Cold & Calculating? Or Common Sense?

scorpio girl card1My friend Ben and I have known each other for 30 years. We’ve both gone through very dark times, but we never quit investing in each other, even when we had precious little to give.

With Saturn in Scorpio, many find that resources are limited. Cash is a resource, but it’s not the only resource. Even if you’re set financially, you’re probably feeling pinched and pressured in some area. You find yourself cut off from something important, or given reduced access.

Saturn in Scorpio is all about making a good investment of time and energy. It’s also about closing doors to people and things that waste your energy and drain you.

That sounds cold. It sounds calculating. But if you’ve only got so much juice, you’ve got to decide which appliances you’re going to power.

When people have less, they give less. But it’s important to continue to exchange energy (Scorpio) and support (Saturn) the people and things in your life that sustain you.

We’re going to get through this time. To limit your losses, you’ve got to keep the lines open, even if the energy that flows through them is reduced.

It’s easy to cut the lights. It’s much harder to find the strength of character to work to keep them on, but it’s also more rewarding.

This requires us to dig deep and excavate resources we didn’t know we had. If you want to get on board with this and don’t know where to start, check out the transcript of my workshop on Saturn in Scorpio.

Learn from real-life situations and get advice that’s easy to access. If you’re looking for effective therapy at a low cost, this is it!

Have you had to dial back in some area of your life? How does it feel?



Cold & Calculating? Or Common Sense? — 17 Comments

  1. Yeah, my social life. Scorpio is my 11th House. I feel lonely, actually. Very lonely. I can’t see it getting much better once Saturn enters my 12th, either…

    • Chrispito, you could find yourself older friends, or saturnian in that sense. Then they may depress you to the bone but they will be good to you. Read in indian astrology-they write everywhere that 11th Saturn so amazing and positive, you have no idea you are dealing with horrid planet.

      • Thanks Soda Vand. I am signed up to join a particular social justice group (1st meeting next week!) which is, apparently, made up of older women. Historically 11th House transits are difficult for me, perhaps because of my T-square in my 5/8/11th Houses.

  2. “Itโ€™s easy to cut the lights. Itโ€™s much harder to find the strength of character to work to keep them on, but itโ€™s also more rewarding.”

    ^I love this…so true…

    I really got a lot of good info from that Saturn in Scorp workshop transcript I purchased several months ago, it was worth the money btw…

  3. Overall yes, in interpersonal transactions. Natal saturn is in the first. I am more aware of what I am taking on because like you said, only so much energy here. And also, am finding that timing is very important and knowing when it is my turn. So I would say dialing back and being more aware of my response to situations. Whoa Trigger, is it really all that urgent! And materialistically, less is seeming like so much more.

  4. Yes, financially as well as emotionally. Everything appears to be going in the opposite direction I’d like it to. I make less while all my expenses have gone up. Still, I make do because I’ve always lived with a sense of frugality. I want to have friendships but can see that throwing myself into one-sided relationships isn’t only wasteful, it’s stupid. That waste of energy has come to an abrupt halt. I do feel squeezed and uncomfortable. Everything seems to be called into question in my mind – is this or that worth it? My Dad is very ill. Is it worth it to worry about the inevitable? Perhaps my energy would be better spent in support of those who can’t handle it as well.

  5. Yes. I’ve noticed that I’m spending more time reading and posting here, while my time on Facebook and other sites has pretty much shrunk to zero. I just don’t feel any interest in keeping up with that stuff. Need my energy to keep the lights on in too many other areas of my life right now.

  6. Oui, precise observations, I have actually never realised what this saturn in scorpio as in my natal really meant until it’s return. And he-lo Mr Saturn, I am really about to loose patience for all the amazing rewards that awaits me at the end of your agonising transit ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Welcome Elsa!
      I have been here for a while, under nick Soda-which for some reasons does’t work anymore-threref.. my renewed extended identity!

  7. “Have you had to dial back in some area of your life? How does it feel?”
    Yep. Finances are tighter than ever and there has been a lot of pressure associated with work lately. I feel very *restricted* and I don’t like it. (Natal Mars in Sag, among other things.) ๐Ÿ™‚ I made some decisions this weekend about just how much energy I will spend there (at work) from now on. I’ve made similar decisions before, but they didn’t “stick.” This feels different this time, but time will tell.

  8. Wow Elsa I love this common sense talk but I couldn’t disagree with you more.
    Here’s my two cents.
    Do not burn any bridge. It says it in the bible. If a man or woman or friend neighbor friend or family foe (you want to be wary of them yet show a side of your face to them.. hide valuables I mean)…
    I say this because when the opportunity beckons who will they call for a fix on a car (remember its u who can work on toyota’s), or its u who can babysit, or its an unexpected friend who will let u stay with them overnight when your town… I am not saying be a fool actually well be a fool of some sort but not go blindly into relationships… Here’s my life examples…
    L1 is my dear friend who is experienced in life… She has had alot of fair weather friends, family and neighbors but I do not doubt she is a good person of intentions. Like I seek her valuable help with forty something know how’s (signing lease agreements) she likewise comes to me for advice on research, tips, and ideas or emotional support. That is what I offer her now. But who knows she may be employed if I have a future business.. I am an optimist.
    Next example.. L2 is a friend of artistic talents. She may not have status yet but she offers the most emotional support and advise I can use. She may not be a perfect human but her ethics are very high in comparison to other people. She advised me to return a ipod that seemed like I stole but I didn’t but it was a horrible case. So I did and the nagging feeling is gone. Likewise I counsel her to be a counselor/therapist.
    Everyone has talents and we should see the good in everyone. That’s why in a post you had posted a long time ago about leaving people behind like a few others I was on the losing end. I feel like one day I will silence these people. But for now I know who my friends are and I know that they know that too. And second I am a helpful person even to a fault bc I know God sees all things and I am seeking His approval not others.

  9. The Saturn in Scorpio workshops have been invaluable! I hadn’t thought of this transit in terms of energy before. But putting everything in that perspective has helped me to make much better choices. I eliminated dating as it took a LOT of my energy and I got nothing back. Instead I’ve ploughed that energy into my children and they, and my relationship with them, are flourishing. My one daughter has a real shot at becoming a professional dancer, which is her dream. Supporting her has been a far better use of my energy.

  10. I’ve been keeping the lights on Elsa…but the pressure is so great I am about to break. I can hardly keep up with the giving. I don’t want to lose my significant people but they are pushing and pressing and I am about to break. I hardly have any energy to put one foot in front of the other these days. And, its all caused me to get very sick. And, not one of them have noticed ๐Ÿ™

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