The Composite Chart Shows The Nature Of Your Relationship

covalent bondMy husband once told me that our relationship was like a bug zapper. Anyone who gets too close, gets fried. Hmm.

The Cardinal signs dominate our composite chart, working together to keep trouble out. Our relationship seems a fortress to me.

Since perpetrators tend to choose an easy target, they pass us by. We have no interest in zapping people so this is exactly what we want.

What is the nature of your relationship?  Does your partner see what you see?

The picture of the covalent bond is from my husband. Interested in the nature of your relationship? Check out your Composite Chart Report.


The Composite Chart Shows The Nature Of Your Relationship — 25 Comments

  1. I had to go back and re-read, which I do pretty regularly, my composite chart. I am continually learning and seeing new things and confirmation of the aspects in our chart. Its good to get these reports because they can really foretell what might happen or what might be a theme in your relationship. So far, its been really true. Whether I like it or not. 🙂

  2. I think about this a lot as I am in quite an challenging, intense and also beautiful relationship. Its a learning relationship(not soul mates drifting off into the sunset lol) … but many, many gifts.

    We are both water signs and our Suns are trined in synestry chart which helps us get through the intense dynamics of our composite chart(which as I understand it described the purpose of the relationship)His Mars is conjunct my Sun in Synystry as well(Pisces) so I know he is my animus manifested.

    Our Composite Chart has a Fixed Grand Cross(including Lilith and Chiron together in Capricorn 1st house)plus a few other t squares. A lot of red lines… Ahhhhh

    Lots of learning!!

    We have Moon Neptune conjunct MC opposite Venus in Taurus so very sensual sexy sensitive connection. We are both extremely tactile.Very fulfilling and nurturing physical connection.

    This is squared Lilith /Chiron on one side and Square Uranus on the other. So lots of upheaval and sudden changes and sudden outbursts just when we think everything is going smoothly.And a strong need for freedom and space(we do not live together)

    Oh and did I mention he is bi-polar(that’s the Uranus corner….which is the source of a lot of the sudden flare ups) Then on the other side… his disappearances or flare ups trigger the Lilth/Chiron thing … my wounded child or my feminine wound gets triggered and off we go.

    Luckily there is a Grand Trine as well… Jupiter Venus and ascendant… in earth signs. This helps immensely.

    I knew from the start this would be quite the ride(by using the composite) so when it all kicks off I try remember that we are merely fulfilling our astrology!! Right now the amazing connection and chemistry and heart link is what is keeping us going through the madness!!

  3. BTW Thanks for this Elsa. Just writing all that was really helpful. Always good to get a little perspective LOL!!

    P.s. Composite Sun in 5th house. IN Taurus. Very Accurate: We are both childlike, playful, very tactile physical lovers together.

  4. This is a most interesting topic to me. I love to study relationship or the lack there of. ; )
    I’ve been wondering lately if the partner feels the same as the other partner. If the composite is a midpoint suggestion between the two energies, I do believe it should be felt in the relationship as a whole.
    Our composite Sun and Venus is on my sun/moon midpoint, and is on our Virgo MC in the composite chart.Again this is a trigger in my chart, not sure if he can feel that. Our composite moon is in Libra on his Sun/Moon midpoint. There are so many other factors involving good chemistry, without much harsh energy from the outer planets. Simultaneously I am feeling that the synastry energies may benefit me more than he. He used to be googly-eyed and in love, now we are pretty much just friends, after three plus years, if you can even call it that. He put a halt on the forward motion. So many great things in the charts that with Elsa’s reading she suggested it was a profound relationship. Still it is not coming to life like that, and I am wondering why? It has me puzzled. As a matter of fact, my progressed sun just hit his natal moon…. and nothing seems to be happening. Is this an effect we would both feel? His progressed Venus just went into 0 Libra and my sun is Libra 4 degrees. Interesting to see how it will play out. It doesn’t look promising at present.This is the best fit chart I have seen for me in all of my experience. When I saw it I said he is the one. Still trying to understand why it’s not as it appears to be astrologically. Puzzled!

  5. I’ve noticed something in my composite with The Dear One – our Sun and Juno are conjunct to the degree, in Scorpio. Also, there is a “boomerang” Yod with Saturn and Neptune in sextile, Mars at the apex and Venus opposite Mars.

    Juno in composites and boomerang yods are not discussed on the internet boards much! Do you have any insights, Elsa? Thank you!

  6. Our composite report has sun, mars and venus in Aries in the 8th house. Fated? Yes. First kiss and the world and time stopped. Together 15 years. I am a newbie so don’t understand the other intricacies with conjunctions, oppositions, trines, etc.

    This cardinal grand cross and transits in his 7th house where he natally has saturn and jupiter plus Pallus and Vesta in Cap has hit him hard and he has stormed his way out of my life/our marriage. Boy, do I see and feel transformed now.

  7. Can a truly strong relationship even be significantly tampered with by an outsider? I’ve never had one but it’s always been my attitude if a man can easily walk away from me, he can keep walking.

  8. Can’t steal someone who doesn’t want to be stolen. If you and your husband have a deep trust like you claim, what is the point of jealousy and attacking anyone trying to intrude on your relationship? Seems like needless drama if you both know the other isn’t going anywhere….

  9. The writer Cynthia Heimel says “If your partner says he isn’t jealous, you can be sure of two things. Either he’s lying, or he doesn’t care if you live or die.” Oddly, my response to this is, so what? Lol!

  10. I guess it’s hard to understand being territorial if no one ever came into your life you cared enough about to be territorial over. There’s nothing to defend if you don’t think you’d be losing much anyway.

      • Ah, ok. When you compare it to food I totally get it. Defending resources I understand. I think it comes down to compatibility. Some people feel nourished and strengthened within committed monogamy, others are made absolutely miserable by it. If I met someone I was crazy about who felt the same way but insisted on monogamy or nothing, I might agree to it. But I would resent him for it even if I honored my promise. It’s not a natural state for me.

        • It would be more of a practical decision on my part based on being realistic about being middle-aged and less able to attract desirable partners.

  11. We have Libra rising, sun in Aries in the 7th. Our appearance is a pretty, fun, united couple. We are a unit. People love us as a couple.

    We also have Neptune in Scorpio in the first house and a stellium, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter in the sixth. It’s not what it appears and it is work.

  12. I don’t know what we are anymore to be honest. We have an 11th house super stellium. Better at friendship, maybe? I know Saturn is in the 12th. Hide issues from each other. Now the progressed composite shows Pluto in the 12th behind the AC. Hidden power struggles. Recent lunar eclipse degree conjunct on the composite DC, Juno, and vertex.

    Which is challenging on all fronts because Saturn is being squared by transit Saturn and Pluto is being squared by transit Pluto and won’t station until it goes direct on that degree next September! Talk about Pandora’s box being opened. ?

  13. Just had a brief but intense relationship go kaboom
    Lots of trines both synastry & composite
    Confirms my suspicion trines aren’t good per se just a free flow of energy – lacking objectivity
    Aspects: his sun trine my moon, my sun trine his moon, his Mars on my Venus in a grand trine with his Mars & my Mercury/Pluto. His Saturn Uranus conjunction trine my Venus…there’s more too. Lol

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