Coming Out at 69 Years Old. Is There Hope? Pluto Transit to Natal Mars

mars redDear Elsa,

Having “come out” to myself internally at age 69, and only vaguely with relatives, etc., previously, I still am confronted by the absence of being taken seriously by any males, gay or straight. I seem to be a “non-person” to all. Is there any hope in my horoscope that I will overcome this satisfactorily?

Gay Man

Dear Man,

There is always hope. Being so deeply repressed for so long, I have no idea what impression people have when they see you out in the world. But I can tell you that anyone with even a shred of sensitivity who reads what you wrote up there is going to feel you and recognize you as imminently human. So this is something to know.

You have the ability to reach out and communicate with your keyboard and if you are so plainly honest like this, I have to think there will be a response. I just don’t think the universe and the people in it ignore this kind of plea.

Astrologically, you have Pluto transiting your Mars (male energy) which is very potent situation and it’s clearly at work in your writing. Because what you’ve done here, conscious or otherwise, is plant a seed deep in the earth. And this earth is fertile and I have to think something is going to come of this.

I know you’re scared but you don’t need to need to be. If this seed fails, you have another and another. Just keeping telling your story, and sooner or later something is going to click. This is a universal law.

And the more you tell your story, the comfortable you will become and the more comfortable you become, the more comfortable people will become with you. This is also a universal law.

So I think you’re going to be fine. Just keep talking. Just keep broadcasting until someone hears you and sees you are real because this will happen.

Much love and good luck.

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Coming Out at 69 Years Old. Is There Hope? Pluto Transit to Natal Mars — 8 Comments

  1. Dear 69 years old. I suggest you this film: “The Indian’s worldest fast” with Anthony Hopkins. Please see it. It is about a old man too, and it about true facts, real facts. I am sure that you are going to cry with this film, just as I. I am sure Burt Munro (the old man) had pluto transiting his Mars too. Nobody saw Burt Munro, he caused that everyone saw it.

  2. Thanks Elsa! The movie is “The World’s Fastest Indian” and ,..I don’t think 69 years old is precisely “old” may be is that sagittarius big feet in the mouth.

  3. I think its a bold, wonderful thing when someone decides to be true to themselves at any age. Congratulations for finding the courage and strength to come out and begin being yourself. I agree with Elsa — the more you can learn to love and appreciate yourself, the more you will draw people to you. We can use more people who love themselves in the gay community, whatever their age. Learn to shine your light, they’ll find you.

  4. WOW! You’re rocking my world, buddy! I stand in awe of such an incredible act of self-love and expansion as coming out!

    I mean, you’re transforming your life literally second by second! And it’s beautiful, and I can’t believe I have the fortune of reading about it. This makes me think of all the age-related posts Elsa has done lately. I know younger GLBT people who would LOVE to have a person your age around. Any organizations in your neighbourhood?

  5. Thanks, Elsa, for the gift of this website and its advice to the likes of myself as well as space for commentary. Jerry

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