Client Testimonial: Nitty-Gritty, Complex Question

ZODIACE writes:

“Twice, I’ve gotten readings from Elsa and both times, she responded very quickly. Her answers were very to-the-point, especially the second time when I asked a very complex question. She is good at the nitty-gritty, psychological tangled relationship stuff! I recommend her for help sorting out difficult issues and aid in seeing things you can’t see on your own.”

Thanks, E!


Client Testimonial: Nitty-Gritty, Complex Question — 3 Comments

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Elsa is great at just hitting home and making stuff so less complicated than I make it. She is like a beacon of light in the dark. Excellent readings always. And the one’s she had done for me…have come true!!

  2. Agreed! I’m really bad at writing testimonials that aren’t drawn out and emotional. But Elsa’s really helpful. Mostly because she’s practical! If you’re considering a reading, do it!

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