Client Testimonial: Helped Immeasurably

zodiac vintage posterVTS writes:

“I cannot thank Elsa enough for her wisdom and the practical tools she gave me to help a very rough 12th house Saturn transit. She is a gifted and compassionate astrologer and I am very grateful that I had a session. She helped me immeasurably. Through her counsel I now know that this is a passing stage and that I can learn and grow, even though at times it feels like things are falling apart. I highly recommend a reading with Elsa. She gives very practical tips, suggestions and analogies. For me it made everything that I am feeling and going through much more understandable and easy to digest. It’s just amazing how she can know exactly what I am going through, with only three pieces of information – birth date, time and location. There is tremendous value to her sessions. Way better than therapy! Thank you Elsa!” 




Client Testimonial: Helped Immeasurably — 3 Comments

  1. It helped for sure. She sees what it’s like. She identified the gap in our actions and some laziness. I’m just close to Saturn transiting my ascendant. Now I feel there’s an expectation from at least one family member that I need to live up to. Being too nice n it makes them nervous, like I have a game up my sleeve. And who gave them the right to judge?

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