Compassion, Forgiveness, Ethereal Grace & Healing – Grand Trine in Water

ocean sunsetThere is no denying a person’s perspective has a great effect on their life. There are people who see grace all around them. Other people tend to focus on the negative. Some people go so far as to deny grace even exists.

When I was a teenager, someone told me the more a person could see and acknowledge the grace in their life, the more grace they’d enjoy or witness. I have found this to be true.

The grand trine in the water signs is in full effect at this time. It’s quite powerful in that it includes Venus and Jupiter and Neptune in its home sign, Pisces.

This energy is all about widespread compassion and forgiveness, ethereal grace and healing. It will be with us for the next five days or so. If you want to make the most of this, get on board with these things:

Jupiter in Scorpio – get out and give generously, whatever resources you have to offer.
Venus in Cancer – love that protects and nurtures.
Neptune in Pisces – sacrifice.

Please note, this is not about seeing the beauty around you. It’s about feeling it.

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Compassion, Forgiveness, Ethereal Grace & Healing – Grand Trine in Water — 11 Comments

  1. I love this post – it’s a sign that there’s hope out there. A lot of people I know have fixed planets at 0-3degrees and are really feeling Uranus moving in. I have sun at 2deg taurus, and moon at 2deg leo so it’s intense.

    I’m being forced out of my job which is incredibly stressful. But there are positives – transiting jupiter is right on my part of fortune so I’ll be getting some of that grand water trine support. Transiting uranus is also closely trine my natal jupiter (which rules my MC) so I’ll likely come out of this experience with a good opportunity amidst the heartache.

    I don’t know how long I’ll have left in my job, and there are things I need to do to garner some control of the situation – but last night I found myself staying up late to help a colleague draft a (separate) grievance letter. I’m good at writing and I’m glad I could help her. Incidentally I just realised her sun is at 16deg cancer – definitely drawing on that energy!

    I also really like that t pluto is forming the point of a kite on the water grand trine – a little loose, perhaps, orb-wise – but for me, I’m sensing that drastic plutonic transformations will have some of the edge taken off, and that the emotional aspects of everything going on will be expressed in a measured way. Maybe 🙂

  2. This is a brilliant yet simple post. The way we perceive things may indeed be the most powerful tool that we have the great honor to utilize. It may take time to shape and build a great perspective in today’s modern era but with a great understanding and knowledgeable viewpoint we can nor only build a great and respectable future for ourselves, but also for the people with whom we surround ourselves with. Grace is always around us and it is such a simple yet complex energy source. Love astrology

  3. I’ve been experiencing a lot of grace from my family (and ST’s) especially the last several days. I keep wondering what I did to deserve so much kindness, but I’ve always been hard on myself anyways.

  4. Love everyone

    I’ve been saying that to myself, like a mantra.

    Even if I think they’re being stupid… “Love everyone” and it helps to reduce it all to kindness.

  5. Totally not feeling it at all here~sun/moon Pisces rising Neptune in Scorpio Jupiter in Sage 9th house

  6. Had a great conversation with a priest this afternoon about feeling abandoned and forgiveness. The afternoon’s Moon was in the exact position of my natal moon. Transiting Neptune is conjunct my natal Jupiter and, of course, transiting Jupiter is trine natal Jupiter. It was under transits to this Moon-Jupiter natal square that the original wound happened. I will be working with my Spiritual Director more. I already feel a fresh healing and reconciliation.

  7. I wish I could say that I am feeling this good vibe, but, being strongly Mars- and Venus- influenced, the upcoming Mars-South node multiple conjunctions, plus Mars retro, plus Venus meeting with Saturn and Pluto, has got me really struggling to keep it tight these last few days…

    All I can say, thank god we have this grand trine smoothing things a bit… there’s a LOT of tension out there.. especially where asserting oneself within bigger teams (Aquarius)…

  8. For me it is all about being grateful. That is the doorway to feeling the beauty all around me. I am a grand water trine person, with a cancer moon to boot, so I could be really emotional. You know like about everything. The release of the emotionality over all the personal hurts (okay so it got dynamited out of me) opened me up to a higher more universal experience of feeling. I do not cry out of sadness or hurt anymore, but beauty brings me to my knees with tears of joy. Now that seems downright nuts to some. And how can I explain?

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