i dont look at composites with the same frequency that i look at a synastry.
    I also check encounters, maybe more than composites.

    Taurus Venus conjunct Mars in the 9th.

  2. I’m much like you Nota- I’ve Venus trine Uranus, so I tend to like to look at each individual as well… plus, it’s in Aries, so there’s an ‘independent’ flavor added in.

  3. I just like how you defined it. The BLOB concept disgusted my 7th house Uranus but the Venus Neptune side of me wants to see merge. I never thought of this in those terms but you’re surely right.

  4. i prefer synastry too, especially when looking for “myself plus x”, in the sense of interacting and understanding each other. There´s so much relevant basic information to draw out of it and you can get to know the OTHER in his or her own right apart from the “merging blob”(lol). i´ve a 7th house sun, so there´s where my interest goes first. And it helps in a very practical way…i really get aggravated at my SO, for instance, but i know he just IS that way and we have a square of his sun-saturn to my moon-saturn. You can´t gloss that over, but it sure helps to differentiate the issues in “his” and “mine”. Something you just can´t with a “blob”.

    I look at composites too, sometimes, but that to me is more abstract and philosophical. It´s neat to “read” like the main theme or overall direction of a relationship potential and muse about it, as a concept, but it definitely lacks practicality. A blob just IS…and when you´re part of it you can just let it be and see how it plays out (or not).

    Oh, it´s not that i lack Neptune, by no means, but i learned the hard way never never to gloss things over just because i want them to be perfect…
    Great post, Nota, by the way! And i just love that “blob” image (well who would have guessed? *lol*)

  5. Composites don’t interest me — my old astrology teacher said those charts were the relationship in a vacuum, with nothing/no one else affecting it. Just the two peeps if they were the only ones in the world… I find them interesting but….

    I like to do the basic comparison… his mars trines my mars etc…… cuz that, for me, shows the true interaction…. esp where Saturn is concerned!

    I don’t know if my chart shows my preference… Maybe my virgo south node wants it defined.

  6. I never cared too much for composite charts either, eggplant—then recently (as in, a few weeks ago) I looked at my ex and I’s composite chart and there was a stellium in Pisces/12th House. It made a lot of sense.

    To that end, I would look at one (composite chart) of a relationship that has already ended, or has a ‘history.’ (So I could track events etc)

  7. I prefer Synastry. Not that I can interpret them like a pro, but I can see more of what is true from what I know already more clearly. Too bad you can’t get transits with that because they would have to separate the wheels of the chart I guess…Venus quincunx Uranus.

  8. makes sense, kashpito — I looked at composite of me and my ex not long ago – and it was good! I was surprised how good.

  9. I like composites, personally — sometimes it’s easier for me to see why things worked out as they did in the composite. An inordinate number of my relationships have featured Saturn in the 7th house in the composite, or it much more resembles one partner’s chart than the other.

  10. Interesting! As I remarked yesterday, doing both charts for the Man and myself, gives two quite different indications. The synastry is very encouraging, almost entirely trines, inc between our Venus and Saturn in both cases. The only ‘nasties’ are the Moon square Moon, and a couple of dodgy aspects from our respective Plutos.

    The composite on the other hand is closer to the reality – it’s very discouraging and full of hard aspects. There must be a moral there somewhere! – maybe the composite is what you make of it (or fail to). And I guess the bottom line is, the contrast of the two demonstrates how hard it’s been to find a peaceful way to relate, yet how hard it’s been to finally agree it can’t work and to walk away from it. I’ve become very convinced it’s it’s a ‘past life thing’, and we’ll have to go through it all again *sigh*

  11. I like both mostly I like to see the information that both have to offer. Seems to give a much more detailed picture when you compare the two styles.

  12. I look at and am interested in the synastry more because I lack the birth times. I have Venus in aspect to Neptune and Uranus so I try to look at both.

  13. I look at Synastry. Composite charts are strange. How is it that they work I mean midpoints between two completely seperate charts? Who came up with this and when? I do look at them but wonder how they are significant. Although sometimes they can have something that’s lacking in the two charts which makes me want to believe in them:) I have a lot of earth (not too trusting of abstractions) and Uranus on my ascendant.

  14. I’m with you there, Nota. Venus opp. Uranus. I prefer Synastry – I prefer to see two individuals working in a relationship rather than merging.

  15. I have mercury conjunct Neptune in. Scorpio, so I like to dive in
    to the deep mystery with hawks eyes and then look again ….
    I look at synastry for the indiviuals as the chart of the birth of their
    Then I look at composite chart as the marriage chart
    Then I look at progressed composite chart as how this union evolved through out the years.
    If you are as old as I am you know that our likes and dislikes changesas we age, wheter we learned from our mistakes has thought us maturity brings the union closer to perfection.

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