Competing To Be The Center Of Attention

I know a gal who likes to attract attention. She’s a Leo. I have Venus in Leo so I enjoy her antics for the most part. She’s amusing in manner and dress. This seems natural to, rather than someone who is trying to hard. It’s as if she can’t help it; crowns just appear on her head and her arms wave around, theatrically because this is just how it is.

So that’s that. This woman is part of my life but now she’s got competition. A man has appeared and he’s just as interested in being the center of all things.

At some point in the next couple weeks, these two characters will meet. Loving drama the way I do, I can’t wait. I’m so impatient about this, I’m asking you…

What happens when two people who want to be the center of attention, collide in a group?


Competing To Be The Center Of Attention — 8 Comments

  1. It depends…sometimes one of them might clam up feeling overshadowed, usually the female. Or they become best friends and feed off each other’s antics. Lol.

  2. No room for both…i think it will fall down to their individual mars placement…who will have better timing and action vis a vi the group.

  3. Sometimes they become friends! I’ve seen it. I think it depends on the actual level of neediness though. people who are in need of attention to boost their ego as opposed to just garnering it naturally tend to be underhanded and desperate in their attempts to get it. But if two happy Leo types get together it can be a “look at us” thing instead of a “look at me” thing. It doesn’t have to be competitive. Which type is the guy?

  4. If they play well off each other and make each other look good, they might get along great if they serve each other’s purposes. Then it’s worth it to share the spotlight.

  5. I’m thinking they’re going to be like oil and water. But then I wonder, what if they attract?

    One of them has been gone since the other arrived. Major collision ahead…then what?

  6. we have a leo sun aunty with scorpio moon. She has a lot of friends and a huge social circle. She is married to a Pisces stellium /sun, venus, mercury mars, with libra moon. He seems to don’t mind if all the attention goes to her, and gets a bit bashful when it’s on him and she is the one who shows off, ‘this is my husband’ proudly so he can have attention. lol

    in the OP’s case, not sure. maybe they will work together and attract or be like what you said, oil and water. It’ll be interesting.

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